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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The next President for 25 years: Mirziyoyev, only death will stop

As President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev not lay down their authority until, until will feel strong enough to retain power. His Prime Minister he would make of the current Minister of Finance Rustam Azimov, who will for economic reform. While all the other political forces will play the role of scenery. The scientist from Uzbekistan Rafael Sattarov told “MK” in the Republic will choose a new leader and what happens after that.

photo: kremlin.ru

On Friday became known first presidential candidates of Uzbekistan, the election is to be held on 4 December. As one would expect, in the position of master of the Republic is going to strengthen, Shavkat Mirziyoev, and the competition he decided to make the leader of the “National revival” Sarwar of Atamuradov.

A recognized favorite in the presidential race is considered to be the 59-year-old Shavkat Mirziyoev, who proposed the ruling “Uzbekistan liberal democratic party”. Since 2003, he has occupied the post of Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, and after the death of Islam Karimov took the lead in organizing the funeral. The latter circumstance as would be symbolized on the one hand his claim to leadership, and on the other — agree with the rest of the ruling elite of the Republic. As report sources of “MK” in the government of Uzbekistan, preparing for the transfer of power Mirzaeva began a year before the death of Karimov.

Despite this, Mirziyoev surprise of many, decided to violate the Constitution of the Republic and become acting President is the head of the upper house of Parliament, Nigmatilla Yuldashev. The latter, being, according to eyewitnesses, spineless man, meekly gave up their rights in Uzbekistan.

In addition, according to the number of opposition to official Tashkent, the media, the country began the redistribution of property owned by the Karimov family. In particular, a few days after the funeral of the first President Mirziyoev ordered to check firm Tillyaeva, Timur, husband of Lola Karimova. According to rumors, the businessman used his connections in the ruling elite of Uzbekistan to supply goods into the Republic without payment of customs duties. Now the enterprise has to leave the sons-in-law Mirziyoyev. Not wanting to repeat the fate of Gulnara Karimova, for which the current acting President, organized the “house arrest”, tillaev decided not to attend the funeral father-in-law and he didn’t let go of their children.

But the power began to return policy caught when Karimov in disgrace. In particular, the decree Mirziyoev was reinstated as Deputy Prime Minister for Affairs of information systems and telecommunications Abdulla Aripov. In 2012, proceedings were instituted against him criminal case on charges of illegal issuance of permits for the installation of additional cell towers owned subsidiary of one of the Russian companies. In that period the promotion of foreign telecommunication services in the Republic prevented the eldest daughter of Karimov, which, as they say, tried to shake off the operators of a bribe in the amount of $ 1 billion.

On the activities of the 43-year-old Sarwar Atamuradova much less is known. Despite his relative youth, he heads the second largest party in the Parliament of Uzbekistan, the member of which is also Yuldashev. The “National revival” and “Uzbek liberal-democratic party” are so-called “Bloc of democratic forces”.

The scientist from Uzbekistan Rafael SATTAROV told “MK” about the chances Atamuradova to challenge the claim to power Mirziyoyev, and the fate of the Republic after the election:

Elections will not bring any sensation, I will repeat the scenario of the previous election Karimov. It is clear who will become President of Uzbekistan. Some highlights of the process would make the participation of the Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan Rustam Azimov, but he refused to competition, as he apparently promised the position of head of government in Mirzaeva. Maybe Asimov will make Uzbekistan sum convertible currency, try to solve the problem of disruptions in the supply gas and light to the regions and so on. In the end, this man went to Harvard and all investments in Uzbekistan was only thanks to his leadership, he ensured the return of the debt.

– Statements by candidates for President of the Republic will somehow be different from each other?

– Party leaders in Uzbekistan who little is known. This brand of spineless people who are nothing to each other do not differ. Even their programs are written in confused language, to dismantle them “without an interpreter” is very difficult. Whoever moved in competitors Mirzaeva, it will not affect the electoral process. In the history of Uzbekistan was not the case for the parties to decide something. This is a General trend for the former Soviet Union: everything happens according to the scenario of the presidential administration.

– What are the changes in the government and the attack on business of the husband of Lola Karimova?

– The redistribution of property will hold gently, without any threats to the family of the late President. However Mirziyoev must form around itself a political elite that would be loyal only to him. Despite the fact that the post of Prime Minister Mirziyoev concentrated in the hands of the big power, the personnel policy was influenced by only the President and his administration. However, to strengthen his power, the new leader of Uzbekistan need to break with the past. So it will gradually get rid of those appointees who owe their position Karimov.

– Uzbekistan will be the next leader?

– It probably will. On the other hand, Mirzaeva 59 years, and to stay in power for another 25 years will be very hard. He will be reminded of his age and stretching of physical force. He probably will spend two presidential terms, may be going for a third, but on the fourth I doubt it.


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