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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Daddy Courage

And you say, hard to live to a hundred years. Gerdt lived. No, his earthly life ended 20 years ago, 80. But he’s alive, no doubt about it. And will live a very long time. In our memories, in our hearts… But there are people, very-very close to Gerdt. His wife Tatiana Pravdina. Middle-aged young woman. She remembers… So says Gerdt here, here. With us… 21 Sep Zinovy Efimovich Gerdt would have turned 100 years old.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“Fool, would be, two years longer would live”

The first time I saw Gerdt, when I was 17 years old. It was the year of the 45th. I was finishing school, and was a Victory. Then for the first time imposed a high school diploma. Still had segregation, we had finished an all-girls school. And that Victory, matriculation, and in the hall of columns for the graduates of the 10th grade gave a concert. Among the speakers of the person who was reading parody. I really liked it. It was the first time I saw Gerdt. If in that time, I, 17‑year-old girl, somebody said 15 years later this man with the doll is my very close dear person, I would have laughed, of course.

The next time I saw Gerdt here’s how. I was already married and wanted to drive. Arrived at the publishing house on the driving courses. Then exams on the truck. And had a medical certificate. At that time in Moscow was one clinic, where he provided the reference. So I went there. This was the 58th year. There was a queue of men of two hundred people. I was a nursing mom, so after an hour and a half had blood from his nose, to be home. Knew that nightmare, and went to the front of the queue: can, anyone we know will see. Went, one friend was not, and suddenly — about the artist Gerdt worth it. Passed. And then some guy said guys among us one woman, do we not miss? I missed it, I got help, everything was fine. Many years later I have the Zalman told about it. His reaction was amazing. He said, “you Fool, would be, two years longer would have lived.”

“Do you have children?” “Yes.”
“Who?” — “Daughter”.
— “How old are you?”

— “Two.” — “Coming!”

— We met him is also very funny. I’ve never been abroad. Suddenly he called me, asked me if I wanted to go as an interpreter on a tour of the theatre in Arab countries? I was shocked, because the theater I loved, knew all the performances. But the question was asked, a very strange: “And what is your height?” I wondered: what does it matter? “Because you in addition to the translation of performances will have to speak with Sergei Vladimirovich Obraztsov and he doesn’t like it when the translator is taller than him”. In General, I came. I met a terrific administrator Nahum B. Levinson, examined from head to toe and said, “Good.” Me, 32‑year-old lady. And led to the sample. Samples met me graciously, obviously making sure I’m not taller than him, and said, “Come to learn, you have the main work Gerdt”. Brought to Gerdt. I held out my hand. Gerdt, looking at me, immediately asked: “do you have Children?” “Yes,” said I surprised. “Who?” — “Daughter”. — “How old are you?” — “Two years.” — “Coming!” I brought up in intelligent family, thought that walks Bohemica, suitable, see, him. And then he told me that when that moment took my hand, immediately thought, this woman will be my wife.

“The child will never give up, but to live together we won’t”

— And he was married then?

— Yes, a very beautiful woman. Brunette with light eyes. For eight years he was married.

— A son?

— That’s another story, irrelevant to this marriage not having. Zinovy Efimovich was officially married to me with a stamp for the third time, and in fact there were more wives. His first wife, which son, he has not lived a single day in a shared house, ever. He played in the Studio Arbuzov and Pluchek. There were Masha Novikov, with whom he had a close relationship. When the war started, Gerdt went the artistic team, and went to the bomb squad. And with Mary so it had the perks that were wives of soldiers. Then they corresponded. And Zinovy Efimovich was completely immersed in poetry, part of his being was Russian language. Receiving letters from Masha, he realized that with this woman he will never be together. Then, after the wounds, after 11 operations, still on crutches, sometimes leaving Botkin, who was then the hospital, met with Masha, they had intimacy. And after a while Mary said that they have a baby. He said, “It’s up to you. From the child will never give up, but to live together we won’t”. So he and his son never lived together and became close contact when I got married, because the previous wives is not very welcomed. The boy called Seva, in honor of Vsevolod Bagritsky.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— And you saw Seva?

Yes. Gerdt told me all about all his wives, because they believed as I do that the wife is not one with which the stamp pieces, and the soup is shared or not. I said to Zalman: let him come. Seva came, we met. Then we had the cottage, he even lived with us there. I spoke with him. But somehow Zinovy Efimovich not alimony paid, and, having entered the theatre, gave the order to the accounting Department his entire salary to transfer to the account of Mary. It wasn’t until Sowing did not finish College and went to work. He called and said, all, more money is not necessary, I myself earn.

Zinovy Efimovich the audience was very fond of, he enjoyed great love of people, but Seva to him and not become attached, he did not have this feeling. Then Seva married, have led us to show the wife. Then divorced. Then got married again. Visited us rarely. But Zalman has always believed that the initiative in relation to senior needs to be young.

“Gerdt all sent and cared for me.”

— After meeting with me in the trip of the theatre in Arab countries Gerdt suddenly completely changed. The whole theater was terribly excited because they’d never seen him like. He’s on a plane always sat down with some actress and then, when we were flying there, sat down next to me. During the transplant he so I said, “the Whole theater is very excited about me sitting with you. They say: you guys are all talking, and she’s a translator, so calabardina”. These suspicions concerning me Gerdt all sent and cared for me during the whole trip.

Remember, we Gerdt on a luxury yacht, the music plays, we dance. We’re still “you”. He told me: “don’t think. You are the first and last time abroad. I’m not the first but the last. Spit!” No touring of the novel was not. But he took me what took all the time read the poems. I think he does it better than anyone. As Gerdt reading Pasternak, Samoilova, it’s epic!

Upon arrival in Moscow and in parting, we agreed about only one — I’ll see you through the day. Yes, by the time I have for nine years been married, but my husband was pathologically jealous, it’s just a nightmare! I lived in constant humiliation. So already in a relationship with Gerdt I felt young, free and fun, before my husband and I had no obligations. Gerdt and he also said his second wife Kate: “I loved another woman”. She said, “Tanya?” “Yes,” he said. “A flat?” — asked his wife (they built co-op). “It’s yours”, he said. It was April 28, 1960.

The Gerdt had the keys to some apartment of a friend where we went. There before us was a bachelor’s peasant party. We arrived and Gerdt said, looking at the unwashed dishes and half-full glasses: “no One wanted”. In this apartment we’ve lived two days. And then 36 years apart.

“You lived with Gerdt? He’s a womanizer!”

— When you are already in the home saw Gerdt, he did not disappoint you? You were getting used to each other?

— We are terribly lucky. If we had met when I was, say, 19 and he, probably would be otherwise. And we met, I was 32, and I have lived almost 10 years of marriage. He was 44. We were young, but were young. Yes, we had a marital affair, and we approached each other. Love is a talent, someone lucky, some do not. A huge number of people don’t know what it is. What are completely different things: proximity, when the love and closeness when there is no love. That’s when intimacy without love, this jealous is not necessary. I always say, “you lived with Gerdt? He’s a womanizer!”. But it had nothing to do with me, I just wasn’t paying attention. I got jealous only once. As he was saying goodbye to one artist, with her not kissed. And I thought, “what is it with her not kissed? Because I’m worth?” Baba told me: Oh, what is your husband! And I’m like, I understand you. Short, lame, one leg shorter than the other eight inches… But this being part poetry… He was a man with a clean record. I believe that all people should be judged by deeds and not by words. Here are all the actions of his decent. In this sense, he was irresistible.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

All of his old friends said that to me he has changed a lot. He met my parents. My mother Tatiana. Remember how Zalman first came to our family party, on January 25, Tatyana’s day. Zalman suddenly see we are very different people, the old Moscow intelligentsia. He just fell in love with my mother. And said: “I adore my mother-in-law!” My mom can make comments. So he said, “Well it costs only a thousand.” And mum to it: “Zamocka, everything is fine, only the word “only” throw, because a thousand rubles for many sum. He told her: “Oh, Sonechka, you are absolutely right”. My mom all of Moscow called Shun.

“Well, they’re wonderful, and they taste good?”

— In life Gerdt loved the old stuff was kind of out of fashion. But could it all to wear, has always been elegant. Was unpretentious, not capricious. But they said, “bad food offends me”. When we went to someone for a visit and I said, “they are wonderful”, retorted: “Well, they’re wonderful, and they taste good?”

He was a wholesaler. Times were hard, food is very bad. But we lived in this sense gorgeous. One day the phone rang: “Zinovy Efimovich?” “Yes.” — “Talking to you from the store “Meat” on Kirov. Here you often across from us shop Tools. And you don’t want to cross the street and come in to see us if you like the steak?”. The steak he loved. And so Zalman went to the store, brought out an incredible clip.

“I am deeply frivolous person,”

— Gerdt said to myself: “I am deeply frivolous person.” And it was true. He was in love with someone, and then very much grieved if he did not meet the requirements of his soul. The main requirement — to be honest. On his television show “the Tea club” he was invited only those, the integrity of which was absolutely certain.

“Well, you coward I”

— There was one man, very famous. He is now alive. In that time he has appeared on television and said some things to us Ziama totally unacceptable. Zalman said, “I’m no more shake hands”. We walked, and goes to meet this man: “Oh, Zinovy Yefimovich!”. And Zalman gave him her hand. We passed on, and Zalman said, “Well, I’m a coward!”

“What if it is gold?”

Zalman all his life said: “no One knows what I am really. I’m another, not who I am”. It seemed to him always that his bar higher, it is still not reached. But there is one frame hated them the “Golden calf”, where he, along with Korableva–Balaganov with the weight. Panikovsky and Balaganov said: “what if she is not gold?” And there is a very short scene where the person Panikovski closeup. Of course, he knows the weight is not gold. But it has such a terrible, absolutely incredible dream: what if? Zalman has not reviewed this film, because Panikovski not loved. But then agreed with me that the scenes played almost like Chaplin.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
“The Golden calf”.

“I’m in his memory I bought the drill “Bosch”

— Gerdt was unthinkable handy. He was a mechanic-electrician trade schools finished. Vocational schools in our opinion. He could do it all: wood, and metal. My mother, if something was broken, everything was tied with ropes. Then I began to fasten with tape. He called it sunism and all altered as necessary. Loved tools. He had a workbench. He always wanted to buy a drill Bosch, but never enough money. Then, when he was already dead, I in his memory I bought the drill “Bosch”, so she was in the house.

“Zalman suddenly pushed the cigarette and said, “do Not want”

— When Ziama had a day off, we always had a long Breakfast, drank coffee, smoked. Then he the doctors said what’s wrong with the heart of bad as easy. That is, you need to quit Smoking. Zalman began to take special pills and left. Two years did not smoke. But somehow Eldar Ryazanov, Peter Todorovsky, and he said, come on, lit a cigarette. He lit a cigarette, and these two years went under the cat’s rear legs. That’s all the time we smoked, and then in 93‑m to year, suddenly, after Tatiana’s day got up in the morning, I smoke, and Zalman suddenly pushed the cigarette and said, “do Not want”. — “What about me?” — “And you don’t pay any attention.” And bought me cigarettes.

Favorite drawing Gerdt

— Hello, Nikolay Sergeyevich?

— You have not got there.

And so is calling every half hour. Somewhere at three in the morning another call.

— Hello, Nikolay Sergeyevich. I didn’t call?

Oh, run to me, you all are looking for.

So he once played for our neighbor.


— From “Kinopanorama” Gerdt was removed because he kept saying “I think”. And had to “have an opinion”.

Jew Krepinevich

— Real name Ziama Krajnovich. When he worked in the Studio Arbuzov, he said I would need a name change. And offered Gerdt, because he was a dancer with that name. Then, Zalman said that in the family they had such a name. All the Jews the way he calmly, not stuck out of it. But somehow he and his brother were at the grave of his mother. Then on the road went to the pub, got in line, and someone behind said: these always first. So Zalman turned around and like hit him in the face! At this time, from the table nearby stood a huge man, came over, and Zalman realized that now he will be the end. Suddenly the man took him by the collar and said: “well Done, that you should do when you speak for your nation.”

Benefit. The 80th anniversary. Before leaving

— I brought him on the chair. It was very difficult, because the chair lift is not included. Went upstairs and put the Zalman in the dressing room. I sat next to him. In the dressing room was the monitor. The evening was anchored by Yuri Nikulin. And suddenly he called from the hall of Faith Vedenina, the nurse who pulled the Zalman from the battlefield. Zalman and said: “How? Faith is there and I’m here?! No, I had to be there”. But behind the scenes, solid wire, no matter what the wheelchair does not drive. I gave him valocordin, we picked it up: on the one hand I, on the other — Tanya Nikitina. He leaned on us, and we went up to the wings. I said: “Zalman, get up and calmly walk out.” And put him on the scene. He went without any help and sat in the chair. I crossed because I was flying the whole scenario.

…Zalman sat on stage all night. Together with Gypsies drinking vodka. Lucy Gurchenko on your knees planted. And at the end of the evening, he got up without any assistance came to the fore and has loudly read a poem Samoilova that goes like this:

Oh, as I later realized,
Why do I exist!
Why chasing heart
Pumping blood alive.

And that sometimes in vain
Gave passions to lie down!..
And that it is impossible to guard against,
And that it is impossible to beware of…

Hall stood up, and people were crying. Because it was clear that this is goodbye. But it was a Grand, extremely.


You know, I remember the last “Tea club”. It was shooting at us in the country. And I never shoot did not go. The Zalman has carried on the hands there. Then came Director: Tatiana, go. I at this time, the table was served to drink and a snack. She made me, I came. Sat Gerdt, a wonderful present, humor, gesticulating. Transfer ended, Zalman brought, and from it the air was released. I said, “what’s the matter? You just sat…” — “of Course,” replied. — You know, the circus horse is in the stall there is absolutely no, then fanfare, and she goes on stage.” — “What?” — “Courage!”


When he was gone, I had a feeling that, in General, continue to go on with no reason. We were open. It is such a rarity that myself jealous. And then I thought, how would he react if I did a little Rubanov somewhere? Kill yourself? Thought, well, this is somehow tasteless. I today, when something happens, think: what would Zalman said? Mom and Zalman — for me the two most important person in my life. He loved our daughter, so was her friend. And I knew that he wouldn’t so I dumped her. I now live to my daughter no longer was an orphan.

“But I wanted to leave forever…”

I know that you almost never quarreled. But fighting only when driving the car, and he sat beside me and taught me how to drive. From the outside, probably looked very funny.

— Of course, if someone else was sitting in the car, dying with laughter. He told me all the time shouted: Ah, you fool, where are you going that you don’t overtake… So I had a separate machine, where I stood in the queue.

And this strife was not. Although… once we went to bed and somehow got in a fight, unconscious. I said all leave. Stood in a nightgown, opened the Cabinet, intending to leave forever. And since then we were all poor and belongings were not enough, when somewhere was always someone saying, well, what I’m wearing? So I opened the wardrobe and stopped. Lying and quarreling Zalman says, “yeah, or divorce: what do I wear?” We collapsed with laughter, and the quarrel ended. But I wanted to leave forever…


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