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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Putin and Medvedev voted in the elections in different moods

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev decided to come to the polls in the first half of the day to his example to inspire the Russians to fulfill their civic duty. In the area where the vote of the President, members of the Commission were forced to admit that people comes to them enough and only hope for the weather. Suddenly the cold and the bad weather early will expel the Muscovites from the cottages.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

For obvious reasons Mr Medvedev on Sunday I slept worse than Vladimir Putin. The election campaign was difficult for the leader of “United Russia”. And pictures of luxury estate under reach, regardless of to whom it really belongs, were clearly not the best final chord.

At 10 am the LADIES, accompanied by his wife Svetlana came to fulfill his civic duty. Ironically, the area where the vote, Prime Minister’s match, is located in the gymnasium, named in honor of the founder of the Moscow University Ivan Shuvalov, according to some, the ancestor of the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov. Here a few years ago, passed the exam Medvedev’s son Ilya. However, this time of a young man who has reached the required for the will 18 years of age, with their parents was not.

Despite the autumn weather, the LADIES was in a business suit. Svetlana Medvedev under a husband dressed in a black fitted coat, which was refreshing white scarf. Both looked very serious and even a little sad. The reporters, the Prime Minister said in platitudes about the importance of coming to the polls and “to contribute to the development of Russian political system.” The individual choice of the premiere members of the media didn’t ask.

photo: government.ru

Unlike the leader of “United RussiaVladimir Putin, of course, not in a hurry. But by their standards came to the polls earlier, around noon. Presidential land, located in the building of the Academy of Sciences, different from the others, spacious interiors, marble floors, and most importantly – a large number of lamps so that the head of state, and together with him and other voters, do not have to break the eyes, considering the small font text. (For example, at the site where the vote of the correspondent “MK”, due to the shortage of lighting every Bulletin had to go to the window).

People in the audience voting was a lot. To one of the tables just before the arrival of the head of state even lined up – still in Gagarinsky district the people live conscious, though, as the results of past elections, – set of opposition to the current government. But the members of the electoral Commission still lamented the low turnout in 2011 was more. However, he said the head of the PEC Victor Lundin, after lunch, the Muscovites will start to come with cottages, and the situation is likely to get better.

On the walls of the plot, as expected, hung pictures and BIOS of single-mandate, but Vladimir Putin did not pay them any attention. He knew in advance who to vote for.

photo: kremlin.ru
Putin made a joke, voting in the elections of the state Duma (9 photos)

– As always, “against all”? – joked the journalists.

– Well, why. I have for whom to vote. Don’t you know?

In General, the polling station President had not more than 10 minutes: after the COHIBA swallow the last newsletter, he with rapid steps went to the door. “Food for work”, – said GDP correspondents. However, no public events in the schedule of the President on election day did not appear. As for Dmitry Medvedev after the polls closed, and promised to come to the headquarters of “United Russia”, together with party members to worry about the results.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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