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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Friend of Putin” Steven Seagal helped the Russian elections

On Sakhalin was completed at the 6th international film festival “on the Edge”. Closer to the finale, it appeared the guest is a special purpose, or as they say on the island, people’s artist of the California region Steven Seagal. In Russia it is not the first time. Many consider him to be a friend of Vladimir Putin.

Photo courtesy of the festival “on the Edge”

It so happened that “on the Edge” was preceded by the elections to the state Duma. Perhaps this explains the first visit to Sakhalin, the American actor Steven Seagal. Not all our artists to travel the country in the days of the campaign. Decorated whether Seagal is a very decent festival with a quality international programme, with the jury headed by Polish classic Krzysztof Zanussi, guests from around the world, sometimes unique? Probably not. But his visit brought a bustle, have drawn more attention, and it’s also not unnecessary for this kind of events.

Coming on the scene, Seagal — and he’s a mountain man, almost two meters tall — said: “I thought about Sakhalin. Is there anything else that I could do for your region. We could shoot a movie”. He further bother did not. Interpreter read out on his behalf the written text. In the day when Seagal had to present the film at the cinema under the open sky, the city distributed flyers. On them — a portrait of the actor, topped with a ribbon of the tricolor and the words: “Steven Seagal on the Islands where you want to live!”. It was assumed that the audience will be able to approach the actor to get his autograph. Maybe someone was lucky, but access to special guest was limited, it appeared in a matter of minutes.

Together with the Governor Seagal visited the national history Museum, a building which is one of the few that survived from the time of the Japanese presence on the island. They inspected a new exhibition, still closed for YuzhnoSakhalinsk and dedicated to the victory over the Japanese army during the Second world war. Independently Seagal visited some of the city, where his long waited for with a loaf and caviar, like, say, catching fish with his hands, met with athletes, promised their assistance in their endeavors. Does it give extra chances to those who provided such a visit? Local journalists asked the amount of the fee Segal, scared of offending the guest.

In Russia and the CIS Steven Seagal visited more than once. In 2003 he came to the Moscow film festival, dispelled the rumors floating around his name: he’s not a CIA agent, not associated with the Japanese mafia. Seagal is not only an actor (let’s not discuss third-party militants), but the master of martial arts, an acupuncturist and herbal medicine. For twenty years he dreamed of making a film project about Genghis Khan, to play a major role in it. Where only did not go in search of money. We got to Kazakhstan, met with President Nazarbayev. There, too, was surrounded by unspeakable honors, traveled in an armored jeep, accompanied by a squad of guards. David Carradine, who starred in Scorsese, Altman, Bergman, star of the Tarantino film “Kill bill”, I wonder how Seagal took. It is the not so celebrated.

According to Segal, his father is Russian. He played Russian guys fought on the screen with our mafia, but the Russian language does not know, succeeded his sister. A few decades fascinated by Buddhism. In the 60-ies contributed to the spiritual sacraments in the mountains of Tibet. He believes that the inner world of an actor is one thing, but role is another. So you can movie to shed buckets of blood, but remain a moral religious person. Before Seagal has repeatedly stated that it is not interested in politics, compared the involved people with the sharks, while praised the work of Vladimir Putin, who is in Moscow, he took it to a higher level than surprised kinoobschestvennost. Then found that the President is incorrectly informed about who is who. But the legend was formed.

On the closing day of the “on the Edge” Siegel sat with the local authorities, spoke with a Japanese actress and jury member Makiko Watanabe star of the movie “the mourning Forest” and “Temper the water” Naomi Kawashi. No wonder in his younger years he lived in Japan, learned there the art of martial arts.

A classic of Polish cinema and the Chairman of the jury “on the Edge” Krzysztof Zanussi convinced that the world should not accept: “we Have to go against, even against reason, as did don Quixote.” As for the public, she never knows what she wants. The main award of the jury handed the film “Foreign body”. Zanussi immediately warned: “don’t think I’m presenting the award himself. I got the movie “Foreign body”. The jury praised the work, filmed by a German documentary by Christian Werner. His film about a man undergoing surgery for a kidney transplant, which later was found with his illegal donor — a young Ukrainian woman living in Istanbul. Semi-criminal situation will probably be the forerunner of the birth of love.


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