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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to count the votes in the election night: fainting, crying, cut

Elections in our country is inconceivable without scandals, and calculations – no doubt their honesty. Personally, I was expecting this campaign with horror. Two bulletins, one of which 12-13 of candidates in single-mandate constituency, and in the other 14 parties. That’s a lot. The electoral Commission are not accustomed to such large-scale calculations, and it is not clear how they cope with them. So I, as a member of the district election Commission came to one of the sites (No. 2530 in Yasenevo) with a stopwatch, to spend the timing and to understand why the election ends at 20.00 on Sundays, and their preliminary results are declared almost daily delay.

photo: Mikhail Zubov

The eternal problem – the repayment of the ballots. Try saw.

I started working on elections in 2010. Came to this area because he was convinced that elections are rigged and how the journalist wanted to expose her. And in six years only made sure that we considered fair. But the election system is configured inhuman towards those who believe. The funny thing is that the situation in areas where there is the Cohiba, is no better. I’m in the last elections to the Duma were working in the election Commission with the “electronic ballot box”, which could theoretically give results instantly, but still we sat in the Teak almost until morning. Because COHIBA considers only the right (lower) part of the Protocol. And the top, with which problems arise, is done manually.

First a few words about the members of election commissions. They are unselfish. On Saturday they had otpahat from dawn to dusk to put stamps on the ballots. Standard Moscow polling station – half to two thousand voters. Here, try to paste two thousand marks, and to do it gently, without losing and without spoiling any brand or newsletter. Yes, there is still every need to sign the form. The hand would wither.

Sunday Committee met at seven in the morning to prepare the land and complete the prerequisite before beginning the voting procedure: seal the ballot box, “redeem” is not issued an absentee ballot, to draw up a deed about it and so on. The next 12 hours, they continuously communicate with voters, observers, and not each of them? In the area where I’m watching the election, the morning was marred by scandal with “building carousel”. Observers from several parties found the buses, which transport nonresident builders on sites. Immediately went like this background: these visiting 800 people, and they vote on each site. If so, if not the highest turnout (she’s in a total of 28% of such troops is enough to provide results for the district.

In practice things were somewhat different. Vote builders had the right, and vote once. Just the President of the regional Committee Vladimir Yuriev asked not to throw all on a single site, to avoid queues. So they went for 4-5 people on the site. Nevertheless, the nerves to the commissioners the news battered. And yet many voters, especially the elderly, were offended that in this election they don’t give gifts.

photo: Mikhail Zubov
10:20 – began to fill the final Protocol for the district

To 20.00 when finished voting, the Commission members were on their feet for 13 hours, but all the fun has just begun. The first act of the action – work with books. Talking about the leaves that we painted when we get the ballots. After the closure of the site on every page you need to fill a table of six count, then folded the data of each page output is the result of the book, and then the results for all books. I have already expressed my opinion about this procedure, even the heads of Moscow election Committee and the Central Executive Committee: it is absolutely a waste of time. It was put into practice when the ballots did not have a degree of protection to prevent stuffing. But now every plot has its own brand, its own seal each ballot was signed by the members of the Commission. Ballot stuffing from another site is possible, but this form will immediately reveal. And why keep unnecessary checking, which takes an hour? Especially considering that thanks to this strange side procedure observers think the Commission after the polls closed to vote for neprishedshih. The Commission, which I inspect is experienced, so it loses on the work with books for a half hour.

Then begins the counting of the unused ballots. On my site had received 1,500 ballots two specimens, and issued at 702. The remaining need to count, there must be exactly in 798. Believe, believe, believe. Two times to 798. When everything converges, you can make these data in the final report and repay the ballots, cutting off everyone it is the lower left corner. The turnout was low, and cutting account for a long time. On this site used a saw. Then the ballots and their corners are Packed. And here all this bullshit already spent an hour and a half, and ballot boxes had not even thought to open, the counting of votes was started.

photo: Mikhail Zubov

At this time, some campaigners are already beginning to call taken from the ceiling the results of your actions. And then they say that the Commission stole their voices.

The Commission fill the first 18 lines of the final Protocol and figure out converge if they have a control ratio that the election results are irrelevant. Who needs those first 18 rows? A throwback, in my opinion.

Finally at half past nine we begin to deal with the case: open the boxes, sort the ballot papers single-member separating from the party. Under the camera recalculate each. Converge theory and practice: in the urns turned out to be exactly 702 Blanca each sample. And it was worth the fuss.

Put aside the Federal ballot papers and single-mandate spread on plates with the names of the candidates. Then each pile will be checked and rechecked, because everyone is tired, in the eyes dazzled by ticks, and forms the checkmark for one candidate sometimes found themselves in a bunch of other forms. Finally, all re-checked, all honest observers satisfied. The results speak to the camera and fill the bottom (and I would say necessary) line of the final Protocol. The ballots for each candidate are Packed in a separate envelope.

The policy did not sleep on election night: from Putin to Yavlinsky (22 photos)

Then begin to consider how much which party won on party lists. Plot No. 2530 United Russia gained 238 votes (33%), the second was the Communists of the Communist party (98 votes) and the liberal democratic party (85 votes). Well made “Apple” – 4th place and 61 votes.

The counting is over by midnight, the Board on my feet for 17 hours, but the worst is yet to come for her. Now you need to collect all the forms, acts (over 10 pieces), and protocols, and to accompany them to the district election Commission. The activity of the lower Commission will check. You need to work around four of the Cabinet. If you’re lucky, it will take an hour and a half. Then the parcel will be entered into the system “gas-elections”, and all are free. But luck is not every fee. Someone forgot the act of transferring marks from gate turn, come back to the site, look for it.

Many do not fight the notorious control ratio. It is already worse. One Commission incorrectly stated three votes from portable ballot boxes. So she will have to deal with the most legendary rewriting of protocols. We need to return to the site, to notify observers, and literally hold the count again. But if the observer had already gone to bed, then he will resent that the Protocol was rewritten behind his back and all rigged.

Trouble another one. When converted unused ballots were missing one. 499 instead of 500. Counted again and again – again 499. Any normal person would say: well, it’s funny, God bless him, with one blank, but still unused. And from the point of view of our electoral law is not just a scandal, and a lawsuit. And it is very profitable, including those who want to prove that elections are not fair.

And after two o’clock in the morning to the County Commission, and still there was a queue… And one woman fainted. Another sobbed. However, the Chairman of the electoral Commission, which I watched school teacher Ellie Bugarskoj fortunate enough to leave County Commission just two nights. The output on Monday after the elections, the teachers are now there.

Do not envy and members of the district election Commission. We need to sign after the final Protocol for the district, summarizing information with 227 plots. And for this you need to fix all the errors in reporting. System administrator “gas-Elections” the Commission is only one, although a large area put two. So everything is slower, we are waiting for the sea weather, not sleeping. And as of half past three in the morning, we wait for another five commissions that have not yet arrived, because fighting with the protocols at their sites.

Now about the price issue. Work on elections paid at the rate of 43 rubles per hour. But the government does not understand that the working day the election lasts 20 hours or more. Paid for 12 hours. “I would’ve paid to the state of 43 rubles per hour, if only from behind me,” says one teacher. Only out of respect for the headmaster to pull this burden. Someone needs to hold elections.”

Watch the video on “the CEC Head Ella Pamfilova recalled the punishment for election violations”

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