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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Natalia kasperskaya: Some hackers even did not finish the school

“A hacker can, if desired, leave any trace, though the Chinese, even Russian. Therefore, a foregone conclusion – even in the case of an explicit attack, who made hacking extremely difficult,” – said the newspaper VIEW, one of the leaders of the Russian IT-business Natalia kasperskaya, commenting on the accusations of “Russian hackers” hacking into servers of VAD.

As soon as hackers from the group Fancy Bear made the archives of the website of WADA public, Director General of the Agency, Olivier Niggli declared: “WADA has been informed by law enforcement that all these attacks are coming from Russia.” The statement was picked up in almost all of Western paper and electronic press, without citing any evidence.

“A hacker can, if desired, leave any trace, though the Chinese, even Russian”

So, a solid newspaper like The Washington Post as if casually wrote that Fancy Bear – is part of the GRU. “This is one of the Russian spy groups, which attacked the national Committee of the Democratic party and may be associated with the leakage of emails functionaries of the party, published by WikiLeaks in July”, – is spoken in article. Almost the same words reported by all the leading American and English Newspapers and TV channels. Writes Russia Today, while in the West recognize Fancy Bear (the word fancy – about a dozen values, from “fashion” to “fancy”) is one of the best hacking groups in the world.

Hacked the server of the PDM 2.0 hacker Guccifer has previously ridiculed the rumors that he’s working for Moscow – in his correspondence with the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. “I have read several reports, some experts have discovered that my proxy IP uses to host service that is somehow linked to Russia and has a Russian version as in English. It is their convincing evidence,” wrote Guccifer 2.0, adding a smiley face. “If I drive a BMW, I’m not German?” – rhetorically asked the hacker, quoted InoPressa.

However, on Thursday morning Olivier Niggli slightly changed his tone. Speaking with the new application, he already did not directly accuse Moscow of hacking and diplomatically urged the Russian authorities to “do everything possible” to stop hackers. The claims in this regard are irrelevant, replied the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. His colleague, the President of WADA Craig reedy is also acknowledged that the Russian government is behind this leak is not worth it.

What the chances of catching burglars servers WADA, in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told the CEO of the group of companies InfoWatch Natalya Kaspersky.

OPINION: Leading Newspapers and TV channels that usually like to emphasize their impartiality and thoroughness, this time not even making the reservations that we are talking just about the version. Natalia, can they really see “Russian trace”, if there is one?

Natalia kasperskaya: I do not investigate hackers, but I can say that Russian track now find everywhere, there would be a desire. This is a rhetorical statement. Obvious traces of hackers, as a rule, do not leave, unless you want specially to show themselves. A hacker can, if desired, leave any trace, though the Chinese, even Russian. Therefore, a foregone conclusion – even in the case of an explicit attack, who made hacking extremely difficult. So, I think it is a tentative statement made in the press it just for political reasons. Any evidence they have.

OPINION: When hackers disabled the website of the U.S. NSA, Edward Snowden have suggested that it was made by “Russian”. Before he published his interview in the Financial Times, where Snowden on the same occasion says much more careful. He acknowledged that hacking it is easy to attribute to anyone, no matter who did it. Why he changed the rhetoric, in your opinion?

N. K.: Apparently, Snowden pointed to the fact that it is not necessary to make a completely unsubstantiated allegations. Basically, it’s a nice gesture, if the person is at least indirectly admits his mistakes.

OPINION: they Say that to grow a strong hackers, you need a powerful fundamental mathematical school. Is it possible for some signs to determine which school belongs to the hacker? And so at least indirectly to calculate the state?

N. K.: the fact that people are now very much moved. People can get education in any country, that is, it has nothing to do. Generally, to become a hacker, some special education is not necessary. Some hackers even did not finish the school.

There’s just not that genius and inclination. People are starting very early to do the technique and then by a certain age can lot of programming. It’s not a science but rather a skill. Ability, of course, necessary, but special education – I’d say no.

OPINION: Can create all possible independent ciberautores, for example under the auspices of the UN, which in such cases could take the trail and look for the burglar seriously?

N. K.: Theoretically speaking, it would be good to have some independent structure which would carry out such analytical work. But WADA, which we started a conversation, like an independent organization, but we see how it behaves. As soon as it comes to independence, there is a very big question. Bound to be dependent on someone. So if it’s a Western court, then with high probability it will carry out Western policies. UN – is not an independent organization.

OPINION: so, anyone has nothing to prove? In cyberspace just started this cold war?

N. K.: In General, Yes.


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