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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“New-Box” opened a deadly room

On Thursday evening, “Snuff” opened its doors at a new address: the Small Suharevsky, the house 5. Not for the General public, and for guests. Housewarming called officials, builders, theater people, and wildlife.

photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

Vice-mayor Leonid Pechatnikov with his wife, Alexander Kibovsky, head of the Department of culture, television bosses, the bosses theatrical, Directors of festivals, theatres — who are there only! The staff of “Snuff”, which try to smile (although it is clear: eyes red, face with a green tint), and I wonder: the last months of little sleep, not out of a new building, but brought the matter to its logical end. Yay im Stulneva, Velichko, Poluyanova and many fighters of invisible front!

View delayed about half an hour. But finally begins: four clown, four circus mask of the legendary performance of Vladimir Mashkov’s “death room” produced by the mid-90s. it shone once Sergey Belyaev, Andrei Smolyakov, Vitaly Egorov and Andrei Panin now replaces the new appeal of “Snuff” — Denis Paramonov, Alexander Samsonov, Artur Kasimov, Taras Glushakov. The guys already playing “Snuff”, very hard, but it is clear that yesterday’s College graduates difficult to get room status. At some point it seems that they have the stage out from under his feet in frustration, but helps the old guard Evgeny Mironov and Vitaly Egorov and improvisation of no lesser legends than “death room”, performance “Bumbarash”, by the way, the same Mashkov. Vova why it is not visible here, it is asked: “Volodya seen…?” But Mashkov — like phantom: some say, was in the audience, others not. Nevertheless, the duet, “Crane flying in the sky” rocks the situation is brilliant improvisation and a real theatrical spirit.

Four young clowns connects rooms of different value — a very successful or completely random, the appearance of which can be explained only by the format of the TV version, which was withdrawn. It is not quite clear what does Christina Aguilera or Polina Gagarina. What does the city, which, according to him, never was in “Snuff”. Or cut (magic room) rector of the Vaganova Academy Nikolay Tsiskaridze, who brought in “Snuff” their adorable little dancers.

photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

The clowns ran out into the hall with a microphone; in the microphone talking to the stars — mark Zakharov, Alexander Shirvindt, Aleksandr Kalyagin… Zakharov Shirvindt has decided that the word “Snuff,” now, come into conflict with such a luxurious building, and offer something like “Big tobacco”.

Moscow Art theatre presented by young forces in the genre musicals: two weeks in Moscow art theatre really will play the first musical (“Pride and prejudice” directed by Alexey frandetti). Among the young sharply postroynevshy the rector of School-studios MHT Igor zolotovitski, said: “over the summer — minus 40 kg), Nikolai chindyaikin, Irina Miroshnichenko, Igor Vernik…

Marina Zudina sings in duet with her daughter Masha. Masha is already 10 years old, she has a nice voice, artistic. Immediately her brother Paul: popular cinema in perspective.

In the final, finally the entire cast with a collective song, and it might seem strange that a well-known, experienced and favorite artists are nothing but collective performance, and will not do. What a pity and even a shame that in the shadow of General holiday was left unnoticed by those who day and night built, punched, had established a complex and most advanced in the theatre the Moscow theatre technique. I only hope that behind the scenes, in the circle of its own, it sounded.

As expected at a housewarming party on the scene has released a cat — a red tabby 200-300 pounds for sure. The tiger was on a leash, tamed and even allowed to stroke a little Mache tabakovi in a very beautiful bright dress.

— It is a pity that mum has not lived to see this day. Didn’t see it, — says Oleg Tabakov, behind which stood guard his pupils two generations in “Snuff” and while one out of College. Exactly as previously noticed about him ironic Shirvindt: “After Lelik remain monuments (the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko in Moscow three playwrights on Chaplygin), two theatres (basement this luxury on the Sukharevka), as well as well-kept alley of graves of mhatovtsy at the Novodevichy cemetery. It’s not that simple”.

So, the holiday happened. Started working life. Oleg does not promise that they would be. Moving performances from a loved one, but unbearably cramped basement spaces of the new stage — the process is not just difficult, but verification is dangerous.


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