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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Merkel is beginning to reap the rewards of its migration policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to make excuses to their supporters for another major defeat of her party. The cause of the loss of the CDU position in Berlin became the policy of Merkel is about migrants, which is clearly not agreed upon by many German voters. Will there be regional problems have to Merkel the German political consequences?

“Yesterday’s elections to the Parliament of Berlin brought the CDU is very unsatisfactory, disappointing result,” he admitted on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Compared with the former, not too good results, the CDU lost another 6 percent. The “Grand coalition” no more than most, and it’s bittersweet.”

“Ms. Frauke Petry and other leaders of ADH demonstrate a balanced, moderate position, strongly distancing themselves from the radical nationalist labels”

She admitted that the reason was its migration policy, but their mistake only sees that bad denounced its course to the understanding of the population. Merkel said that “will continue to work on solving the problems.

The Chancellor admitted the desire to turn back time, to get on a year ago, but not to stop the uncontrolled influx of a million migrants, but only in order to better prepare for it. She still refuses to set a limit to the influx of refugees, which has long been required by the party “Alternative for Germany”, and even partners in Merkel’s ruling coalition.

“We will work to reduce the number of refugees” – still promised Merkel. However, the CDU will not agree to restrict entry to Germany people professing Islam, said Merkel, adding that if the citizens of Germany “does not want to accept foreigners, people professing Islam,” then they need to think about the moral and ethical responsibility.

As the newspaper VIEW, according to the results of Sunday’s election, the CDU showed the worst result in the history of the unified Berlin. The party had 39 seats. Together with the SPD, which won in the previous elections, 46 mandates, they were ruling coalition. Now, according to preliminary data, the SPD has again gained the most votes at 21.6%. But the CDU to support the initiative partners are unable – 17,6%. In addition to the SPD and the CDU in the Parliament are also “Left” (15.6% of the votes), green (15,2%), “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) (14.2%), the Free democratic party of Germany (6.7 per cent).

Analysts emphasize the success of “Alternatives”, which has managed to attract more votes due to the tough anti-migrant rhetoric. The head of the Free democratic party Christian Lindner explained that the “Alternative” vote is not racist, and the Germans, unhappy with the fact that refugees allowed into the country in droves, without compliance with existing laws.

The Chancellor sent to Africa

“For the CDU operates a factor of “bad” Merkel”, which has little to do with the fear of heterogeneity, racism and xenophobia, but is associated with the loss of the rule of law and control, which is not accepted by the conservative voters in Germany,” said Lindner.

“We expect from the government, at least after the elections in Berlin that, first, finally enacted the immigration control act. Second, what will be the initiative concerning the protection of the European borders”, – quotes the Lindner RIA “Novosti”.

“Thirdly, we expect from the government began tough negotiations with the North African States on the readmission of their nationals who had illegally entered Europe. Frau Merkel should personally visit these countries, and clearly and openly talk with the governments – demanded policies. He, however, did not specify what kind of government the Chancellor needs to communicate, for example, in Libya, where a civil war and statehood, which was destroyed during the NATO intervention in 2011. Just Libya since then and has become one of the main sources of uncontrolled migration into the EU.

That some people think differently than Merkel, it became clear during the election rally in support of CDU last week. The Chancellor made a speech in support of the migration policy, but it was interrupted by many shouts and whistling of the crowd

We will remind, two weeks ago, the CDU was defeated in a state election in Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania, where, incidentally, the personal Deputy district Merkel and where she spent her childhood and youth.

However, the Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr believes that the failure of the capital is not heralds fiasco Merkel in the Federal election next year. “Berlin is enough left of the city, ironically, where the post-Communists and left-wing strong position, and they added a few hundred votes in this election. There are green, their party gained more than 10% of the votes, and together with the social Democrats will enter the opposition. However, Merkel’s party everywhere in Germany is losing and there is a large electorate, and where a little. This is due to the fact that a growing discontent with her politics in German society. – said in a conversation with NSN RAR, however, expressed confidence that at the national level of elections, the CDU will still gain more votes than the land – not less than 30%.

“It is so easy to change course in the migration policy it can not for personal reasons. If I can be a coup against her in her own party – I think that’s unlikely,” – said Rahr. But if the party will continue to lose elections in the largest land, will stand squarely the question remains whether even Merkel is the real leader, and stands with her at the head to go on elections to the Bundestag in September 2017, warns the analyst, ” and then everyone in the party is to start the fermentation.

Merkel is no “alternative

An expert of the Berlin Friedrich Naumann Foundation Sasha Tamm notes that the election results in Berlin, of course, bad for Merkel, but the rating of the ruling party at the Federal level remains much higher – 30-32%. Tamm did not yet see, who could challenge cancello within the coalition of the CDU-CSU. “Now a real alternative to Angela Merkel almost no strong competitors, it was removed,” Tamm told the newspaper VIEW.

However, according to German experts, falling of popularity of the CDU does not automatically increase the chances of her main rival is the SPD for Federal elections (by the way, this party belongs to the Minister of foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier). “In Berlin, where they are traditionally strong, the social Democrats, although ranked first, but lost nine seats in the chamber of deputies. It also tells about their weakening at the Federal level,” explained Tamm.

The head of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe Vladislav Belov also admits that Merkel remains the only heavyweight, although today it does not criticize “just lazy”, but the question of leadership in the CDU will be decided only in March, six months before the election. At a press conference today, it is, although he was not in a very good mood, however, clearly indicated that the government has a plan to overcome the crisis with the refugees. “She again showed himself a strong politician, which, despite the defeat of his party, yet looks confidently to the future and ready to compete with “ADG” on the same populist fields, where today, this protest party has become the leading” – said the expert newspaper VIEW. Belov offers to wait for the results of the next election three of the land parliaments.

But Belov was pleasantly surprised by today’s statement, leaders of the “Alternative”. “Ms. Frauke Petry and other leaders of ADH demonstrate a balanced, moderate position, strongly distancing themselves from the national-radical label”, – he explained.


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