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Friday, March 23, 2018

On the gallows no word

The government wants fair elections.

Citizens want fair elections.

Which of these two statements do you believe? I wouldn’t worry.

photo: Alex geldings

If both the government and citizens want fair elections, why they are dishonest?

Perhaps the government only wants words. Year after year she promises: “this time for sure everything will be absolutely clean!” To believe?

First, it is (by the way, is absolutely not clear, why in Russia we have “power” still feminine), we promised a lot of things.

Secondly, each time promised and never did.

Thirdly, an alcoholic also promises the addict will constantly promises and who they believe — the fool. Unteachable fool.

In 20 years of democracy (governed from the top) in Russia dozens of times to change the electoral law. Always in favor of the government. For her convenience. Cleaned the column “against all”; abolished the threshold turnout; raised interest barrier; invented the collection of signatures and ways to reject; put off voting in September, so the campaign came in the summer, the season of holidays and vacations…

If the government really wanted an honest vote count, she would have severely punished counterfeiters. They would have planted. But never went to jail even by fraud. And the customers never the question.

But the singer is not a crime without order. In the case of the assassination is clear. And the elections? Well it’s not murder.

How to say it. If the result of the buried trust, hope is lost, after all, is an abstract matter, useless feelings — don’t feel sorry for them.

But what happens then with those hundreds of thousands of people who over the last 20 years, participated in the carousel, stuffing, produce and sell fake absentee ballots… How many times I’ve seen them in vans pulled up, burst into the polling station, ugrozavali, loaded, went on — fun, young, like a picnic, no need to think.

Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) were boiled, and stew in the muck, and firmly believe: (a) election of — shit, and b) it does not happen.

Sometimes, guys. And many of you want to go where it is. And don’t want to leave those whom you are killing, giggling with gratuitous beer in your mouth and getting a few thousand for the meanness, the consequences of which can not understand.

Murder is an exaggeration? And the infant mortality rate?

After all the statements, after endless assurances (say, care for the children as ever), after the adoption of the “Dima Yakovlev law” (which is often called the cannibal), after the appointment of children’s ombudsmen (almost Holy changed quite Holy) — after all the caring and tireless efforts of Russia on child mortality on the infamous 67th place in the world. About the same place where the integrity of elections. That is, to fall still have, and to rise somehow fails.

Climb easy. Fair elections are achievable.

You could write that in Russian cities in the Central squares should be set the gallows, and there should hang people caught in the rigging. But the death penalty is abolished (temporarily), so the gallows is nothing vain dream.

Return “pillory”? You can bind the roguish members of election commissions, to passers-by spit. The medieval way, but in a humane, bloodless…

Important: the punishment for a crime should be worse than the reward.

Have the teachers and other members (cogs) grassroots election commissions falsifiziert from the love of ruling party? No, they are afraid of layoffs and other troubles.

What gets poor teacher-cog for their participation in the fraud? Yes anything (drinks, time off and a small prize). And if you refuse — can fire. Where will a teacher find a job (especially in a small town), if she was kicked out for insubordination, for political disloyalty? All she is an outcast.

(The large number of complaints in Moscow — not because the high percentage of crooks, but because observers there are much more and they are braver).

The punishment should be worse than dismissal. And it’s a prison. And if the prison for ordinary performers (for the screws and pain), something for the organizers for wrenches must be serious terms, confiscation of property… They need to know that the words of the local authorities (say, in which case we’ll help you out of trouble) — do not save. Can you help me out.

…Don’t know, nobody knows how many people vote for the ruling party from love, and how much is from fear. One important gentleman said the other day: “I work in a public institution. So I have to vote for “United Russia”. I’m the watchdog of the regime.” Believe me, that’s exactly what he said.

Vote for the chain? What do you mean “should”? Is it love or fear? Or simply erroneous understanding of the word “duty”. A government official receives a salary for what he is a good Minister, or because he is a humble slave? For what you pay the state? For the observance of the interests of the country or for the fact that the managers were pleasant illusion of people’s love?

Where the law is more important than the whims of the authorities, there is no one dismisses the professional officials when the President changes or elections won by the opposition.


…And the customer? About the gallows for the customer will not write. Is there an easy way to get customers to stop raping unresponsive subordinates. The party, in whose favor made stuffing or faked result, is removed from the election.

This party must lose not only the future but also the past. Know how to take away the medals from the Champions of the Beijing Olympics, in London, if even after years of undetectable doping in the analyses.

After the parliamentary elections of 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 years statements of fraud, documentary evidence of fraud, the investigation, funny and creepy video of the fights, when counterfeiters caught by the hand as hundred-dollar bills with bundles of ballots…

And it is necessary to remove not a local branch, and the whole party to withdraw from the Duma. Just like withdraw the entire batch of cars (millions of units), if each discovered the same defect.

And the mandate, let them go to those who robbed.

If it doesn’t do, if not to achieve fair elections and real cruel punishments for falsifying the will of the people, the next (possibly the same), the Prime Minister will say that in Russia, every family has a car with flashing lights. Although in reality not we have machines with flashing lights, and cars with flashing lights we have.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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