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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

American scientists claim that cats are dangerous to health

The results of the next, at least a strange study has stunned animal lovers of American scientists. They concluded that pet cats dangerous to health. And children communication with the purring and all, allegedly, can be fatal. One scratch and all of the clever student and the child will become retarded losers with memory loss. If you survive, of course…

photo: Elena Minashkina

Most likely, the dog lovers, the study will like (and maybe their it was ordered). Because of the danger of Bobby and watchdogs in a single word. But all sorts of Murzik and cats, according to scientists, it is not cute balls of wool, and the most that neither is a formidable weapon.

And said this crazy city, and highly reputable experts from the Center for control and disease prevention in the United States. The results of their tests reported that cases of infection diseases, which are carriers of just cats, are much more common than previously estimated. However, what it wants to reward its owners tailed cats, scientists do not explain. Just saying, it’s dangerous and that’s it.

According to the authors of the study, not that ironed, even to touch the cat should be extremely cautious. As if it were explosives, and you don’t know what wire need to be cut. After any contact with animals, researchers are strongly advised to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. And the habit of the majority of owners to bury your nose in the fur of your pet and kiss him, and they did consider suicide. Another recommendation from the American infectious diseases: to forget that a cat is a creature that walks by itself, and never release the cat into the street.

But the main danger, according to the study authors, is the so-called “disease of cat scratch”. Unsuccessful battle with clawed friend may end fever with high temperature. However, here the researchers also do not explain what kind of pathogen causes serious consequences. However, saying that in some cases, the scratch may even lead to impaired cognitive function in children, disorders of memory and even death.

However, the Russian experts on domestic felines raised researchers laugh. They believe that cat (regardless of breed) is a great tool from a mass disease.

“There is a progressive trend in medicine — the treatment of cats, says flinterbelt angelina Sirotina, These animals are able to heal from depression, autonomic disorders, and vascular diseases”.

With the approval of the Western scholars about the potential dangers of cats for kids our experts also disagree. According to psychiatrists, cocotherapy shows kids with autism and down syndrome.

According to domestic experts, in the cat “kit” is nothing but the simplest of techniques from the school course of physics. The most important medicine in the Arsenal of the caudate doctors — purr. It creates sound waves in the range from 16 to 40 Hz. When exposed to such a sound, the human body triggers defense mechanisms and the immune system literally accelerates to the maximum speed. In addition, the temperature of the cat’s body above human — around 38-39 degrees. So the “pad” of your beloved cat can easily treat zastuzheny back.


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