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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Germany invaded the enemies of Islam

In Germany, a new political phenomenon – the movement PEGIDA. Created on the same principle as the “Occupy wall Street” and the joint anti-Islamic slogans, it collects numerous rallies, bringing terror on the German politicians. What’s the reason – countering neo-Nazism, unwillingness to accept objective problems with the migration, or fear to yield to the power of “anti-system” – it is not so easy to disassemble.

The movement PEGIDA (the German acronym – the “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”) pulls to call a good example of “grassroots politics” and thus to praise. Or – even worse – to identify with the extremists. In any case, this phenomenon interesting is the fact that “shot”. And suddenly and loudly – it got to the top.

“Merkel has already said the phrase “Muslims are part of German nation”, the activists countered the poster, which depicts Merkel in a hijab”

And it was so. Somewhere in the middle of October, a group of people decided to gather in Dresden to protest radical Islam and the influx of its representatives in Germany. Coordination was through social networks, but the result was not too impressive – something on the order of three and a half hundred people. However, the group decided to meet every Monday, and a month later, activists had ten thousand, then twenty, and on the last stock – a total of about one hundred thousand.

“Total” – because you need to summarize different cities. Born in Dresden, the movement has spread to Munich, Bonn, Leipzig, Hannover, Berlin, Kassel, Stuttgart, where he got their names (LEGIDA, BAGIDA, CAGED and so forth, on behalf of the Federal land). As is customary in Germany, very soon, the campaign has found its contraction on the streets “opponents of fascism and supporters of the “mottled German” (“For a colorful Germany” is now the name of Anti-PEGIDA). First, the advocates of tolerance was markedly prevalent in the population over the asset PEGIDA, and everywhere, with the exception of Dresden. Now the situation has changed: the rally of PEGIDA leaders or, as a maximum, not greatly inferior in numbers to the “anti-fascists”. However, and here is its exception – the multicultural capital Berlin, where the expense was originally in the thousands against hundreds. Finest hour activists, has become a new year’s eve. Existing less than three months the movement has achieved what it has remembered in his new year address to the nation, Chancellor Angela Merkel. Of course, the acronym PEGIDA is not sounded, but to the wrong destination here is difficult. “I appeal to all who go to such demonstrations: do not follow those who calls out to them. After all, their hearts are often prejudice, coldness and even hatred,” – said the Chancellor.

Anyway, it’s a success. However, even before Merkel’s movement was discussed in virtually all media, in his address expressed by many momentous policies. We will give only a few quotations, to be clear, what accuse PEGIDA. “Among the organizers of many previously convicted criminals, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites, respectable people don’t have to go after them,” these are the words of the SPD leader and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. And here is an excerpt from the speech of Dieter Reiter, another social Democrat and Ober-burgomaster of Munich: “In our city there is a place for people with different skin color, country of origin, native language, for representatives of all religions and beliefs”. And said it was not just anywhere, but on contraction of the opponents of PEGIDA in the city centre.

Should probably mention that in the framework of its “Fi” power Cologne disabled at the gathering place of activists PEGIDA is not only the Christmas illuminations, but also highlighting the famous Cologne Cathedral (imagine the city of Moscow turns off the floodlight around the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, to spite the protesters on Bolotnaya square). In sum, from this the question arises – and not too much emotion?

That grow in Europe as anti-immigrant in General and anti-Islam (in particular) sentiment, it is no longer news. Notable success in the elections achieve the party, much tougher in their rhetoric than PEGIDA. In tolerant the Netherlands, is the freedom Party of Wilders, in social-democratic Sweden – the party “Swedish Democrats” in France – the national front of marine Le Pen. In some places the movement with a strong anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic rhetoric though not located on the heights of power, but are either included in the ruling coalition (that, in particular, Denmark and Austria). The views of the “far right” (not exactly, but let’s call them so for simplicity) everywhere cause the indignation of a certain part of society, but in Germany it resulted in hysteria. Against PEGIDA in favor have all and the right and left, liberals and conservatives. And this despite the fact that all the shares while held without any incidents, then as may day demonstrations in Germany regularly result in a real massacre with beating the police and smashing shop Windows (though it is part of the internationalists and the extreme left – Communists, Trotskyists, anarchists).

However, it is no secret: in Germany, any, even indirect incitement to discrimination or deportation on the basis of ethnicity, race or faith, and people are very painful. Why – no need to explain, and so it is clear: the historical memory.

Including therefore (and also due to the special hysteria and activity of the left forces, is richly represented in the German media) in the German press there is a blatant defamation of PEGIDA, and it is recognized by many outside observers as sympathetic to the movement, and criticizing it.

For example, it is strange to accuse people of anti-Semitism, calling to protect against aggressive Islam “the Judeo-Christian culture.” How strange, and attribute to sympathy with the Hitler movement, one of the emblems which depict the swastika in a garbage urn (on the other emblems in the same urn went to red star and symbols of jihadist groups). And the requirements of PEGIDA moderate. To reduce the influx of refugees, but not those who are really saved from wars. To defend the country from aggressive Islam, but not Islam in General – to ordinary Muslims PEGIDA claims not that strongly emphasized. Finally, the average visitor to the rally of PEGIDA does not resemble the neo-Nazi and radical (which in Germany, too). A lot of women students, a handsome older men. Fans of military skinheads or football hooligans.

Often heard and grievances addressed to the initiator of the PEGIDA – Lutz Bachmann. In the media, in particular, wrote that in his past a number of crimes, including trafficking in cocaine, and among his political sympathies, without discounts of the far-right NPD (which he Lutz, incidentally, denies). In fact another defamation: the drug trade is bad, but has nothing to right-wing extremism, and Bachman is not really the leader of PEGIDA – a horizontal structure there, and people across different. In the end, even sympathized with NPD is not only neo, but also the very reasonable citizens who are concerned about the pace of migration to Germany from underdeveloped countries (just at a slightly more moderate version of the slogan on the same topic on the German political market is not represented, because it is the right path to fringe).

Meanwhile, the problem is obvious: Germany now plays host to more refugees than other European countries, and it is expected that in the coming year will be filed not less than 200 thousand applications. And PEGIDA, for its part, does not require to drive all out, with a call to tighten the criteria and share the “burden” between other EU countries. On the middle banner of PEGIDA says – “For the preservation of our culture”, “Against religious fanaticism” and “Against religious wars on German soil”. Facebook, in turn, encourages a “Wake from hibernation” and to recognize “the danger of Islamic ideology”. Merkel has already responded with the phrase “Muslims are part of German nation”, the activists countered the poster, which depicted Merkel wearing the hijab.

It is worth emphasizing that all of this hysteria, including a nationwide campaign “a Million signatures against PEGIDA”) had entered the color up to the terrorist attack in Paris (what followed the meeting was most numerous and have emphasized the solidarity with the victims, to clarify, I probably shouldn’t so clear). And eventually come to a point that activists PEGIDA although use as anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic (if not understood by Islam only its radical or conservative harass) rhetoric, still mostly quite distant from the Nazis. Ordinary concerned citizens who have a cause for concern. It was recognized by the interior Minister of Germany Thomas de maizière, who said that among the protesters “many ordinary people”, who “expressed concern about the problems of modern society”.

By the way, the polls that almost two thirds of German citizens dissatisfied with the immigration policy of the authorities, and every fifth German is willing to participate in the promotion of PEGIDA, if it will be held in his village. Given that the Bundestag’s not at all represented political forces with anti-immigrant rhetoric, electoral potential movement there. It is only strange that the movement originated in Dresden, where just a very few Muslims (Saxony – poor land, migrants do not seek). Say, the trigger was the influx of refugees from Syria, but the consensus on this point.

In any case, to the natural (and very sincere) German rejection of the policy discriminatory rhetoric is clearly tainted by the unwillingness of existing political elites to admit into their ranks an outsider. Not just “suspicious xenophobe”, namely that the grassroots and actually besideme movement “common people”, which no one does not have to and can make a valid political management to make room. Before the Federal election is still far away, by the time you can podrasteryal all the ardor, but the electoral base of PEGIDA, again, there, and deny the motion under current German law it’s almost impossible level of “extremism” is not the same. To discredit you, ban – is not, therefore, German politicians and the media so actively and work on the first point. In response, the activists say they believe neither the politicians nor the media, and in General they were the new people of other formations, which need a different system. Perhaps not telling the whole story. One cannot exclude the fact that Berlin these slogans are taken seriously.

The bottom line: PEGIDA is what is interesting to observe how political phenomenon and a movement of new type. This star is quickly ignited, how quickly will burn is unknown. Something similar happened Occupy wall Street,” Boyko (actually – the same scenario) started, but nothing finished. And what is more to this story – the fight against xenophobia through the lens of German complexes or unwillingness of politicians-PAP to give way to the young – let everyone decides for himself.


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