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Sunday, March 18, 2018

25% win

Mr. President, parliamentary elections are behind us. Now we have to forget about hypocrisy. Somehow make it so that returned credulity. In fact ahead of the presidential election. Unless you’d like an unfair victory? …You now all congratulations. Claim that votes counted almost flawlessly. (Even called the “Creator of the party “United Russia”, although he made her someone else entirely, not the night be commemorated.)

But unless the falsity is only when counting?

Some allowed on the Federal TV channels, not others. Some hug, reward, ride together, fish together. Other arrested, poured green paint, shown in a lewd mistress… not to be misinterpreted, I will say: no naked Kasyanov, Kasyanov never dressed in never voted and never will; that shit is alien. But imagine, Mr. President, that television has decided to act against all politicians equally. Imagine what would happen if the known Russian politicians will show in a lewd mistresses, and some, alas, with lovers. Here then, we would have looked at the turnout. You look at all nobody would come; sick to the whole of Russia.

To say it is a sick fantasy. No, it’s a sick reality. But you’re right — it all depends on point of view. Even the turnout.

Visiting by nightfall the headquarters of “United Russia”, you said there is a small but very appreciative speech. You want them to praise. Quoted your official website kremlin.ru.

PUTIN. Really, people (the President was referring to all Russian citizens. — A. M.) expressed civil position. It lies in the turnout: it’s not the biggest that we saw in the previous election campaign, but it is high.

High? I’m sorry, Mr. President, but the arithmetic (as opposed to your members) — an obstinate thing. No agitation she won’t budge. Official data: in the elections of 18 September 2016 was a record low turnout. This low has never happened before in post-Soviet history of Russia.

The elections come less than half of the votes for the “Edro” voted slightly more than half came. So, the party voted a quarter of Russian voters.

To change these data. It remains only to forget.

You and Medvedev congratulated the staff, congratulated the party and even, it seems, congratulated the citizens, and the news lacked only reports of arrests.

Earlier in the day Sunday on the Internet and on the websites of many media published footage of some blatant fraud. Right under the cameras of members of election commissions engaged in the stuffing. Visible person, known sites. So known the names of these ladies (it’s mostly ladies). Well, where is paddy?

Counterfeiters is detained? Unless questioned, unless they are at least under house arrest? Or are already in Turkey on vacation until the dust settles?

At all sites there are the police. Election day is always “gain” on duty prosecutors, detectives, SWAT. Crooks should take immediately, but they continued to work for the result”. And unless questioned by the police? As they explain their passivity, their inaction at the sight of a brazen crime? Why it is not known who these ladies were trained, who gave them the bundles of ballot papers?..

You, Mr. President, are accustomed to say “as a lawyer”, saying that until proven guilty… they say, only the court decides… But it is not always the case.

Almost every day on the TV show caught with prostitutes or thieves. They are trying to hide their faces, but the camera shows them, and the investigator calls them, and the presenter calls them — they are caught at the crime scene.

Or stealing votes is not theft? Sale of conscience — not prostitution? Penal code, article 142.1 “Falsification of results of voting” — deprivation of liberty for a term up to 4 years.”

You and Medvedev at a meeting in the headquarters of “United Russia” rejoiced in the success.

MEDVEDEV. We can safely say that our party won!

PUTIN. It’s safe to already say that the party achieved a very good result, won.

You both talked about the victory. Over whom?

The staff and the future/former members, of course, happy. A popular jubilation where? If it is a victory of the people or in the interests of the people, where’s the happiness?

At the end of August, our Prime Minister called “doubly cynical” denial of access for our Paralympians to the Games in Rio. He said, “is a desire to eliminate strong competitors. He knew what he’s talking about. Few people so consistently, year after year participated in the elimination of strong competitors.

On the website solid media posted a poll: “are you Satisfied with the election results?”

Yes — 25%

No — 71,5%

Three and a half percent found it difficult to understand yourself.

However, Mr. President, you are an athlete. For you the main thing — victory. And doping, deceptive, benevolent judge is nothing. Outraged opponents? Bugger them, let them slander.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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