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Friday, March 16, 2018

PARNASSUS and Kasyanov relaxed lost the elections to the state Duma

The results of Parnas in the elections promised no surprises. The election campaign of the party started with bad primaries, and then to second place in the list was nominated the controversial politician Vyacheslav Maltsev, a week before the election, public opinion polls recorded the level of support for the party from 0.8% to 1%. On the day of voting at the party’s headquarters was quiet, occasionally interrupted by messages from the observers and the journalists ‘ questions.

photo: Valery Markov

“Restart system” – electoral slogan of Parnassus on the banner in the wall – the first thing that caught my eye at the entrance to the headquarters.

The atmosphere there was relaxed. A couple of people took calls from observers, and several have monitored the news, watched the video from the polling stations and broadcast from the information center of the CEC.

“This year we refused from the call center, because they work in close cooperation with the “Citizen observer” and “the Voice” explained to me “relaxed” staff member of the party Michael Schneider. – We receive only calls from those who did not get through to their hotline”.

When I telephone in headquarters rang only once: the observer reported that at a polling station in Moscow on a poster taped information on a candidate from the Federal list of Parnassus Vyacheslav Maltsev. “Write a complaint in two copies, advised his lawyer, Sergei. And invite them to restore the poster. How will they do that – already the tenth case. The main thing is restored”.

“In the morning there were a lot of complaints that our members of the Commission with deliberative vote are not allowed on the plot,” said Schneider. Lawyers figured out and all allowed. But this time the violation is mass transportation and “cruising” vote”.

“Cruises” – when between polling stations buses with voters, who several times in different areas vote in the same absentee ballots. And mass transportation, according to the electoral law is considered a violation only if it organizes the applicant or its affiliates.

“This is a delicate question, – agreed Schneider. But one of our mobile teams based in the Moscow headquarters of Parnassus was 6) was recorded as foreman of one of the groups with the absentee said, “We’ve got PARNASSUS, let’s go.” If it is a normal absentee, then why do they run?”.

To the CEC of the party, however, filed only one complaint. In the Krasnodar region, to stations in Sochi, Adler and Novorossiysk PARNASSUS struck from the ballot, and information about the party removed from the stand. A few days before the vote, election starred Alexander Safronov, the candidate included in regional group of Parnassus, respectively, the local election Commission had to strike out his name from the ballot, but deleted the whole lot.

“We should be in the periscope to make an appeal to those who have not yet voted to the polls was a time in the room heard the voice of Vyacheslav Maltsev. It is worth noting that he is the only party of the three was present at the headquarters during the vote.

The leader of the list Michael Kasyanov arrived there after the polls closed. During a brief communication with reporters, he once again stated that the pressure on PARNASSUS “was an unprecedented the entire campaign” (probably referring to the movie shown on the Federal channel, as well as the attempts of the activists of Pro-Kremlin movements to prevent Kasyanov’s meetings with voters).

Kasyanov added that is concerned about the low turnout. “Citizens do not trust the institution of elections,” said Kasyanov his position. Is the result of government policy. It’s their fault”. Kasyanov noted that, nevertheless, awaits the outcome of the elections because the results will speak volumes”.

According to the latest data of the CEC, PARNASSUS gained 0.7% of the vote, no non-parliamentary party was held in the state Duma. It is expected that the final report on the results of voting Kasyanov will make 12 hours of the day.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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