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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The revelation of the election-2016: an absentee ballot does not vote for single-mandate

All happens your first time. I have it happened September 18, 2016. I first voted absentee ballots. The prospect of riding home, where prescribed, is not pleased, despite the fact that Nizhniy Novgorod is just 450 km away from Moscow where I am here for five years live and work. But the heightened civil itching kept me just to ignore these elections: last composition of the Parliament has caused a lot of doubt as to the adequacy of, and my voice demanded output.

Interest fueled by the fact that finally back odnomandatniki, and I really wanted to vote for a young, smart and cute I candidate, running in the Tushino district of the capital.

The process of obtaining absentee ballots went pretty time consuming (temporary registration to issue in connection with its recent move have not had time before the election). I asked my sister for a notarized power of attorney to take my absentee ballot to the precinct election Commission. Just in case the scans of the application with the reasons remote from the homeland of voting and passports were sent to the sister by email. Five days later I got the Bottom of a registered letter with a valuable (in all senses: watermarks, individual seven-digit number) paper.

Now it was the second and main part of the procedure is to vote. Judging by the fact that the Internet gave out, I had the right to do so at any polling station at the place of stay. I found a list of sites included in the Tushino district. Chose one of the most suitable location: it was an ordinary school district, the station near the station “the October field”.

Very helpful members of the election Committee except that no bread-salt met the voters. Despite the close quarters (tables, chairs, booths and Cohiba occupied almost the whole of the narrow school corridor) and to the heat, they smiled and were ready to answer any question.

I filed an absentee and a passport. I recorded the giant “barn book”, divided into how graph (election to municipal and County government and Duma elections). To my surprise, my autograph took only one box for Federal party lists.

— You will receive one ballot with the parties, for him you signed, explained in response to my soaring eyebrows, the lady on the other side of the “barn books”.

— What about single-seat districts?

— I now call our President

Joined another lady who introduced himself as the Chairman of the precinct election Commission. She left to “call”. When he returned, she confirmed with reference to the superior Commission that the second Bulletin I entitled to.

— You can only vote for the candidate who is running in your own district.

The way smart and cute Tushino candidate, for which I came all the way across Moscow, began to slowly disappear into thin air Schukinskaya polling station. I showed the head about the absentee ballots in multiple instructions, where I never found out about my rights to one or two of the newsletter. Call in the Moscow city election Commission has killed the last hope: impossible. Then I found this insidious article 81 of the latest version of the Law on elections of deputies: absentee on only one ballot. For many such voters, I think, it was a revelation.

It turns out that I chose the “valishvili” absentee herself denied the right to support any candidate nominated in the city where I “come in large numbers”, actually live, work, pay income tax, are maintained in the clinic by place of residence in a rented apartment. All this does not prevent my stamp in the passport. But he proved to be a hindrance in my right enshrined in the Constitution, “to participate in managing state Affairs”.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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