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Sunday, March 25, 2018

In Moscow began the elections: observers declare “carousel”

The public headquarters for the observation of elections in the state Duma began its work exactly at 8 a.m. with the opening of polling stations. At the headquarters of the permanent presence of representatives of 14 political parties, volunteers and the press. In a separate room, a group of 20 special observers to monitor polling stations at each polling station will have two cameras, just in Moscow there are 6 thousand 832 camera 3 thousands of 416 plots.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The task of Public staff to identify and prevent all possible violations during the vote, including the so-called “carousel” (large groups of voters), ballot stuffing, etc. At the headquarters there is a special mobile group to monitor the elections, including representatives of political parties and lawyers. In the case of violations or emergency situations, the group may go to the problem area.

The first problematic group already went in the morning in the CAO. As the head of a staff Alexey Venediktov, the reason for the departure was dull image on the camera and a long queue at the polling station.

– Three representatives of parties, selected by lot, and two members of staff left to see, what to help colleagues from the electoral Commission, – said Venediktov.

The representative of one party to travel to the problem site, said: “In the place of the Chairman of the PEC said that it’s typical for this area the situation arising during each election. The fact that it is next to the military dorms. And the military come to vote with the families directly to the opening.

Excitement among the voices we have not seen. While waiting for the Bulletin is no more than 15 minutes. In this County there is a house inhabited by civilians. Therefore, the representatives of the PEC took a decision to allocate a separate log for civilians. In this table, queues are not observed.”

At the same time, head of centre headquarters Alexey Shaposhnikov said that it identified 20 technical problem, namely the fuzzy images from the cameras, objects blocking visibility. The violation was eliminated technical services to 9 am.

Other violations of staff was identified.

However, many candidates said in social networks about “the carousel”. In particular, it is reported that the plot No. 497 voted massively cadets from MCHS, who were forced to remove the form. RBC writes that at the polling station №82 of voting absentee was a huge queue, at least 40 people. One of voting with absentee ballots RBC said that they were told to come on the site to 12 noon. Several people also said that they are working in FGUP “the Moscow property”.

According to another candidate observers record the mass transportation for the week and 2239 2199. The correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” also found a convoy of 100-150 people passing by the metro station “Chistye Prudy”. The journalist they announced that they were going to vote, and are employees of different SMU.

At the same time representatives of staff stated that they respond to messages in social networks, but do not see anything unusual in the formation of queues at polling stations.

At 11:30 a.m. the Central election Commission has stated that it is not received on the “hot line” reports of grave violations during the voting. But already in the afternoon, one of the candidates said that he had sent an appeal to the CEC concerning, in his view, mass violations in the Shchelkovo constituency No. 127.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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