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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The old Communist almost three months kept in jail for the appeal to the President

In the Ukrainian prison for the third month sitting MP of three convocations, honorary citizen of Kharkiv, and former first Secretary of the Kharkiv regional Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine Alla Aleksandrovskaya. Such number of regalia hides a simple fact — in prison sits an elderly woman, recently quite comfortable existing on the political scene of his country. Until she was accused of “separatism”.

“Justice has to be impartial, but may not be mocking and cruel, literally screaming at me over the phone the lawyer Valentin Rybin. — 68-the summer old woman, still only suspected of a nonviolent offense, the court was thrown into a dungeon just for the fact that she collected signatures under the petition to the President. The horror — petition to the President! That threat to society a crime?!”

Valentin Rybin — known Ukrainian lawyer, founder of legal assistance to foreigners “Odyssey”, which often deals with protection in the Ukrainian courts of the Russian citizens, convicted on charges related to separatism and terrorist activity. Simply put, it protects the Russian volunteers, who were captured in Eastern Ukraine. For example, he defended the Sergeant Alexandrov, which in Ukraine was called a fighter of the Russian GRU.

Alexander also fell in this range. In his 68 years, she was charged under articles that infringe on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. These articles in 2014, the Ukrainian legislator cleared any of the accused is not under arrest. Prohibited house arrest for taking on bail, recognizance, bail of people’s deputies…

“I believe the case was fabricated SBU and I am sure that it will fall apart in court,” says fish. — It is simple as two pennies. In the Kharkiv region is the town of the South, and supposedly Alexander was paying the mayor to the city Council adopted an appeal to Petro Poroshenko with a request to accept constitutional changes involving the election of governors and judges of first instance. SBU has created a fake decision of the city Council that the mayor under their dictation placed on the four sites. This decision in fact has not been taken. I just got out of prison from Kharkov Alla Alexander, and she says that her as a Communist not interested in the election of governors and she did not understand how the decision of the city Council of a small town on the appeal to the President can affect the territorial integrity of the country. Yes, it’s not that. I ring all the bells to have her released from jail pending trial. She has big problems with health, in the camera, damp, dark and cold, she already had a couple of hypertensive crises. If she dies, God forbid, the case just closed in connection with death of the accused. This is what achieves the local management of the SBU?”

Appeal to the President of Ukraine, which is in the city of South did not take, has taken in reality without any consequences by the regional Council of Kyiv region, the town of Pavlohrad, Dnipropetrovsk oblast and one town in Kharkiv region.

“The bomber of the foundations of the Ukrainian state” by a recent decision of the court was arrested for two months. Put it symbolically — for an appeal of the city Council to amend the Constitution “shut down” it just June 28 Constitution Day of Ukraine. This symbolism confirms the words of Rybin about the specialness of the case for the SBU.

The lawyer believes that the court case could land in November. And fighting as they can for publicity, that the famous client and it went live to the court.

On September 22 the court of Appeals of the city of Kharkiv will consider his claim for an extension of a measure of restraint for Alla Alexander. The chances that deserved a Communist Ukraine will release, but.

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