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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Elections-2016 United Russia” has shown one of his best results

United Russia” received more than 54 % of the votes in the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation, with a satisfactory voter turnout. These are the latest data released by the CEC after processing of 99.42% of the ballots.In the new Duma, United Russia received a constitutional majority, while she expressed willingness to cooperate with other political forces.

The Russian Central election Commission announced on Monday the results of the elections to the state Duma after the counting of 99.42% of the ballots. The final results, the CEC plans to announce on Friday. According to the data of 17:00, the “United Russia” received 54,18%; second, third and fourth places are occupied respectively by the Communist party (13,35%), LDPR (13,16%) and “Fair Russia” (6,21%). Thus, the results of last Sunday elections to the lower house of the Parliament passed four parties, the same political forces that were represented in the sixth Duma.

“Loser liberals and ultrapatriot and lost on the margins”

United Russia” has shown one of his best results on the level of support and a record in the Russian history – the number of seats.

The CEC head Ella Pamfilova said that the elections as legitimate. She added that the elections in 2016 in Russia there were 264 thousand observers. “The transparency was much higher compared to previous campaigns,” said Ella Pamfilova. The head of mission of the CIS observers Vladimir Garkun also added that the elections in 2016, political parties were provided with equal conditions.

“Higher than in Europe as a whole”

Turnout ranged as the counting of votes and processing of 99.42% of protocols constituted 47,77%. The Kremlin noted that it would welcome a higher voter turnout in 2016, but this can not be called low. Was the voter turnout – higher than the European average, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“This reflects the reality that a proportion of the politically active population, which is traditionally involved in the electoral process”, – said Peskov.

The result of the appearance “quite satisfactory, meets all international standards”, – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky. He recalled that in the world to increase turnout is actively used practice of early voting and voting by absentee ballots and voting by mail.

“With this struggling with a decline in turnout, we could also go this route, but we are in antiphase. We had minimized early voting and minimized the issuance of absentee ballots, because usually this is related to the complaint to the election, their purity and legitimacy”, he stressed.

“Prezentare” ended”

“The situation in different regions is different – there are regions with a high turnout, where elections are held as a holiday, such as Kemerovo oblast, there are regions with a low turnout, but in any case, if we look at the average attendance (according to preliminary data of the CEC, the turnout at the last elections on 18 September made up 47.81% – approx OPINION), that is, it corresponds to the European standards, – said, in turn, the head “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev, quoted by the official website of “United Russia”. – Look at the turnout in the last election in Portugal, France, Switzerland, Spain. The election is voluntary”.

The analyst added that the decline in turnout it “personally happy, because it speaks of honesty, openness and transparency of these elections.” “If the turnout grew, and did not fall, I would be in this case said that probably the words of the competitiveness, openness, legitimacy remained words, and here, thank God, prezentare ended,” – said Kalachev.

“The elections took place in a natural way, and from my point of view, not just the current turnout is under 50% demonstrates the maturity of our voters and of our political system, – said the expert. – That is, this election is another step towards greater civility. The message that voters sent to all experts, and journalists, and power – we want stability and we want forward movement, but it is sustainable development, i.e. evolution, not a revolution, not disruption.”

In turn, political scientist, Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev said: “If we talk about the whole Russia in General, Yes, indeed, decreased the turnout, but it’s just the same 5-7%, which earlier was catching up with the administrative practices, so they left. Plus, played the role of “holiday season”.

In EP – a constitutional majority

Earlier, after processing only 92% of the protocols, when it became clear that the EP is gaining 54,16% of the votes that previously can count at least 121 seat in the house (party lists). Already on the basis of preliminary data, the experts concluded: the party gets a record for the Russian political history, 324 parliamentary seats out of 450. Explain that to gain a constitutional majority of United Russia was enough to get 300 seats. In the party and the CEC predicted that if that were the outcome of the vote, the EP will have in the Duma the constitutional majority – will be able to change a number of chapters of the Constitution and to overcome a presidential veto.

Commenting on the preliminary election results, the CEC head Ella Pamfilova said: “I hope that these results adequately reflect what is, if someone has any doubts, please contact us, welcome… I’m sure most of the members of the Commission, this result was not expected, for us it is largely too was a surprise,” she said.

“Support our candidates was due to the fact that the party’s support for President Vladimir Putin, – said the Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov. Accordingly, the principles which were laid down at the start of the campaign, at the start of early voting – the principles of competitiveness, openness and legitimacy – we spent during the entire campaign. This result is, of course, first and foremost of course support our President and, of course, the participation mandate”.

“The majority of voters for “United Russia” imposes on a party, first of all, a great responsibility – said the member of the Presidium of the General Council of the EP, Adalbi Shhagoshev. – During the elections in the North Caucasus has always been a high turnout. This is due to the fact that in 90-ies – early 2000s, the region suffered enormous difficulties: there was devastation, there were hostilities. However, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin as a strong-willed leader began to restore order, “United Russia” has started to implement programs aimed at stabilization in the region.”

“People got strong support in the districts”

Neverov noted that the EP held a preliminary vote – primaries “has allowed to reveal a lot of new faces, new candidates who further participated in the vote”.

“People got strong support in the districts. The procedure of preliminary voting came more than 10.5 million people, then the citizens of our country have identified a list of candidates that we approved at the Congress. We honestly said that those who win on the primaries will be nominated at the Congress of the party “United Russia” – reminded Neverov. – We honestly have undergone this procedure. Observers from “United Russia” was sent to all 95 thousand plots to stop the violations and provocations”.

“United Russia” during election campaign combined work at the Federal and local agenda, – said, in turn, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front Olga Timofeeva. – When you come into the yard, communicate with people, understand that people are concerned about, first and foremost. We have worked extensively in the course of the campaign, our candidates go to the voters. It was difficult, I had to answer all the questions.”

“Previously, many were talking about the administrative resource, but in order to hold a meeting in the yard of the administrative resource is not necessary”

Previously, many were talking about the administrative resource, but in order to hold a meeting in the yard of the administrative resource is not necessary, added Timofeeva. The candidates of the party will relax in the future, they will continue to work with voters. “United Russia” has given the opportunity to obtain a Deputy mandate of many non-partisan candidates. Everyone will get the opportunity to conduct their initiatives in the Duma.”

Head of Department of pediatric surgery of the Scientific center of children health Russian Academy of medical Sciences Dmitry Morozov, elected deputies of the new Duma on the list of United Russia, said at a press conference in TASS: “Understanding the responsibility before the voters have largely determined the result of “United Russia”. An important feature of the campaign was the openness of the party, attracting new people, professionals in their field”.

“In the “United Russia” on elections it went from a large number of social activists – those who used in practice to solve the problems of the population. This is a sign of strength, when the party opens its doors to these people”, – noted in turn the head of the Center of the popular front for the independent monitoring of execution of decrees of the President of “national expertise” Nikolai Nikolaev.

“The results no one questions”

After the elections expressed and representatives of the systemic opposition. “Changes dramatically, we saw it during the election campaign. No CEC did not remain without a response, the response was very clear, efficient. No one is questioning the results of the vote as a whole”, – said the leader of “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov on a press-conferences following the results of elections to the State Duma. However, in his opinion, lacked radbroke by territorial groups, in spite of the openness, I would like to see also how much the party has received in specific regions.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that “the election result has become for us a greater victory than the party in power, won first place. We have achieved this result without having a huge administrative resource. But the people supported us, so today we celebrate a victory”, – said the politician.

He noted that only the liberal democratic party expresses the interests of the people of the whole country, and not some narrow group of individuals. “the election in 2021 we will take the first place – announced far-reaching plans Zhirinovsky. – People see that only we can develop the country, so in five years we will win.”

A gesture of goodwill

Despite a constitutional majority, the structure of the new composition of the Duma, the ruling party plans to discuss with all elected deputies. On Monday said the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov.

“We will discuss with all parties that passed the 5 percent barrier, with all deputies who will receive the support of voters. We will in any case engage in constructive dialogue and consultations on the formation of the structure of the next State Duma and its committees,” he said. The Neverov pointed out that the parties have not discussed the question of what specific committees to lead United Russia. “I have no doubt that all the parliamentary parties in the consultation will have to speak (this issue – approx. OPINION), including with the President”, – said Neverov.


Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky believes that “United Russia” will share with other factions leadership positions in the lower house. “In the last convocations of the established practice of certain sectarian agreements on formation of the Committee structure and to achieve an agreed outcome between the factions on the steering committees (the state Duma). So I think that this practice will continue,” he said. In addition, Badovsky does not exclude the formation of Deputy groups of the number of single-seat districts. “If they (the group) will be formed, their participation in the distribution of positions in committees and leadership of the Duma should also be provided,” he said.

The expert believes that with the United Russia a constitutional majority of the lower house of the 7th convocation “will be as close as possible to the structure of the State Duma of the sample of the 2007 elections”. He recalled that in 2007, United Russia, headed by Putin, won a constitutional majority.

Political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov also said that “United Russia” will give the opposition a part of the leadership positions in the Duma as a gesture of goodwill.

That EP will cooperate with the opposition, and indicates the member of the Expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin. “We will be able to observe already gained previous experience of bipartisan cooperation in the legislative sphere, when United Russia has supported some of the bills drafted by the opposition,” he said.

The hybrid model enhances the political weight of the Duma

Meanwhile, Kuznetsov is sure that the constitutional majority “an United Russia” will not affect the diversity of representatives of different parties in the state Duma. “Despite this majority, the Duma elected representatives of very small parties that did not pass 5%. That is, from the point of view of representation, the Duma looks quite full. And the fact that the majority took one party, so that the people want. Reasonable grounds to believe that it is inconsistent with the representation of the population,” he said.

The expert noted that, in his view, the return of single-mandate “has become an important and interesting step in this election” as the deputies elected in single-mandate constituencies, “depend not so much on party machines as directly from the voters.” “Just at the expense of single-mandate all it was very lively in the territories”, – said Kuznetsov campaign as a whole.

“By shifting the electoral system to a mixed model of elections to the State Duma, and also due to the effect of early voting, which was conducted by “United Russia”, we have every reason to expect that the new State Duma, is likely to have a much larger political weight compared to the one that was before,” he says Zudin, who was quoted by RIA “Novosti”. In his opinion, this means that we can expect changes in the relations between the new Duma and the government. “Most likely, these relationships will be more binding for the government,” said Zudin, explaining that there will be mechanisms of political discipline, “where the subject of this disciplinary mechanism will be the State Duma, and the government will be subject to this mechanism. “This circumstance will contribute to improving the quality of management”, – concluded the analyst.

“The society is a great need for centrism, not the outcasts”

Meanwhile, the victory of the party “United Russia” is not accidental, noted Kuznetsov. “The society is a great need for centrism, for a balanced policy. And lost not the liberals and ultrapatriot and lost on the margins,” the analyst quoted by TASS.

He said that “a rather marginal position,” in his opinion, had is the liberal party: “They were not part of the so-called Crimean consensus, which was supported by 80% of voters. In the end, were the parties that in the Crimean consensus has come,” said the analyst. “It is curious that a marginal party on the other side – restorationism also showed amazing results,” – said Kuznetsov.

In turn, political analyst Alexei Chadayev said that the defeat of smaller parties is due to the fact that they are “a failure for the mobilization campaign”. “That is, they have failed the electorate to convince to come and vote, and show the results of appearance”, – he added.

Chadaev has suggested that the defeat of these parties is due to the fact that they “were not ready for the daylight saving campaign”. “The summer campaign when it is not TV, this is when walking in the yards, it’s when you’re a voter looking for wherever it is summer, and not broadcast live and the Internet,” he said.

Efficiency and concrete result

The results of the single voting day, showed a change of priorities and what people want to see from the government efficiency and concrete result, said the head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev, who was quoted by the portal “United Russia” ER.RU. He noted that now people are interested in regional and local issues, and it is this combination along with the Federal agenda becomes the key to success for any party. “I think this factor is underestimated by the opposition, as it delivers a global agenda, not sinking to the regional and local level”, – said the analyst.

According to Kalachev, the past campaign has shown that the criticism of “United Russia” as the path to success is a dead – end path. “The party in recent years has developed very interesting from the point of view of changing attitudes towards human resources. The primaries held by the Party, is a real means of enhancing the quality of the Deputy corps and improving the quality of. It is the best tool for finding those people who are ready to hear the citizens and work for them”, – the expert believes. Kalachev noted the increasing confidence towards the election by last company. “The main achievement of the past five years, an increase in confidence in the institution of elections”, – he stressed.

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