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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Predictable victory: the state Duma elections, the winner of the EP, the Communists – the second

The counting of votes at the end of last September 18 in Russia Single day of voting, when Russians had to choose deputies of the State Duma of the seventh convocation, and in some regions, deputies of the legislative Assembly and the heads of the Executive authorities, continues.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The final figures will be announced on Wednesday-Thursday, but it was clear – no sensationalism in these elections did not happen. Leadership, as expected, went to the party “United Russia”. On the second place is occupied by the Communists, followed by the liberal Democrats and a just Russia. As for non-parliamentary parties – none of them were able to overcome the 5% barrier and get into the new Duma. Moreover, while none of them managed to pass the 3% threshold, allows to count on state funding.

The only relative “intrigue” of these elections was a very close confrontation between the liberal democratic party and the Communist party. At some point, Zhirinovsky’s party even ahead of the party of Zyuganov. However, later everything fell into place – the Communists took second place, the liberal Democrats – the third, though the gap between them is only a few tenths of a percent.

So, at the time of this writing, the results of counting 80% of protocols of the party “United Russia “has earned” 54,28% of the vote. For the Communist party of the Russian Federation voted 13,61% of the citizens of our country. Then, quite narrowly, settled the liberal democratic party, for it gave the votes of 13.37% of the voters. Closes the four of the “Fair Russia” from 6.17% of the vote.

As for the other parties participating in the elections, their performance is much more modest.

Communists Of Russia” – 2,40%

“Apple” – 1,77%

The Russian party of pensioners for justice – 1.75 percent

“Homeland” – 1,42%

Batch growth of 1.11%

“Green” – 0,72%

“Parnassus” – 0,68%

“Patriots Of Russia” – 0,57%

“Civic platform” – 0,22%

“Civil force” – 0,13%.

With regard to single-member districts (the elections of the lower house of the Russian Parliament are held under a mixed system, when the first 225 deputies are elected on party lists, and 225 are determined by a second ballot in single-member constituencies), here the palm belongs to the candidates-the United Russia party, which claimed victory in 203 out of 206 those constituencies where nominated EP. And this is a serious bid for a constitutional majority in the state Duma of the seventh convocation.

According to the CEC, the turnout of voters on 18 September 2016, close to half the voting population and amounted to 47,91%.

For comparison with the previous elections to the State Duma, which passed in 2011 (they were held only by the party lists), remember their results. “United Russia” received 49.32% and 238 seats in the Duma. The second was the Communist party (19,19%, 92 seats). Followed SR (13.24 per cent, 64 per mandate). And finally, LDPR – 11,67% of the votes, 56 seats. “Yabloko” in the elections of 2011 gathered to 3.43% in the Duma has not passed, but were entitled to state funding and was free from collecting signatures before the current election. Unlike the previous composition of the state Duma, the number of factions where it was possible to calculate quickly the new composition of the lower house of Parliament to “divide fractions” will move is not easy: it is not clear how to split the 225 deputies in single-mandate candidates.

The turnout in the elections of the state Duma-2011 made in Russia as a whole is 60.1%, in Moscow – 61,7%. By the way, in the capital then the EP gained 46.6% of the votes.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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