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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin at the CIS summit defeated the Ambassador of Ukraine

“Birthday – sad holiday” – a line from a once popular song perfectly describes the celebrations on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the CIS. Of the leaders of the 11 countries belonging to the Commonwealth, in Bishkek arrived only 7, and the main policy document signed at the summit, implies simplification of the agenda of meetings with the participation of heads of States and reduce staff. Nevertheless, Russia, which will chair the organization in 2017 Moldova is refused, not ready to bury the CIS without a fight.

photo: kremlin.ru

The capital of Kyrgyzstan has prepared for the anniversary summit in the traditional manner of post-Soviet States. The city hastily painted everything you can, including dried fir at the memorial complex ATA-Beyit and Windows in high-rise buildings standing in the path of the procession.

However, the “Potemkin villages” none of the distinguished guests of the summit is, quite frankly, not surprised. Yes, and I was surprised almost no one. Of the 11 heads of state of the Commonwealth on the occasion agreed to come only 7. And then the press-service of the Kremlin asked journalists in advance not to tell the participants: “what if someone suddenly appears the important things, and he will not reach”.

Participation in the CIS summits, and indeed the Commonwealth, such an important thing for a long time already is not considered. “The result of the 25th anniversary of the CIS disappointing. We went from best to worst,” acknowledged in a recent interview the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The head of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said: “collaboration, bundles, ties are very weak. We took a huge number of documents that had not been served”.

In fact, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus all this time was the backbone of the CIS, which with different degree of strength is attached to other countries. For example, was very fond of summits of late, Islam Karimov. At the same time to strengthen integration within the Commonwealth of Uzbekistan special interest did not show, and many decisions openly sabotaged.

By the way, the acting President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev in Bishkek decided not to come – preparing for the elections and the status of the country is not better off). Was not at the celebration, and of the President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti in 2014 he firmly disagreed with Vladimir Putin and since then studiously avoids joint activities.

Petro Poroshenko appeared at the summit and for similar reasons: after the events in Crimea and the Donbass, the leader of Ukraine is ready to meet with Russian President only in the “channel format” with the mediation of Berlin and Paris.

And that’s what happened with the President of Turkmenistan – a dark story. Whether, in fact, engaged in constitutional reform, as officially explained Ashgabat, or offended by Russia due to the failure to purchase Turkmen gas. “Relations with Turkmenistan are now in unknown status and need clarification” – recognize diplomats.

In the end, on the anniversary of the Commonwealth arrived presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. Their meeting was scheduled for 13.00 GMT, but an hour before the press service of the Kyrgyz leader was notified of a possible delay is allegedly Vladimir Putin fails to arrive on time due to bad weather.

Again, none of the participants in the summit was not surprised, although in Bishkek stood 30-degree heat, and in Moscow all airports to work on schedule. “Seven (in this case six) wait for no one” – this is clearly not about the Russian leader and his partners in the former Soviet space. Waited almost 2.5 hours.

Opening the summit, President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev admitted that among the leaders there was much debate what to do and how to be with CIS. But in the end it all came to a consensus that despite the difficulties, the Commonwealth held as a universal discussion platform for the heads of state who always have something to talk about with each other. “This is an important format in search of answers to questions, although not all expectations were met” – echoed Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

And Vladimir Putin did start with sore, praising Kyrgyzstan for the successful conduct of the games of nomads, who are unknown, the problem of doping. “Here the hackers hacked the WAD and it turned out that no matter how healthy people taking medication legally, forbidden for others. It raises many questions” – in the hearts of noticed of GDP.

As for the CIS, according to Putin, it is impossible to ignore the positive role this organization played after the Soviet collapse. “In a period of massive geopolitical change CIS helped post-Soviet countries to maintain close and friendly relations, despite a number of problems,” he said.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Nikolai Doroshenko, representing summit Square, tried to protest Russia’s chairmanship in the CIS next year, instead of refusing on their own Moldova. But got a hard it failed from the Russian President.

“As you know, Ukraine has not signed or ratified the CIS Charter, icy voice he said, – So it is unlikely to make suggestions about the organization of the work of this organization.”

As for the threats of the Ukrainian side not to recognize the results of the census in 2020, if Russia will take into account in it of the inhabitants of the “annexed territories”, Putin found them to be ridiculous. “We have not annexed! It was the will of Crimeans themselves!” – cut the GDP. At these words, the other leaders stood in suspense, but further verbal sparring was a no-go. Putin just nervously biting his lip. On the face of the Ambassador went nodules. Nevertheless, he bravely reiterated his intention to make such markings on the signed papers.

The summit was adopted on 15 documents, the main of which should be considered a statement “About the adaptation of the CIS to the modern realities”. It was initiated by Nursultan Nazarbayev, dissatisfied with the bureaucracy and pettiness of the questions submitted to the presidential level.

According to assistant GDP Yuri Ushakov, the document provides the maximum offload of the agenda of the meetings of the Council of heads of state and downsizing of devices of bodies of the Commonwealth. And the truth is: what to include (especially since the fees paid by only some countries), a huge army of bureaucrats deciding what to devote the next year in the CIS and where to hold the next meeting of the leaders? Russia for its part has offered to make a statement On the 70th anniversary of the completion of the Nuremberg trials”. No actual connotation it carries. “But the theme is always in the focus of the CIS”, – said Ushakov.

The summit was ended with a festive Banquet, where leaders fed dishes of traditional national cuisine, in particular, sausage from horse intestines, and banned in Russia by Camembert. On Saturday, the presidents are going to continue the feast – this time on the occasion of the 60 anniversary of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev.


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