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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The election campaign in Russia proved to be transparent and competitive

Ends of the Duma election race. Saturday is “day of silence” and the Sunday elections. Most experts agree that the campaign was competitive and clean which was the goal of large-scale political reforms 2012-2016. And the credibility of the campaign enhances the credibility of the institution of elections, thereby giving further legitimacy to the political system as a whole.

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday night in a special televised address to the voters, encouraged them to participate in parliamentary elections on Sunday. “The election campaign is completed. All participants were created equal conditions for open, fair competition, in order to indicate their position on various issues, to offer their solutions. And voters could objectively measure, compare, program, goals, actions and achievements of parties and candidates”, – quoted Putin to the newspaper VIEW.

“Many governors, mayors in some cases even blow on water and refuse from taking action that it was not perceived as the use of administrative resources”

Political analysts believe that openness and transparency ended the campaign lend greater legitimacy to the vote. The credibility of the electoral campaign increases the credibility of the institution of elections, thereby giving further legitimacy to the political system as a whole.

One of those who sees this campaign as an open, competitive and transparent, became the President of Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev. He believes that this character took as a result of widespread political reforms 2012-2016. According to the expert, even critics of the political system, violent opposition cannot say today that the campaign was accompanied by significant violations.

“We are involved in elections much more parties than before. They were able reform not only to register but also to actively participate in the elections themselves. Moreover, this election involved opposition parties such as PARNAS, Yabloko, not to mention others. They also use free state resources, mass media. Created all possible conditions for the proportional participation of the various parties. We regularly see debates of different candidates. We see stories about various political parties, leaders. In this respect, the campaign is very open, transparent and balanced manner,” said Grigoriev the newspaper LOOK.

However, the expert lamented the fact that some parties would still allow for sufficient gross violations. As an example, he called the Novgorod region, where one of the opposition candidates openly distributing materials against the candidate from the other party with statements, bearing the defamatory and offensive”. Moreover, in this same area by another opposition party tried to use the new mechanism of bribery, running a project in which the field left the car, decorated in the style of the party that sold the sugar at a price reduced several times.”

Readiness to go on dialogue with all participants

Overall, however, according to Grigoriev, in the regions took very seriously the idea that fair elections is a core value, so the pressure of regional administrative resources in the campaign was not felt. “Many governors, mayors in some cases even blow on water and refuse from taking action that it was not considered as use of administrative resource”, – said Grigoriev.

He also noted the role of the new chair of the Commission Ella Pamfilova, who has become a real advocate for the election participants and, in fact, have rebooted the work of the CEC. “I was personally present at the meeting at which it for four hours gave the opportunity to address everyone present. This openness, willingness to dialogue with any participants in the campaign is worth a lot. On the other hand, I can see that some of the participants of the campaign, unfortunately, trying to run against Pamfilova elements of the disproportionate absence of meaningful criticism. This is causing great concern. In my opinion, Pamfilova will find the strength to resist any pressure from any side”, said Grigoriev.

Game predictions

“Social scientists and political representatives of the shop are competing in accuracy of their predictions. However, the main and most important result in any predictions of does not need. It is obvious to any unbiased observer – elections to the State Duma took place,” wrote Thursday in “news” Deputy Dean of the faculty of applied political science, higher school of Economics, member of the HRC Leonid Polyakov.

“The elections took place in the sense that any result will be obtained on the basis of open, fair and free election campaign, the very possibility of which was the target of wide-ranging political reforms 2012-2016. And whoever wins in the struggle for the Duma mandates, the main victory is already won our political system that has been a serious upgrade in comparison with 2011”, – said the member of the HRC.

Konstantin Simonov, first Vice-rector of the Financial University under the government also offers to compare the current situation with 2011.

“Let’s remember how it began this election cycle. Mass protests in Moscow and several other cities. Movement, which was called belolentochnye. “Angry citizens” showed primarily their dissatisfaction with the electoral system, which, in their view, swallowed political competition. Five years have passed. And we see major changes that have led to a sharp change of the course of the campaign. Candidates can criticize the government, but they are much less likely to criticize the system itself”, – he wrote on Wednesday “the Russian newspaper”.

Seriously changed the system of admission of parties to elections, the expert said. “To get on the ballot much easier. Conditions are few, but very simple – you need to have at least one Deputy in any regional Parliament. The condition is very liberal and logical – if you showed at least minimal success in the regional elections, what do you do at Federal? – rhetorically asks Konstantin Simonov. – Well, just one member – it looks more like a anti-spam filter when the party asked to show at least a minimal desire to do something, not just sit on the stove and proudly waggle registration”.

Experts say the sharp growth of political competition – is represented in almost all major social groups, nominated by all political forces, including the radical opposition. So, participate in elections and PARNAS and Yabloko, which harshly criticized the current government, Mikhail Kasyanov became a permanent participant of debates in the leading Federal TV channels, says Simonov.

Was reinstated single-member districts, which immediately expanded the capabilities of the opposition. “Party received the right to nominate lists can nominate candidates in single-mandate candidates without collecting signatures. But some opposition managed to collect the signatures, although the opposition before the elections claimed that this is impossible, because it will never happen. A vivid example – Baronova. Which became part of the election project of Khodorkovsky. It would seem to the government is no more serious irritant. But all the rules. Collected signatures – participate. The system has changed, and many just do not have time or did not want to notice” – says Simonov, Recalling that in many districts of the radical opposition are several candidates: in the district’s, shall we say, Teeth. “And the fact that the opposition have not learned to divide the district and to cooperate with each other – it’s not to power issues. She is responsible for the admission of participants to the electoral process and fair competition,” – said the expert.

The influence of Parliament will grow

As noted already, the politicians, the ruling “United Russia” in the course of this campaign went from the image of party officials. If on last elections in the state Duma a list of all the regional groups of the party was headed by officials – two Ministers, six Deputy Prime Ministers, 54 Governor, and Sergey Naryshkin as head of the Kremlin administration now lists only nine governors and 10 heads of republics.

And in the election list was one of the losers in the primary election on may 22. So decided the Congress of the ruling party in late June. Thus, as promised by the leaders of the party on the eve of the primaries, their results fully taken into account: the opinion of ordinary voters are heard and confirmed the decision of the Congress.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky has previously given the forecast for the state Duma of the seventh convocation, during which the single-member districts can go through four or five parties not represented in the current convocation. But the five-percent barrier “to date, over only four parliamentary parties”, that is “United Russia”, KPRF, LDPR and “Fair Russia”. As already wrote the newspaper VIEW, according to Badovsky, the influence of Parliament after the election will continue to grow, which will strengthen the political system as a whole. “This growing influence will occur in part to the fact that these elections for the first time since 2003, voters will elect their MPs not only on party lists, and in single-mandate constituencies. This means that every city, town, village, district will have its own particular Deputy in the state Duma, which will represent the interests of voters,” – said Badovsky.

We will remind, the Duma elections will be held under a mixed system: 225 deputies are elected on party lists and 225 in single – mandate constituencies.

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