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Friday, March 16, 2018

Deputy Milonov will move to Moscow after winning the elections of the state Duma

The most tangible outcome of the elections in St. Petersburg is that of the infamous United Russia Deputy of local legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov moved to Moscow. Milon won the South one-mandatory district of St. Petersburg (33,7%), ahead of Eser Alexey Kovalev (15%).

photo: youtube.com

Vitaly Milonov

In the elections of August 18, the Northern capital set a record, showing a minimum turnout in the country. In the afternoon it was reported on 16% of voters, for 18 hours, this figure increased to 25%, then suddenly became more than 30%. And the Northern capital was the only region where the “Party of growth” came in fourth place with much of 10.66% of the vote. In addition to her Legislative Assembly of the city gets another five parties: at the time of counting 72% of the votes there have been “United Russia” from 41.78%, LDPR and the Communist party with minimal interruptions and result in area 12-11%, “Yabloko” (9,56%) and “Fair Russia” (8,99%)

Meanwhile an estimated daily polls showed throughout the second place after the ruling party in St. Petersburg took Apple — the exit polls gave them a 12 to 16%. Compared with the current sacks, the new convocation is expected to be more monolithic and two-thirds of the mandates and the constitutional majority of depart of the “United Russia”, which will facilitate the party in power in making any laws.

Voters say that the low turnout in the city the result is almost “made” pensioners, state employees, military and social workers. Also note the entire line of people with absentee ballots. In the city a lot of jokes about moving the odious “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov in Moscow — he ran for the state Duma and, according to preliminary data, has won more than 30% of the votes in the southern constituency of St. Petersburg.

Correspondent “MK” talked with the former Deputy of the legislative Assembly from the “Yabloko” Alexander Kobrin, who now plans to become the assistant to the Deputy Boris Vishnevsky, if it still passes in Parliament.

“Of course, the next Legislature is not the body in which I participated,” says Kobrin. According to our data, there have been massive fraud. I third party, but the us is a minimum of 12% that we have gained in the polls gave 9.6 percent, and third place, we simply will not. Earlier the authorities at least a little strained before the election, some gifts, shall we say, the people did. And now they are not even worried”.

Meanwhile, among the population a clear opposition sentiment was not. “I voted for United Russia,” commented a voter from the election of the Vyborg district of Victoria sci. — Gave four of the newsletter. I was ready to answer only one. About the other three either missed on deaf ears during the entire advertising, or misunderstood, or got distracted with worldly Affairs and yet again missed on deaf ears… In General, sat with the papers for a private table and started to read and understand. There was no queue — voted in the school’s gymnasium, the room is large, booths on the site was not — was a long table with partitions. Before me was only my grandmother – God dandelion.

Leaders in single-mandate constituencies were the Chairman of the previous convocation of the legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov, Andrey Anokhin, Alexey Makarov, Elena Kiseleva and others.

Anastasia S., correspondent of “MK” in St. Petersburg

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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