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Friday, March 23, 2018

Cranks will save the world

For the first time in edition “MK” held a meeting of the National Union of bibliophiles (NSB). It would seem, nothing special about it. Well, gather the weirdos life rare editions, over tea to discuss them, then what? And the fact that not see that this is crazy love and devotion to the book. Yet there are such people — the book won’t die.

Pavel Gusev and Mikhail Seslavinsky appreciate bibliophilic rarity. Photo: VASSILISSA Glukhova

On the doors of the reception of the chief editor hangs a piece of the “Club “Bibliophile hive. So it is: in the hall of the planning meetings instead of familiar faces with Newspapers in his hands sits a dozen three typical intellectuals, too, with the periodicals. After all, the theme of this club is “Rare Newspapers and magazines in my collection”. The majority are in age, but young people are. Surprisingly, even women are, and cute.

At the head of the table, no, not Pavel Gusev, he side, and in its place — Mikhail Seslavinsky, Chairman of the NSB and head of Rospechat. Threshold warns that the cakes will go to the course after the event, since the publications are passed around valuable them to dirty greasy fingers is not necessary. The word takes a member of the NSB, the chief editor of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev.

— My collection of periodicals is quite large, therefore, stored in different places. But there’s something in the wording, hanging in the hallway under the glass. This collection shows the development of printing in different political systems. This slice of our history, of life. Newspapers and magazines were many, all with different psychological orientation. If you have texts to read, and not just the headlines, from something hair stand on end.

In this collectors was convinced when I saw the collection. Someone even proposed to open this Museum, right in the wording. What would Gordo — the world’s first Museum in the hallway. Here, on the wall of the bibliophiles, as well as from all the guests of honor edition, remained the inscription: “We took all the old Newspapers in their collection. Sorry!”

After the tour of its collection of periodicals shared Michael Seslavinsky. He said that many bookstores today as a gift for a birthday offer to buy the newspaper for the date when the person was born. Such a surprise, Mikhail Gusman, Mikhail Vadimovich on the 50th anniversary. Of the dozen papers presented to the most valuable instance of Dzerzhinsk, the native city of Seslavinsky.

Lev Mnukhin demonstrated by the first edition of one of the most in demand abroad Russian-speaking newspaper “Russian thought”, published in Paris since 1947. Next year she will mark the anniversary of what NRC might dedicate to a club. The newspaper has been preserved in excellent condition, it opens with a fragment of the novel “Summer of the Lord” Ivan Shmelev.

But not all collectors are, many come to listen to the presentations, to communicate, to show acquisition. So, a young collector of Roman lizogubs brought a clipping from the newspaper “the Petersburg leaf” for 1898, with a picture of the girls. He spent a long time digging in the archives to establish her identity, and still found that to be the ballerina adèle Grantzow.

After hearing this story, Seslavinsky remembered how, upon inspection of the graphs in the St. Petersburg bookstore he came across a small female portrait, signed by Leo Rosenberg. Mikhail Vadimovich, who knew the real name of the artist Leon Bakst, inquired about the price of the work. The answer was — 1000. Surprised how it is sometimes advantageous to know the real names, and bought the portrait. He exhibited at a recent exhibition of léon Bakst in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin.

And for bibliophiles digging in the archives, bookstores, libraries — a favorite thing. Not less time they spend on the restoration of old, damaged books. I can spend hours tinting cover to seal the roots… they are people not of this world, but with the soul. Many of them are just a walking encyclopedia.

…Say the cranks will save the world. Do not be surprised if some of them are bibliophiles. By the way, the next club for the first time in the history of Russian bibliophilia will be held in October in Jerusalem. There have been disturbing news for an alleged garbage is thrown a lot of Russian books and good authors and publications. Maybe after a word from our dealers and collectors will change.


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