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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Observers of Public staff recorded one violation during the voting soldiers

Reports from the field coming all day to the Public headquarters for the observation of elections in Moscow, was revealing: no violations, everything is calm. However, almost at the end of the day of mobile group headquarters was able to fix one violation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The plot 3118 Shchukino district began to come to maintain that the conscripts who were supposed to vote solely on the Federal list in the state Duma received three votes in the state Duma on elections in the municipal district and single-mandate list. On the last two items of the right to vote they had. The plot left a group of observers from the headquarters, which is the number of candidates.

Five o’clock, on lot 3118 – five voters.

How many ballots were received by the soldiers, recorded in a special record book: they signed a book for each paper. Give this book to observers, members of the local Commission refused.

— We were sent here from the headquarters Venediktov (Alexei Venediktov head of the Public headquarters “MK”), so you will have all of us show — said the candidate for the member of the local Commission.

— So, Galkin Alexander Alexandrovich — candidate of reads on the nametag the name of the member of the election Commission. — Give us the book!

Present pass on raised tone.

— I will not give you anything, ” says Galkin.


— Because! — the candidate grabs a huge red book in the hands of the members of the Commission and tries to snatch it from his hands.

– I am a candidate in your constituency, and you… Give me the book! — shouts the potential people’s Deputy.

The people disapproving grumbles behind that candidate, and swears like a trooper. It certainly would have ended in a scuffle, if not arrived, the observer of one of the parties. He proposed to resolve the issue amicably: members of the local Commission mellowed and allowed observers to go to a separate room to watch the ill-fated book. Note that the correspondent of “MK” at the entrance to the office took away the recorder under the pretext of “Photos and video recording is prohibited”.

In the end, everything was confirmed: next to each name are three signatures. There is a violation. According to observers, the Commission, the CEC can now make a decision about the cancellation of the results of this section.

Later, the head of Mothersurname Valentin Gorbunov said that the results of the municipal elections in the area in Shchukino will not be considered.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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