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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Here’s a campaign

Last week in Penza and Saransk visited the working group of Moscow journalists monitoring the election campaign, which included the correspondent of “MK”. Representatives of the Metropolitan media held a series of meetings with participants in the electoral race.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

One of our interlocutors, a member of the Central election Commission of the Republic of Mordovia with the right of a deliberative vote from the Communist party, an activist of the project “Observer” Andrei Zaitsev, was detained by law enforcement a few days after the meeting with the Moscow journalists. Zaitsev “soldered” 10 days of administrative arrest. “I’ll see you after the election!” – he wrote in his blog in the social network. Along with him were arrested two of his fellow-activist. All three have been charged with insulting words and action of a citizen. However, according to Zaitsev, the real reason for the arrest is their work to monitor the elections. Prior to his detention Andrew managed to post a recording on which, according to the activist, played talks police: “If it is not closed, it is us (the obscene equivalent of the verb “get”. – “MK”)… And complaints and the election…”.

Hares foresaw this development: “we think it is easier just to exclude us from the process of election monitoring. – “MK”). When the opportunity to do elementary. Article 20.1 of the administrative code (“Petty hooliganism”. – “MK”) is issued within 15 minutes, the court can organize lightning speed.”

By the way, one of my colleagues Zaitseva, a member of the territorial election Commission with deliberative vote, was arrested, accused of using obscene language in a public place. This is most easily demonstrable in the Russian legal practice the offense. For recognition of the person guilty enough testimony of two police officers.

Actually, after this, the activists decided to go everywhere with the included tape recorders, in order to prove that profanity is not used, they and the authorities. According to Zaitsev, the last month of such incriminating evidence has accumulated for hundreds of law enforcement officials and foul-mouthed.

But these and other methods of protection were powerless against a “scrap” which, according to the opposition, shamelessly enjoys today the regional bureaucracy. “I first seriously embraced the message of the President and the new Chairman of the CEC: that the elections have, in Mordovia, will be fair and decent, – said the candidate of the state Duma from the Communist party, the single-seat districts Dmitry Kuzyakin. But I am absolutely disappointed, these words are regarded as empty. Nothing has changed since 2011: all the same technology, the same ugliness”.

In fairness, it should be noted that not all colleagues kuzjakina in the opposition camp share this point of view. The head of the Mordovian election headquarters of “Fair Russia” began his story optimistic. He noted that, in comparison with 2011 became a little primeralinea, more democratic”. Today the police themselves do not wring their hands and activists not to take campaign literature. This is done by “unidentified persons”. That’s what happened recently, according to staff of the headquarters of “Fair Russia”, one of the revolutionary protesters. He was surrounded by a group of guys, one of them pulled out a package with Newspapers and ran away. Another picketer, said the chief of the regional headquarters, was shot from a traumatic gun. Thank God, the shooter wasn’t accurate.

Party activists complain that the Newspapers, put them in the mailboxes of inhabitants of the Republic, then withdrawn by employees of management companies – janitors. For each newspaper seized the janitor supposedly receives from his boss on the ruble. In addition, the agitators “CP” are often faced with suggestions of certain individuals, identifiable as representatives of the government, to purchase the whole package they disseminate printed materials.

“We have in the Penza region, – says the candidate of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” and the activist of the popular front Lyudmila Kolomytseva, ” I disrupted the meeting by lawn mowers. In the courtyard, where I came to the meeting, turn lawn mowers. Because of the deafening noise communication has become impossible.”

Nevertheless, the head of the Penza regional branch of the party, candidate to the state Duma from “SR” on the Federal list of Valery Plakhuta believes that the opportunity to Express its position, the party still is: “the Penza regional branch of “CP” has received an unprecedented opportunity to Express their point of view. Our volunteers distribute the campaign through all available channels. If you travel around the city, you will see 19 of our banners”.

From Penza liberal Democrats yet no great claims to power. But they complain, however, as all the opposition candidates, the fact that the regional administration creates a preferential treatment for “their” candidates and “their” party. According to Deputy head of regional branch of LDPR, the candidate in GD at the 146-th single-mandate constituency of Paul Kulikova, officials are driven by municipal employees, and present candidates.”

Better yet, the electoral Affairs the first Secretary of the Penza regional Committee of the Communist party, candidate to the state Duma on the party list and at the 146-th single-mandate constituency George this time. He of the 152 meetings not broke a single one. His commercials are on the local TV channel, and had not been placed for any money. Common manifestations of the administrative resource Kamnev qualifies as a “non-system”. Suspicion of collusion with the ruling party Kamnev denies, accusing competitors of “dirty” technologies. However, it is recognized Kamnev, feeling about the vote he’s “evil”.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the General opinion of the interviewed representatives of the opposition: some kind of trick waiting for everything. For example, according to the head of election headquarters of “Fair Russia” in Republic of Mordovia, control of the voting procedure can be achieved in the capital region and larger towns. However, for rural areas – there are no guarantees. “The chances of finding observers and members of commissions among the locals practically nil – shares issue the chief of staff. – People say: “We live here. Even if we find someone, they then go calls: “Guys, I’m sorry…”. According to the head of a staff “Fair Russia”, activists of the party in rural areas of the Republic is directly threatened “to arrange gruel”, if they dare to take part in monitoring the elections.

Can we call such facts, that is, remnants of the past, evidence that the new coming from Moscow, the trend has not yet had time to get to the suburbs”? Or we are dealing with a new electoral strategy of power: the relatively honest vote counting at selected “Windows of democracy” and tyranny, lawlessness, shameless falsification of all sorts of “bear corners”, allowing to compensate the loss of Pro-government votes in the “exemplary” sites? Very soon we will know which of these versions is closer to the truth.

Daniel Vladimirov


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