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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

At the Guggenheim Museum in new York mounted Golden toilet “the Throne”

Mathematics teaches that from change of places composed the sum does not change. Even as it is changing, gentlemen and ladies! The sculpture of the Milanese masters, 55-year-old Maurizio Cattelan called “the Throne” was indeed a throne under the sky of Italy. Yes, and the sculptor was quite. It is the most expensive “court jester” contemporary art at international auctions.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“Tron” is an accurate and current copy of the toilet of the American company Kohler, but thought all of the gold in 18 Karat.

And one of these days “Tron” kicked in the United States and built into one of the toilet compartments on the fifth floor of the new York Museum named Solomon Guggenheim. Since last Friday, any Museum visitor can use the “Throne” on a great or small need. “Throne” was a toilet. (As it is dubbed, will learn at the end.)

This under Italian skies — the apotheosis, or even superpages, wealth and luxury, was to arrive in new York several months earlier, but stayed in the blessed city of Florence. There in the foundry apotheosis has been moulded, casting, welding etc. With gold, as it turned out, fuss a lot more than simple plastic.

However, installing cast of “Tron” in the shadow of the Museum Guggenhime not much different from installing a normal toilet in your home.

Of course, Cattelan flew from Milan to new York for the inauguration of his masterpiece. He was in a saffron shirt and, of course, was worried. The sculptor said: “I hope that people will not accept the installation of a Golden toilet as a joke. This is an absurd premise, concerning the inequality of men and review to unlimited wealth in the art world. It is a kind of gift to visitors of the Museum and the opportunity to spend time alone with such a luxurious and beautiful thing. It will be difficult to believe in its reality.”

The price of “sculpture”, an anonymous buyer paid is classified. The Golden bowl will remain at the Museum and will be used for its intended purpose until the end of his days.

After a short ceremony Cattelan invited art critics and reporters to test his creation. Don’t know whether all of them wished at that moment for small and large, but by and large cabal with a Golden toilet wanted.

After the test (the nature of the critics), there was an exchange of views. Almost all agreed that the sculpture looked especially impressive when, having thus registered small need, critics lowered the water and enjoyed her reflection in the gold bowl. And one of the critics Randy Kennedy even described this moment as “the greatness of postmodernism”, forgetting that from the sublime to the ridiculous is only one step.

The sculptor himself was less illuminated. Listening to the critics, he said: “I am happy because this is my work, not on the podium and not in the gallery. It is in a small room and waits for his visit, those who are pinned. When I first saw my work in the lavatory of the Museum, I literally wept.” Oh, those precious tears Cattelan!

So much for “all is not gold that glitters.”

And finally, as renamed the “Throne”. Now it is calledAmerica.” No matter how much shit Onanist in “America” to Americans, it will still be Golden. And shiny. All other statements burping of anti-Americanism.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis


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