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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Putin explained the reluctance of the US to disclose the agreement on Syria

Vladimir Putin at the CIS summit explained the US decision not to disclose details of the agreement with Russia on Syria. Because of the position of Washington was canceled on the eve of a meeting of the UN security Council. Putin also explained the reasons of creating the image of Russia as the evil Empire – the US and spoke about Moscow’s desire to see Ukraine as a partner of the independent state.

The President of Russia Vladimir on Saturday at the summit of the CIS countries in Kyrgyzstan, spoke to reporters and answered their questions. Among other things, he explained the US refusal to divulge details of the agreement on Syria.

“In my opinion, this is motivated by the desire to preserve the combat potential in the fight against the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad”

According to him, in case of publication of the document would be clear who takes what is not. “Russia and the United States should be honest with each other on Syria, but I don’t understand why not to disclose the agreement,” he said, adding that the United States is always for openness and transparency, but in this case, depart from this postulate.

“Dangerous development of events”

According to Putin, the US faced difficulties in Syria, because they can not separate the part of the opposition from semi-criminal structures. And Russia sees no separation from the opposition terrorists in Syria and attempts by the militants to regroup. “In my opinion, this is motivated by the desire to preserve the combat potential in the fight against the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad, but it is a very dangerous path, a dangerous direction of events. It seems that our American partners are again stepping on the same rake”, – he complained.

Thus, according to the President, Russia and the United States there is a General desire for peace in Syria and the common goal – the fight against terror. “We expect these Washington’s promises will be fulfilled,” Putin said. – As for Russia, it fully performs its obligations. Moreover, we reached an agreement with President (Bashar al -) Assad, with the Syrian government. As we can see, Syrian troops and these agreements comply”.

Because of the US refusal to disclose details of the agreements with Russia fell through is scheduled for Friday meeting of the UN security Council on Syria and the adoption of a relevant resolution. The incident baffled by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin. “Why make a secret of what we are going to build, if everything will be executed?” “he asked.

According to him, the Russian-American agreement include “number of documents”, which was conducted over several months. “Obviously, there is a lack of unity within the American administration, but John Kerry was negotiating on instructions of President Obama, the deal has been made, and we expect that it will be executed. We are working very hard on it,” he said.

Recall, the foreign Ministers of Russia and the USA Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry on the night of September 10 after a record duration 13 hours of negotiations, said an agreement on Syria. It provides for the restoration of the cessation of hostilities, the disengagement of the opposition and terrorists, the demarcation of the areas of strikes on terrorists of the Russian space forces and the U.S. air force.

The official U.S. position is that should not be put at threat the implementation of the agreements. At the permanent representation of the United States noted that SB can play an important role in resolving the conflict in Syria,” but at the moment Washington is focused on “implementing the agreement”, first on “the urgent need to deliver humanitarian aid to Syrians”.

“We are ready to continue any contact”

Speaking about the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations, Vladimir Putin spoke about the desire of Moscow to create conditions for the negotiation process and become a guarantor of the agreements, but only in case if partners in Kiev. “I have already said, we are ready to continue any contact, as long as they lead to a positive result, the resolution of the crisis which arose in Ukraine”, – said the President.

According to him, “we want Ukraine to develop as an independent state, strong economically and in all other respects”. “This is consistent with our national national interests,” – said the President of Russia.

Recently, the Kremlin said that Moscow could not promise full compliance with the ceasefire regime in the Donbass, because it is not a party to the conflict. As said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov that Moscow plays the role of guarantor of the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, and not the party that performs the complex aimed at this action.

Elections in Russia and USA

As regards the progress of the presidential election campaign in the United States, Putin sees the active use of the Russian card, and even attempt to recreate the image of the evil Empire. “I hope that this is due to the growing influence and importance of Moscow, – Putin said. – I’m about supports already said, nothing new can now, and do not want. The only thing I would like to say that we support any person in any country who wants to build with us and good-neighbourly relations”.

He acknowledged that “of course, we are closely watching what is happening in the States, and with sympathy, of course, refers to those who declare publicly about the need to build relations with Russia on an equal basis and sees this as a great meaning for his country and for the international community as a whole.”

On Wednesday, Peskov said that Washington still uses the “Russian card” in the electoral process in the United States and Moscow sees frequent manifestations of the “outright Russophobia”.

The Russian leader also commented on the election campaign on elections to the state Duma. He indicated that during the attempted ballot box stuffing and the manipulation of public opinion “with a link may be sensitive to some things, but far from the interests of those who are waiting for millions of Russian citizens.”

We will remind, on Saturday, the day of silence before appointed on 18 September a single day of voting. 15 Sep Putin to appeal to voters urged to take part in the vote.

Duma elections will be held under a mixed system: 225 deputies are elected on party lists and 225 in single – mandate constituencies. At the same time parliamentary elections were held in 39 regions of the country in seven regions will elect the highest officials Also planned to hold about five thousand municipal campaigns.

All the news on the elections to the state Duma in 2016


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