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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Loud statements of Poland only confirm the conclusions of the IAC

“The whole discussion about the disaster is only at the political level. And there is a myth that the catastrophe of the presidential plane near Smolensk was the result of collusion of the Kremlin and of Donald Tusk” – with these words Polish politicians comment on new statements made by the Polish authorities concerning the crash of Kaczynski. Facts that cast doubt on the investigation into MACK, Poland is not shown.

In Poland, create an aerodynamic model of the plane of President Lech Kaczynski, which crashed in 2010 while landing in Smolensk. The Polish authorities intend to find out what happened to the ship in the last phase of the flight, said on Thursday the Polish television, the new head of the Subcommittee investigating the incident, Vaclav Barcinski. “Construction continues on the aerodynamic model for research in the tunnel in different configurations, in – flight and landing without a piece of the wing,” he said.

“Try not to bump into the Polish plane with one birch, he could stretch a few more miles and run into another obstacle on earth”

According to Vertinskogo, two months ago, he wrote a letter to MACK with the request to provide access to the wreckage and black boxes, but have not yet received a response. Barcinski believes that the exact plane model can be created and using the fragments that are available to the Polish side.

Earlier on Thursday the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said: if the Polish side really, as she claims, there was additional materials, you must immediately submit them to the international community.

The Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz in the answer has declared readiness to cooperate with Russia. Moscow will receive the new documents about the disaster in exchange for materials that Warsaw has itself requested the head of the IAC Tatyana Anodina, said the Minister. “I’m glad the Russian side for the first time shows the interest and willingness to cooperate, of course, if it is confirmed,” – said the Minister.

As you know, the interstate aviation Committee (IAC) in 2011 issued a final report on the results of the technical investigation of the disaster. On Thursday, the phones of the press service of MAC didn’t answer.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, Macierewicz said that he decided to declassify archives on the crash near Smolensk. It was announced at a specially convened press conference. Along with him were made by the representatives of the sub-Commission on investigation of accidents, which again explains the circumstances of the tragedy 10 April 2010. Macierewicz stated that the reason for the resumption of the investigation was “Nezalegnosti activities of the Commission organized in Russia and in Poland.”

The Commission allegedly failed to obtain access to the full versions of the records, which indicate that in the last seconds of flight the aircraft was rejected by the generator, the engine and the sensor height. According to the representative of the Commission Kazimierz Nowaczyk, the destruction of the aircraft began in 900 metres from the crash site. In addition, according to the Commission, about a malfunction of the engine of the plane was recorded at 15 metres above the earth, RIA “Novosti”.

Novacek also reported that the black boxes record was cut by eight seconds. According to him, the sub-Commission found that “three seconds is cut from the Polish recording and five seconds of Russia”, reports TASS. “The sub-Commission found the original and decoded those five seconds,” says Novacek. According to him, now the data are analyzed. “We have found the fault alarm of the first engine and generator, both altimeters”, – he said.

Also Novacek claims that the head of the Polish air force General Andrzej Blasik was not in the cockpit, as previously believed. “His voice is not identified by any of the three members of the Commission who knew him well, and none of the examinations”, – said the representative of the Commission, stating that the previous findings were incorrect interpretation of the data.

Eternal call of Polish politics

In turn, the member of the Polish Commission studying the crash, the British expert Frank Taylor said about the shortcomings of the previous investigations. He drew attention to the very bad quality of the audio, which was available to the previous Commission. “Satellite imagery showed that the majority of the wreckage was displaced after a disaster that completely unprofessional, it wasn’t supposed to be… Some elements of the plane were found six months after the disaster and cleansing the territory”, – he said.

The collision with the first tree

According to experts, previously published schemes of the disaster indicate that the destruction of the aircraft could really begin 800-900 meters before the fall, because, officially, he is in the mist touched the wing of birch.

“Aircraft coming in to land, does not do it on a steep trajectory – the angle of the aircraft is small. After the collision with the first tree, the aircraft sufficiently long time continued to fly by inertia. By the way, some fragments of the vessel were in still greater distance from the collision with the surface,” – said the head of analytical service of Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev.

Not contrary to the official version, and the fact that the engine started to stall at 15 metres above the ground, he said. “There are various options – ranging from ingestion of foreign objects, including those or other fragments of wood, which collided with the plane, all the way to intense to change the mode of operation of the engine at the moment when the crew saw the obstacle,” Panteleyev said the newspaper VIEW.

Aviaekspert reminded that the main reason for the fall was the fact that the aircraft in the absence of visual contact with the runway was unacceptably low altitude. “The probability of a negative development of the situation was extremely high. Try not to bump into the Polish plane with one birch, he could stretch a few more miles and run into another obstacle on earth,” he explained.

“Return to Poland remains of the plane”

Russian test pilot Magomed Tolboev, in turn, convinced that the fault of the crash lies entirely on the Polish side. “As a professional I can honestly say that in this situation, the Polish side stated the plane crash since the preparation of the crew and decision-making. They went step by step to disaster,” – said Tolboev the newspaper VIEW. Now, in his opinion, the investigation went beyond the competence of professionals and lawyers and moved to the political plane.

“The mistake of the pilots of the ill-fated flight that took the decision to land in Smolensk under direct pressure guiding passengers, is obvious. The desire to add to this it is a proven fault and even someone’s guilt on the Russian side, politically – motivated, ” said the newspaper LOOK lived in Poland for many years Sergey Stankevich, the expert Fund Sobchak, the expert of the growth. – Any grounds for accusations against the managers of the airport are not yet filed. Right reproach can only say that their recommendation to pilots to fly to the alternate aerodrome could be more categorical. But the formal authority to ban the landing of the controllers was not.”

According to Stankevich, today there is only one real topic to discuss this tragic episode: return to Poland remains of the plane.

Chief editor of the portal Avia.ru Roman Gusarov also believes that the Polish Commission do not contradict the results of the investigation, which was led by MAC. “The plane started to cling to the branches of trees, at a speed of 250-300 km/h could literally “plow” the 900 metres,” he explained. The expert yet does not understand how the new Commission could obtain these new data, it is unlikely that they could take from the transcripts of an additional five seconds of the recording from the black box.

“This is a political myth, conspiracy theory”

Gusarov also reminds us that the POPPY was the only one authorized to conduct an investigation and then, based on his data, built their insights and Russian and Polish investigators. From their report it is clear that there were severe weather conditions, managers are encouraged to use reserve airfields, so the blame for the tragedy on Russia, the poles will not work,” he said.

The President of the European center of geopolitical analysis (Warsaw) Martin Domagala believes that there is nothing new at the press conference of Mazarevica not sounded. “After such catastrophes have questions. Our country has a lot of them – it’s okay,” said Domogala the newspaper VIEW. Polish political scientist reminded that in 2010 in Poland the authorities were liberal “Civic platform” Donald Tusk and Macarevich was in opposition. “Now the whole discussion about the disaster is only at the political level. And there is a myth that the catastrophe of the presidential plane near Smolensk was the result of collusion of the Kremlin and Donald Tusk. It is a political myth, a conspiracy theory, emphasized Domogala.

As he wrote in March to the newspaper VIEW, the words of Mazarevica that the death of the presidential plane near Smolensk was a terrorist attack, should not surprise anyone. This politician believes that “the Protocols of the elders of Zion are not fake, but a fact. Russian officials have voiced their rejection of the Minister, but to deal with the insanity of Mazarevica should not they, but the poles themselves.


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