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Friday, March 16, 2018

Kiev finds new reasons not to perform the Minsk agreement

Leonid Kuchma called the last point, which Kiev refuses to sign a ceasefire agreement. This is a dispute about Debaltsevo and other lands lost by Kiev after 19 September 2014, when was signed the first agreement in Minsk. Thus, Kiev is looking for – and finds – all new reasons not to fulfill their obligations.

The second President of Ukraine and its representative in the trilateral contact group on settling the situation in the Donbass Leonid Kuchma said on Friday that the sides have not yet agreed on the withdrawal of units from lines of contact – for the simple reason that he had not agreed to the line of demarcation.

“Unfortunately, today’s statement by Poroshenko say that he had not heard nor Steinmeier nor Eero regarding the package of measures

Visited on Thursday in Kiev and Slavyansk, together with the German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault publicly demanded next week to sign the agreement on disengagement in three pilot areas in the Donbass. And he made clear that his demand is addressed primarily to the President Petro Poroshenko.

“They’re easier to announce, but because we need to resolve this issue. We can’t go to surrender their interests. If we find some way out, the documents set on the observance of the line of September 19, it will be a step”, – Kuchma told Interfax.

Poroshenko not to step forth!

The former President recalled that there is a line of demarcation that was agreed upon in the Minsk agreements of 19 September 2014. “From this line you need to take another 1 km all forces and to make wider the safety zone. But there is one problem – during this time, representatives “LNR/DNR” grabbed 1500 (square) km, and suggest they take at a new line of contact,” he explained. “We absolutely disagree with this and think about how to find the solution to this question, because the solution of this question depends on the security,” – said Kuchma.

A few hours before Kuchma’s rebuke with his Western “friends and partners” was forced to act and President Petro Poroshenko. “Incidentally, I am often accused of saying that the Ukrainian side continue to resist and not moving forward on the political path of the Minsk talks, the President said at the annual meeting of the Yalta European strategy in Kiev. – I repeat to you: we have already made it. And no step forward before the Russian side will not pass their own distance in the way of security measures.”

Poroshenko said that he had proposed a “road map”, in which the sequence of the security and political steps have to be linked to guarantee their performance. “Our demands are very simple. Russia needs to ensure sustainable and comprehensive ceasefire in the Donbass”, – said the head Ukrainian state, UNIAN quotes him. Note that there are no “road maps” Poroshenko has not yet been published – perhaps we are talking about scenarios that Kiev diplomacy offered in the negotiations. However, even Eero and Steinmeier on the eve of again required to follow the existing Minsk agreement, without being distracted to any new projects.

Recall that in the text of the Minsk agreement spelled out clearly the sequence of execution of provisions of the agreements, but Kiev refuses to follow it. Poroshenko manipulates the agreements that he signed two years ago. His anger is understandable – he still considered Germany and France as their protectors in the “channel format”. Now he only hope for caregivers from overseas.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin on the eve, too, in absentia objected to the French counterpart, saying that Kiev intends to follow its own logic and consistency in the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Before Klimkin said that he agreed with the need to develop a “road map” for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which would have secured the sequence of steps for their implementation.

Kiev pressed enough

As stated by the newspaper VIEW, the special envoy of the DPR at the peace negotiations, the Chairman of the national Council of the Republic of Denis Pushilin, if the pressure of France and Germany to Kiev was sufficient, there is a chance that already on September 21 in Minsk will sign an agreement on the breeding of parties at least on two parts of the contact line.

“Unfortunately, today’s statement by Poroshenko say that he had not heard nor Steinmeier nor Eero. Ukraine continues to insist on the transfer of control over the border in the first place – to bypass security, Amnesty and constitutional reform”, – said Pushilin. “I also do not understand the statement of the Ukrainian President that Russia needs to move towards the implementation of the Minsk agreements, while Russia is a mediator in the negotiations,” he recalled.

In addition, Pushilin said that the Donetsk fundamentally do not agree to give up any territory, as required by Kuchma. Recall that after September 2014 in the hands of the DNR moved, among other settlements, and the town of Debaltsevo. “We have a number of documents signed, where we are based and on line September 19, and on the line of actual contact. There is a part of the territory that came under our control, and under the control of Ukraine. However, the question of the surrender of the Debalcevo we do not intend even to discuss,” he explained.

Pushilin also said that the main obstacle to the signing of the document on the breeding of the parties is the obstinacy of Kiev, and Kuchma named item he believes is just an excuse, because in the first stage we are talking only about some previously agreed sections of the front line. “To sign the agreement and without mentioning the line of contact of September 19, 2014, on the actual breeding of the parties is not affected, it is possible to do without such political rates”, – said Pushilin.

As the newspaper OPINION, 23 August, a representative of Kyiv in the sub-group on security issues at the Minsk talks Yevhen Marchuk said that on August 26 the contact group on settlement in Donbass is planning to finalize the plan for the breeding of the conflicting parties. According to him, immediately after signing the agreement, the warring parties will begin work to identify the first areas where it will be applied, first, in the experiment. But then the peace process is again stalled.

On Tuesday, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is convinced of the need to break the deadlock over the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

On Wednesday, Jean-Marc Ayrault demanded from Kiev to conclude the agreement on cease-fire, but finally make the law on elections in the Donbass, and to provide special status to the region, and in a short time. Because of the Western a “friend” demanded it publicly and in plain text, Klimkin had on the other day even release a separate statement, the Kiev resources released under the title “Klimkin denies forcing France and Germany to Ukraine adoption of the law on local elections and special status for the Donbass”.

Still Kiev demanded first provide him access to the Russian border on the sections of the self-proclaimed republics, promising only to then amend the Constitution on decentralization and approve new laws on local elections and the special status of Donbass. But now the “channel” the mediators announced another chart – first a cease-fire, withdrawal of heavy weapons, and immediately thereafter, amendments to the Constitution and the law on the special status. As stated by Ero, access to the border of Russia is just the latest step in the implementation of the peace plan. Apparently, these requirements visitors from the EU and called Friday a rebuke to Poroshenko. And perhaps for the first time in the history poslemaydannoy Ukraine with an angry speech he had to turn not to the East and to the West.


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