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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Call for Frau Merkel: her party lost the election in Berlin

The party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel surrendered their positions in the elections to the regional Parliament of Berlin. This is evidenced by the results of the vote, during which time the Christian democratic Union (CDU) received 17.6% of the vote. But the party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) has demonstrated its growing power. She received 14.2 percent.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Angela Merkel

The social democratic party of Germany (SPD) rose to 21.6%, the “Left” – 15,6%, “green” – 15,2%, the Free democratic party (FDP) is 6.7%.

The Minister of Finance of Bavaria Marcus Seger, member of the Christian social Union (CSU) linked the failure of the CDU with the migration policy. In his opinion, the CDU/CSU is more to support the population in matters relating to the refugee problem. “This is the second bell in two weeks. – he described the results of the elections for the CDU. – CDU is threatened by a steady loss of trust from its loyal voters”. As for the growing power of the “Alternative for Germany”, its leader Joerg Molten openly stated that the intention of “playing on those topics that interest people.”

The results of the vote in Berlin commented to “MK” head of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav BELOV:

“The SPD, which will form a coalition government in Berlin, scored more than the CDU. But at the Federal level, the main losers have become social Democrats, and not the Christian Democrats, headed by Merkel – said our interlocutor. Just now it is convenient to criticize Merkel and her party, but in the crisis are both the popular party and the SPD more than the CDU. ADH protest vote didn’t receive. “Left-wing”, “green”, the Free Democrats is a protest party, and that they were important from the point of view of the upcoming Federal election.

It is also important that apart the coalition of social Democrats and the CDU. The social situation has improved, however, there are concerns that the electorate is unhappy. Not put into operation the airport sharply increased rents, it is hard to get a passport, etc. To a lesser extent plays a role in migration issues. It was important, but not primary, and has gone by the wayside.

We can say that the crisis of the people’s party continues. First and foremost, the social Democrats, the Christian Democrats, but they are under their critical sight because of its President, Angela Merkel, who is also the Chancellor. Question – what will happen in September of 2017? In any case, the CDU and the SPD are trying to find a denominator that will allow them to find former identity as the national parties. While there is a loss of the electorate votes and support. What will happen to the programs — is unclear. The party will have to find the slogans, the second charismatic leaders, along with party leaders, to find answers to the question about how to play in the migration field, avoiding the explicit populist, easy solutions, what does ADH. The electorate understands that the time for criticism is over and by the summer of 2017 will see the results of the national plan for integration of refugees. But migration, once again, only one of those.

Speaking of ADH, it is important to remember that it is the party of intellectuals, it is not the party of “cut off” the protest of the people both in appearance and content. They have a very wide programme on EU etc. Here we will see an interesting fight: the criticism in Germany is welcome. The party will be a hard search. The protest party forced tablerowentries people’s party to reform, to make those decisions, which they did not accept. The protest is expressed clearly, especially among those people who did not go sooner to the polls. Very high figure, and – unlike Russia and unlike Moscow. Berliners are proud to say: Yes, I was standing in the queue. And this responsibility is very significant”.


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