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Friday, February 23, 2018

In the new play by Grishkovets play special forces “alpha”

Here’s how it happens: a person comes into a bar, orders a beer, and while it poured dark, with spongy foam, it comes up with the play. And that’s what it calls — “While beer is poured”. The Prime Minister of the same name played on the day of elections to the State Duma in the theater “School of modern drama” at Raihelgauz. It was everything — beer, and elections, and a lot of things-like, but familiar and understandable to the pain.

photo: Michael Guterman

Behind the scenes. Twenty minutes before the performance.

— I did not come up. Indeed, a year ago, I called Jack (Grishkovets) and said that sitting at the bar, hungry — it tells me Joseph Raihelgauz. — The waiter came and asked what he would eat. He said that while nothing came up. “Think about it while filled with beer.” What a beautiful name! So it all started.

Flashed Grishkovets — white shirt, leather apron on the go button. While backstage at Raihelgauz no theatrical flair — neither suits you, nor the tense silence. What a theater is? As in life here. Well, let’s see.

Hall, the stage on which scenery… in the absence as such. And also in the life — style of the bar and as expected with kitchenware, bottles and beer that poured from the taps. At the counter I wash the glasses and probros talk. Pianist Levon Oganezov looked (applause) and exchanged a few words with a guy who uncovers the saxophone (Vladimir Ostrikov).

Included Grishkovets — of course, a round of applause for the darling of the Metropolitan public. Talent. Charismatic. Reputation is not tainted by any stupid, playing politics, modern art and a claim to leadership in it. Why play the game if what he’s doing, truly modern.

photo: Michael Guterman

Grishkovets: I Hate Sunday working. Strange people come here on Sundays. This what I dreamed of in life?

The waitress Angelica: Porridge want?

Grishkovets: No. Give me better tea.

Angelica: Black? Green?

Grishkovets: Black. From green Tosca green.

Sofit highlights black tulle at the back, and there, on the floor above, it is found Levon Oganezov with the saxophonist. Light jazz. And above that is a narrow strip of screen with black-and-white stream that, in the moment, while Grishkovets pours the beer, takes place in the alleys Tychinki, and then in Paris, in new York. Beer foam, and while drunk, and someone rushes “soon”, where the cops bludgeoning Protestants and explosions of terrorists homes destroyed.

Everything is real — beer, whiskey, tea, water Perrier. Shooting cameras. Alive, not plywood music. The real fear, which the audience will experience only for a moment in the final. It is not a performance, and improvisation on the theme of our reality. Yes, Raihelgauz again entered the slippery path of improvisational theater as attractive to the artist, and equally dangerous. “Beer” is like jazz, where the main theme is a Barista Grishkovets, and the rest of his topic develop, complement their mini-improvisation. As jazz lovers know that a good improvisation is achieved by rehearsals and knowledge of the capabilities of the partner.

Don’t know how many rehearsals, but at the premiere, everything went like clockwork. Or almost everything. Here the bartender Jack, who is the disciple of Cyril (Kirill Emelyanov), shares his experience with his younger companion:

And science remember. The fact that there are dishes quick wash, mix fun is not the main issue. Most importantly, remember: the people in the bar all miserable, so interesting. If he came into the bar, definitely miserable. Otherwise, why is he here? If he did not go home, and came to the bar, so he home sick, he will not pour. If people in a bar, he’s a homeless man. He maybe a nice house somewhere outside the city, flat, but at the moment he is bad, so he came here and.

photo: Michael Guterman

Dragged Volodymyr Kochan, that is, his character, recovering and therefore ordering a Bloody Mary without vodka, and coffee without caffeine. Reads the newspaper. “The truth”, among other things: “On the agenda we have (literally) zero reading of our political ambitions.”

Bartender: Yes, you have the newspaper in may. What are you doing?

— What has changed?

Then come a couple of Russian emigrants, Elena Sanaeva and Alexey Petrenko, crook-bred Alexander Ovchinnikov, then a guest of Sunny Moldavia landing Muscovite (Terenina and Choi), three friends (Evseev, Gnilitskiy, blue), two harmless blonde, neighing without stopping or without (Direktorenko and Celica). All under their true names, and each in turn will stick Kachan: “Sorry, but you voted today?”

Ten monologues Grishkovtsa — about the bar, the bartenders, of course, not in a professional sense. Master of the story by talking about something familiar or even a minor one, he’s hesitant tone, but humor takes the viewer on a philosophical generalization. With an acute sense of what is happening here and now. With them one and all.

— Here democracy. Man walks into a bar, because he is not guilty. We are night people. Even taxi drivers, prostitutes, bartenders — night people. And all go for a while, with one eye — the to give credit. And he doesn’t let go. Well it’s like a needle. Know what are the night people? Easy money. And in fact, they are not light, and seem to be easy. Because every morning you can count… I drink and I am what I am. And they drink it for a long time. And while beer is poured…

And then shouts: “Turn on the light everybody stay where you are!”.

Around the room people running in camouflage, with guns, and it becomes quite uncomfortable. No, scary. “Nord-OST”? Again? And the guys with guns took the stage, eyes accurately shoot through space.

— Without unnecessary movements. Stop event. Mobile phones do not reach. Faster! Note: our staff will evacuate you from this room. To move will be only on my command. Keep calm.

At the confused faces of the actors understand that like no joke. But Grishkovets contributes to the troubled ranks of clarity: “This is not theater actors, and current employees of the group “alpha”. Play call it not dare.

The Director has conceived finale, we felt that we were all safe. These lovely people will ensure safety. And from security, in fact, we can’t escape it”.

After the performance. Behind the scenes. Joseph Raihelgauz.

— It was the real fighters of the group “alpha”. The most important task is very simple — the time of the Riot, and nothing else. Where it is possible to feel free, to escape from life? At the bar, where you can even stop time. About this monologue Grishkovets.

The political subtext is clear.

And I am very happy, because Zhenya is perceived as such a good sense of humor easy. But even for him this is such a profound thing.


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