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Monday, March 19, 2018

Crushing victory “Edra” and the couch: why is the ruling party won the election

Vote do not vote, you still get a crushing victory of “United Russia”. The Chairperson of the Central election Commission with an impeccable reputation, Ella Pamfilova, the final result of the party in power was more impressive than the discredited “the magician” Vladimir Churov. The main Pro-Putin force in the country literally smeared their opponents on the wall.

And at the same time, unlike in December 2011, even the most ardent haters of GDP there is little doubt: promulgated by the CEC General result adequately reflect the political preferences of the citizens of the Russian Federation, which found the strength to come to the polls.

photo: kremlin.ru

Economic crisis, falling living standards, widespread distrust of government, whose head at the same time was listed as the head of the ruling party — all of it somehow remained in a parallel political reality. All of this does not affected on the scale of the success of the party in power. United Russia was the clear winner of the Duma elections in 2016 — the absolute, but, in my opinion, not the only one.

Another winner is “lady apathy”, the party “lie down and think I’m on the couch,” electoral bloc “to hell with them, with these elections – they still will not change anything”. And here is a circumstance I consider very dangerous for the country.

In the conversation that in September 2016 in Russia finally were clean and fair parliamentary elections, from my point of view, yet still early to finish. Allegations of Scam and fraud these elections to the Duma were many times less than in 2011. But such statements was still. And I am very curious to hear how the authorities will do it.

There is an English expression: “Justice must not only be done, it must also be seen to be done”. That is the meaning of this twisted verbal turnover: justice must not only be to happen. Everyone needs to see, not to feel the shadow of a doubt that justice was done.

In the night from Sunday to Monday, Ella Pamfilova called “nonsense” reports of election “carousel” in several Russian regions. I’m inclined to believe Ella Alexandrovna, but want to check it out. Should not be so: the representative of the opposition unsubstantiated claims about violations at the elections, and representative government is no less unfounded denies all this. In Russia will start operating the mechanism of public inspection of reports of election violations. And work the mechanism should be so no one had reason to accuse him of bias or pre-programmed.

However, those citizens of the Russian Federation, the victory of “United Russia”with a score of plunged into a state of deep shock, should not have any illusions. Now the yard is not the year of 2011 and 2016. And this year the theme of the purity and honesty of the electoral process is not the main direction of political debate. “I will not tell for all Odessa” — I do not vouch for all Russian regional officials. I suspect that some of them held elections for the “good old rules”. But in General, the “United Russia” won’t so.

The ruling party defeated opponents because they are frozen in time and space, and she has held inside himself for the last five years of rapid modernization. External background for the Duma elections in 2016 was exceptionally favorable for the Communist party. Fat the Putin years are fading. Come the new Putin years — the years in which you have to drill new holes in the belt. To the fore in the public consciousness beyond the theme of social justice — a topic on which modern Communists, it would seem that the dog ate.

Ate, but clearly the wrong one. The Communists failed to take advantage of his Golden chance, to adapt to the new political environment. The election campaign of the Communist party of 2016 consists of endless repetition, shouting the familiar, long-hackneyed slogans instead of nominating fresh ideas. Modern Communist party is not really a party. It is a Museum where not fundamentally change the exhibits. The theatre, where for twenty years the same actors play the same roles in the same plays.

When in December 1993, Zyuganov was first elected to the State Duma as leader of his party, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was the Chairman of the Committee for external relations of St. Petersburg city hall.

Do not be surprised if in 2024, when GDP will be released the deadline of the tenure of the President, Zyuganov will continue to sit in his Duma office and prepare for the next elections.

But what I actually latched on to my dear Gennady Andreevich? Vladimir Zhirinovsky, too, sits in the Duma as leader of his party since 1993, meets and will meet it. The leader “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov on the background of two of their colleagues — the real beginner, you can say, even a rookie. However informative it is their “twin brother”. And, of course, not in the personalities. The case in a systemic crisis the so-called “parliamentary opposition parties”. These parties zabronzovel, plunged into the primeval state of stagnation, ceased to grow.

Non-system opposition party, excuse the pun, also in a state of systemic crisis. Summing up the results of the elections, Grigory Yavlinsky said, referring to its position on the Crimea: “to Expect that with this position we will be invited to the state Duma, would be naive. If a party, having such a position could be composed of the state Duma, it would be a different country. So for us, the most valuable was that we your country in the most difficult time said what we consider important and be heard”.

Did Grigory Alekseevich? If heard, why so little have voted for you? Or, maybe you did not initially set out to obtain a large number of votes? But why did your organization calls itself a political party, and not, say, public political education? And if you wonder, here’s another thing: elections are not decided to “wait for the invitation”, the election made to fight for power?

This is everything lyrics — lyrics, malice which caused bitterness of knowing that in the new Duma will not back members of democratic forces. But that’s not the lyrics, but an immutable political fact: the position of the Russian Democrats in the Crimea, condemning them to stay in an endless political deadlock. In 2014, I too was against the annexation of Crimea to Russia. And I still believe that his position is correct. But the deed is done, the train left. Now Crimea is an integral part of Russia, a region that is impossible, and absolutely no need to “amputate”.

In terms of Crimea, no matter who will become Putin’s successor and even the successor of the successor of Putin. Peninsula in any case remain Russian — will remain though, because it wants the vast majority of its population. The West is, incidentally, well aware. Official Kyiv is also well aware. Don’t understand that, apparently, only the Russian Democrats who, in the spirit of the steadfast Bolshevik Gorbachev’s era of Nina Andreeva all the way “I can not renounce principles”. Well, to each his own. But I would like to remind you that Nina Andreyeva, though, and proclaimed himself “General Secretary of the all-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks”, and remained a political curiosity.

So, to win the “United Russia” partially “helped” her opponents. And partly she “helped” herself. Modern party government — is not bulky stumble under its own weight “Edro” sample in 2011. Changes in recent years have occurred within the ruling party and within the entire vertical of state power — a theme for separate big conversation. So I will have to say is just about the most important. “ER” was able to organize inside a fierce political competition, coupled with the full loyalty of all the party figures in relation to GDP. “United Russia” managed to become a giant “vacuum cleaner” that has swallowed most ambitious and promising politicians at the regional level.

That’s why I think the result of the ruling party in the Duma elections of 2016, if not natural, then at least not particularly surprising. United Russia won convincingly and only one, from my point of view, saddens her victory: the absence of elections high voter turnout. On the one hand, a rather modest turnout helped the ruling party to win all the commanding heights in the State Duma. Home, apparently, left many voters who do not sympathize with the policy of Putin.

But, on the other hand, the indifference of voters is an indicator of the presence of negative trends in the public sector of the country, a sign of skepticism by part of the population of Russia’s political system. In any barrel of honey there is always a fly in the ointment. This “spoon of tar” Putin and his team should, I think, be taken extremely seriously.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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