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Friday, July 21, 2017

Russian factories are forced to prepare their own engineers

Russian universities simply don’t prepare specialists in a variety of engineering specialties required of the domestic economy. The largest plants are sounding the alarm: despite the growth of interest in the engineering profession, they have to grow the right staff. However, ideas on how to resolve this deficit has already been nominated.

The famous Baltic shipbuilding plant complained the other day that a large deficit is not just engineers, namely the so-called production engineers. For one vacancy there are only three of the challenge, said the head of the Department of selection and development of personnel of the enterprise Tatyana Paklinski.

“This year is the explosive growth in interest from students for an engineer and engineering management

In her words, “mid-terms” is Saint-Petersburg state marine technical University prepares engineers and technologists, and the factory needs industrial engineers who will work in manufacturing, and today no one is ready. “We really suffer from a shortage of engineers regulation, planning, production planning,” said Paklinski. The largest deficit the plant was experiencing in the labor force, she said, reports Platfrom.

The Association of shipbuilders of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region speak about the shortage of specific specialists, dimensional control for the shipbuilding industry. They are also one of the universities today do not prepare. Therefore, shipbuilders have to prepare and train specialists for the enterprises themselves, reports Platfrom. Dimensional control is important, as many of the details and constructions made allowances, which entails huge measurement work. Pregnacny work takes up 40% of all hull work. “This is a very specific profession, it can be master only in shipyards. Therefore, all major shipyards are powerful centers for education and training of specialists”, – noted the President of Association Vladimir Alexandrov.

After Russia identified a new vector of development of economy technological modernization, coupled with import substitution, it is needed to solve the problem of shortage of engineers in the country. In the 90 years the engineering profession has lost its former importance, everybody wanted to be economists, managers and lawyers. In the post-mass production – factories were closed, a huge number of engineers were on the street. The youth obviously did not want to repeat the fate of the previous generation, and engineering have ceased to be in demand in universities. Not surprisingly, in the end, by the middle of 2000-ies there was a deficit.

Still, there are more than 500 universities that train engineers. That’s a third of the total. Engineering and technical specialties are taught over a million people (almost a quarter of all students). Despite the unpopularity of the profession because of the expectation of low wages or the inability in General to get a job. The main problem that now arose, is the quality of education. Moreover, the equipment for training is outdated and teaching staff is not young, so do educational programs divorced from the real needs of the economy.

“Engineers and technologists lacking in many areas such as mechanical engineering, instrument making, shipbuilding. The situation is complicated by the fact that there are new types of engineering professions for which the universities do not prepare, for example just the same production engineers,” – says the newspaper VIEW first Vice-President “Russian Union of engineers” Ivan Andrievsky.

Not all schools were able to produce highly qualified engineering staff with advanced technical knowledge. “For example, engineers and technologists of the oil and gas industry has traditionally always been in demand, so a lot of problems with these shots there. But skilled designers, technologists, engineers and in other areas of production is still not enough” – said the source.

The prestige of the profession is only now beginning to recover. This should help including the program of import substitution. “The government has also realized the necessity support – this year 47% of all free vacancies is given to future engineers,” says Andrievskiy.

“Production engineer is a new word for us, because we have a poorly developed area of industrial production. In the US, Canada, the UK and China, for example, has long used the expression production engineer. We are talking about the organization of production, management, but from the point of view of a techie. Knowledge, which should have a modern manufacturing engineer is quite broad. Such engineers are needed in almost any industry. However, the ambiguous definition leads to the fact that universities do not offer education on such specialities,” says Andrievskiy.

However, universities that want to remain in the ranks, you begin to hear the factories and are ready to adapt to their needs. For example, hearing from shipbuilders about the shortage of specialists, dimensional control, acting rector of Saint-Petersburg state marine technical University Eugene Apollo said he was ready to go forward on the establishment of appropriate training programs.

Engineers modern format began to prepare, for example, in Ranepa. “Engineering management prepares engineers and production managers who are able to answer not just for know-how, but also to estimate the economic effect from the development, to calculate the cost of the project, to motivate employees. It is those competencies that are very important, but often neglected for classical engineers”, – said the newspaper VIEW Dean of the faculty of engineering of management of Ranepa Sergey Serebrennikov.

“In the twenty-first century changing the approach and requirements of qualified engineers. The modern worker is no longer a man with a sledgehammer in promyshlennom suit. This is a highly educated person who works in conjunction with program management, computer system and the Manager should speak the same language. He must possess well-developed engineering qualifications and skills of the organizer, Manager and leader. This alloy and is able to give us those breakthrough leaders to change our economy”, – explains the interlocutor.

In his opinion, in a number of universities already positive changes have taken place in engineering education. “For example, the Moscow Polytech is a new large University, which changed the approach to educational activities and to the selection of talents. The exam does not allow to select talents. The system of selecting talents is to MSU through their Olympics. But one MSU is unable to meet the needs of the economy,” says silver. According to him, in the same direction developing also Bauman Moscow state technical University, Moscow aviation Institute, and the classic scientific schools in Tomsk, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

Universities begin to change, including in the framework of the National technology initiative – the state program of measures to support the development in Russia of promising industries over the next 20 years can become the basis of the world economy. In the framework of the NTI emerged Wednesday from universities, engineering centers and the ideology conversion, due to which there is a positive change.

According to Serebrennikov, this year is the explosive growth in interest from students for an engineer and engineering management. “I know that some engineering colleges have even imposed restrictions on the admission plan, including commercial space. Previous years the competitions were smaller. Many graduates of schools went to study not in the universities and secondary special institutions that train personnel at the international methodology,” he says.

At the same time to get after learning on the job, engineers are not as difficult as it seems.

“The experience of Moscow is now the employer comes to the University not to release, and if not at the beginning, in the middle of training. The employer is interested in the fact that in the course of training to track the best and pick it up yourself. The guys go to work as interns or participants of the project on Junior level already of course with the third. Therefore, the problem of employment for the engineering technician does not exist. After the training, he already has a job offer,” says the source.

Lost training of engineering personnel requires a systematic approach, to raise the prestige of the profession, for example, it is necessary to have at school and clubs. But it takes five to ten years or more. But the Russian economy today needs people with engineering backgrounds. Where can you find them?

Silver offers the use of Western post-war experience. “We can’t say that the market do not engineers. There are people who graduated 10-20 years ago the universities, they possess basic knowledge, good enough. Because basic training was good. But now you must as soon as possible to give them additional competencies. And this is the task of the modern educational system”, – said the source.

“How, for example, there are MBA programs? In the West after the Second world war there was a need for an accelerated growth of the economy, it was necessary to prepare a large number of get managers, administrators. And according to the army principle in universities was formed such programmes, which are fast for one-two-three years with intensive training preparing such managers business administration,” says silver. Exactly the same approach should apply in his opinion, in Russia, in order for one or two years there was a modern army of engineers-managers.


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