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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The attack on the Russian Embassy is beneficial to Ukrainian authorities

Ukrainian radicals in on Saturday night pelted the Russian Embassy in Kiev firecrackers and fired from a firing sets. Guarding the Embassy, the national guard has not had the attackers no resistance. But Ukrainian Prime Minister Groysman called the incident “very minor” incident. According to experts, for the radical stand of the Ukrainian elite who are not interested in improving relations with Russia.

In the night of Saturday in Kiev about 20 people pelted the Russian Embassy with firecrackers and made for the building of multi-shot fireworks. Fireballs sometimes called fire on the territory of the Embassy, but the building, judging by the published videos, not damaged. On the spot “were only designs for fireworks.

“The shots were aimed directly at the building

“Ukraine uses for the confrontation of radicals, which can be attributed to all. After all, it’s not the employees of special bodies, and members of the public, which the government cannot control”

As told by the Embassy staff, it all happened in the morning. “Around 1.00 (same as GMT) unknown threw on the Embassy grounds a smoke bomb and fired on the building with firing sets. The shots were aimed directly at the Embassy building. By happy coincidence, the fire did not happen”, – told RIA “news” in Embassy.

A source in the Russian foreign Ministry vowed that Moscow’s reaction followed immediately: “the Ministry verifies the information, checks the details of the accident. If this is confirmed, then the reaction will follow immediately,” – said on Smolensk square.

The Embassy building is guarded by members of the national guard of Ukraine, but they are unable to provide any resistance to the attackers. As was stressed at the Embassy, “the local police didn’t detain them”. In addition, the actions of the attackers shot a few photographers that tells about the desire of organizers of an attack to give the incident wide publicity and to play to the audience.

According to the Ukrainian media, for its share of radicals protested against the upcoming Sunday parliamentary elections in Russia, which, among others, will be held on the territory of Crimea. As you know, Kiev calls Crimea part of Ukraine.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman called the attack on the Embassy of petty conflict and “nasty bullying”, noting that the authorities will not further protect the electoral process in Russia. “The capital of Ukraine should be a role model. It’s a very small conflict, which does not require reviews,” – said Groisman.

As have informed Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” in the Department of communication of the police of Kiev, now law enforcement officers establish the details of the incident and searching for involved in the attack. It argued that as a result of attack nobody suffered, and the building received “unknown damage”.

The day before at the Russian Embassy in Kiev, installed a new boom, and the Windows draped steel shutters. Earlier the Embassy was surrounded by a fence of metal bars and temporary fencing. On Sunday there will be a polling station for voting on elections to the State Duma of Russia despite the ban by Ukrainian authorities.

On Saturday morning the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova has demanded from Kiev to ensure security during the voting of the Russians. According to her, the papers delivered, and the areas prepared for security is obliged to provide to the state on whose territory our polling stations.”

Let us add that recently the Ukrainian radicals repeatedly attacked the Russian mission. In early June, members of several nationalist groups blocked the building of the Consulate General in Odessa to disrupt the reception on the occasion of Russia Day. From people who tried to pass the event, the radicals demanded “apologize” on his knees in front of Ukraine. In addition, they pelted the Embassy building with eggs and set “gallows”. Militiamen managed to stop the attempts of radicals to throw the Consulate General manure.

In early March, the Russian Embassy in Kiev was attacked several times. During a protest involving 300 people, who demanded the release of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, a few radicals pelted the building with bottles of iodine. Later, some unknown persons threw the main entrance to the Embassy with Molotov cocktails.

“To channel the negative energy of the deceived population”

A member of the presidential Council for interethnic relations Bogdan Bezpalko called the event a Testament to the unwillingness of the Ukrainian elite to improve relations with Russia. “Ukraine uses for the confrontation of radicals, which can be attributed to all. After all, it’s not the employees of special bodies, and members of the public, which the government cannot control and which Express their outrage,” said Bezpalko newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the attack was expected, because it hardly announced the Ukrainian radicals.

“This incident will rise in one number of incidents against the Russian diplomatic missions. Let’s remember what mayhem was happening in the Russian missions, when the winter was imposed the sentence of Nadezhda Savchenko. Now, any aggravation in Russian-Ukrainian relations will lead to such actions. For the Ukrainian government it is a very convenient way to channel the negative energy of deceived, impoverished, lost income population. Ukraine is the only country where we take 15 per cent tax on pensions is not known what. Seeing on TV how the radicals are attacking the Russian mission, most people will get the impression that all the fault of an external agent, i.e. the Russian Federation. They just would never go to the Crimea and to compare the standard of living in the “impoverished” of Russia and in their own land,” – said the expert.

As for the stock, which was held near the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow, Bogdan Bezpalko emphasizes that “the level of those attacks was completely different.”

“Large-scale shenanigans are stopped by the police very quickly. In addition, as a rule, these antics are a reaction to some extremist actions on the territory of Ukraine to the Russian and Russian-speaking. On large-scale actions that lead to death – like attempts of subversive zasilek people in the Crimea, which killed two servicemen of the Russian Federation”, – said the analyst.

Bezpalko recalled that at the time the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andrey Deshitsa sang near the Russian Embassy in Kiev obscene limericks, but “I don’t remember our Minister Lavrov sang obscene limericks somewhere near the Ukrainian Embassy, energizing the crowd.” “In this case, the danger to those citizens who received Russian citizenship and want to take part in the elections on 18 September on the territory of Ukraine”, – concluded the expert.

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