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Friday, March 16, 2018

Album nick cave became a Requiem

Fans three years waiting for the new album of nick cave and his band The Bad Seeds after the release of the album “Push The Sky Away”. But the sixteenth Studio album born under a sad star. In July last year, when already there was a record, one of two sons of a musician, fifteen-year-old Arthur, was killed, torn from the cliff in Brighton. The autopsy showed that before the fall the young man had taken LSD. Although the trouble and crippled musician, he lowered his hands and with a head left in work, which perhaps could be different in atmosphere and mood, if not the tragedy, but was a unique revelation and creative understanding of the events. Her cave is, of course, devoted son.

Photo: flickr@Salvatore Vastano

The name “Skeleton Tree” (“Tree skeleton”. — Approx. N. M.) you shouldn’t comment. Nick has always been prone to introspection and melancholy. The proof lies not only in his gloomy ballads, but also movies. In the past — “20,000 days on Earth” — he is emotionally stripped naked and dissected all his life, creativity, it seems, hiding nothing from the public. Show the next picture he has planned before the release of the upcoming album. Full-length documentary feature video, “One More Time With Feeling” was broadcast to cinemas around the world only one day — September 8. The work was more subtle and emotional than the previous one. As the disk itself. Nick did not overload it in the track list for only 8 tracks, but each is perfected to the last detail. The author sinks to the bottom of the sound, he is not afraid of long pauses, long musical phrases, stops on a single note for a minute or even more. It is important the atmosphere, the space, which creates the score. He likes to learn, as if under a microscope, the structure of each object included in the composition, to consider and admire them.

Nick cave has always been a master to weave the lace of the images, but here reached its climax. Already the first song is “Jesus Alone” — not that psychedelic story, not the dream, not the stream of consciousness. The lyric hero in this track is changing the face and form: it is “a young man who wakes up covered in their blood,” the “woman in yellow dress charmed with the birds-Hummingbird”, “drug addicts, lying on her back in the hotel room”. The characters are simultaneously frightening and attractive. In another song “Rings of Saturn” it’s about unearthly love, and this feeling is only exacerbated by the comic, weightless music, in which there is no clear melody, rhythm, is just stretching for a few minutes, the painting of sounds. In the song “Girl in Amber” hear pain and suffering, this thing is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Cave has always been not just the author of memorable melodic ballads-stories, but — most importantly — a poet in music. And every lyrics with the new album you can analyze for hours on the lessons of drama to put on it plays, to read, like a mantra, or think of him his music — everything. The author provides unlimited field of fantasy.

“Skeleton Tree” is a musical book, collected on one disc stories, confession, and Requiem at the same time. On the cover — just the name of the group and of the plate, embossed green letters like on a black computer screen. The tracks themselves are so full of emotions and images that the bright design would just be redundant. Despite the complexity of his nature, nick cave has the courage to be honest with their listeners, to share joy and pain, do not be afraid to experiment, going beyond all the existing musical styles.

Latest album — it’s certainly not rock, but not the lounge, not psychedelic, not experimental electronics. This phenomenon is on the verge of sound and poetry, the rational and the unconscious, aesthetically pleasing and chaotic. Strange and, given the context, the frightening experience, the perfect man-a legend.


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