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Friday, March 16, 2018

Portrait of the new Duma: the “collective Putin” contained 343 MP

“Oh, my. 343 deputies of the new Duma out of 450 — the United Russia party!!!” – one exclaim. “Well done people! In difficult times, rallied, supported the President and gave the trust power!” – shout the other.

What kind of Duma we got in return is the same – that so rarely received a kind word? And 76% percent of the seats in Parliament from one party and the complete absence of representatives of “non-systemic opposition” – “the horror, the horror” or “just awful”?

photo: kremlin.ru

“Constitutional majority”, which is to say in relation to the “United Russia” is at least two thirds of votes in Parliament. Such number of votes (300 or more) adopted amendments to the Constitution and Federal constitutional laws. And about normal laws, which a simple majority of 226 votes, and say nothing.

Constitutional majority always generates political force with a slight tingling under shoulder blades — this, according to the tales, sometimes, when you suddenly start to grow wings. In recent history Russia is “beautiful” most of it was the ruling party in the state Duma twice: in the Duma of the fourth convocation (2003-2007) in the faction of “ER” was 304 Deputy in the Duma of the fifth convocation — 315 deputies.

But not 343, mother dear!!!

Yes, such a majority was not. Imagine this “collective Putin”, so to speak (after all, as the faithful Putintsev was United Russia and candidates supported by them to the polls). Not in the building at Okhotny Ryad spaces where many people could gather together — except that the plenary room!

Maybe the authorities and did not want so MUCH — why, indeed, if in recent years with the adoption of any necessary to the Kremlin, and almost any government decision no problems arise?

But it turned out so much.

And 203 of these 343-United Russia — odnomandatniki. This feature of the new Duma will inevitably give rise to complex intra-faction life.

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The political scientist, the Professor of governance, Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa under the President of Russia Ekaterina Shulman believes that the “key property” of the Duma of the seventh convocation will be that “all conflicts will take place not along the line of inter-party competition, and within the “United Russia”, as it was during the primaries, which is much livelier and more exciting the election campaign.”

– Faction-giant will consist of padmakshi spisochnik with inadequate representation of the national republics and regions “electoral abnormalities” such as Tyumen, Kemerovo and districts of the far North and padmakshi single-seat districts, closer related to regional interest groups than with the party bosses in Moscow, – the political scientist considers, – Sooner or later through the outlines of mega-factions will begin to emerge the contours of parliamentary associations.

“Inappropriately large” (compared to population) representation of some regions can get due to spelled out in the law of distribution of seats among the regional party lists: everything here depends on the number of votes cast in a particular region, and this number depends on turnout too…

In the former Duma, the leadership of the party and the Kremlin have solved the problem of handling the faction “United Russia” by dividing it into four intra-faction groups. How will be structured this faction now? It may be appropriate to create a separate group of single-mandate-satellite with the rights of a faction?

Secretary of the General Council “United Russia”, Deputy of the state Duma Sergey Neverov said that the issue will be addressed at the meetings of the Supreme Council of the party and the General Council of the party scheduled for September 24. Apparently, after this we will know who the “party” (read: the Kremlin) see speaker of the new Duma, who heads key committees. In General, the fraction upgraded by 75%, believes g-n Neverov.

Will have to finally clarify the question of legislating of a new principle of formation of the lower house of Parliament – in fact clipping in 2014-2015 return to a mixed system of elections to the Duma, the government would like to “forgot” to amend the law on status of deputies that the existence of a mandate in principle provide.

The problem, however, was almost entirely removed by the results of the vote: MPs-singles turned out only three, and they can be considered almost ready for United Russia. The representative of the party “Rodina” Alexey Zhuravlev has won in the constituency with the support of the “ER” in the Duma of the sixth convocation was earlier elected on the list of this party.

Against the representative of the party “Civic platform” Rifat Shaikhutdinov “ER” is not fielded a candidate.

And the only formally “independent” single-seat districts-a candidate winning in Adygea — none other than the United Russia party member Vladislav Reznik for many years, former Deputy of the state Duma from this party. However, now the three of them can not join the faction “United Russia”, without losing the mandate: the law on the status reads that the faction of a particular party can enter only izbraucieni from the party!

As for factions-dwarves (and they are all now on the background of steel dwarfs EP), the Communist faction in comparison with the Duma of the sixth convocation will be reduced from 92 to 42 persons, LDPR — 56 to 39, the fraction “SR” – from 64 to 23… Speaker Sergei Naryshkin, who won in the constituency, did not rule out that the posts of heads of committees and Deputy speakers again will be the subject of a “package agreement” between the leaders of all factions. But a package deal is based on the balance of forces… In the last Duma, the Communist party, for example, having about 20% of the seats in the Duma, was given the post of first Vice speaker, and the posts of the heads 6 of the 30 committees. Now, with about 10% of the seats, hardly she will be able to count on the same…

However, everything depends on the “goodwill” of the “United Russia” and the Kremlin curators. And this will, in turn, limited by the need to satisfy the ambitions of their own members.

The personal composition of the new Duma, beautiful, as carved by the hand of the master the monument on the grave of the former party system, will be known in the coming days.

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