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Friday, February 23, 2018

Five awkward questions to Nicholas Potter

About the features of the political landscape in the capital, about the power of politics and the confidence of the electorate today’s interview. Admittedly, we have tried to set Nicholas Potter awkward but interesting questions.

— Nikolay Nikolayevich, it’s not the first time I go to the elections to the Duma from Moscow city centre. You can consider this district your political fiefdom? To you there used. Maybe they vote out of habit?

“You don’t know the Muscovites, if they think they can vote for someone out of habit. And the bad think about our politicians if you think they will allow someone to turn the heart of Moscow in someone else’s fiefdom.

My whole life is in fact held here in the capital. In 1990, Muscovites voted for me in the election in the Bauman district Council, and I became Chairman of the city Council. And then I was again elected to the Council of the Federation of new Russia. Then in the Duma, where I worked for 5 convocations.

Don’t want big words, but I am proud of the many years of trust of Muscovites. During this time a lot has changed in the country. Changed and the voters themselves. Elections have always been heavy. In the elections of 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2003, the city authorities didn’t support me. Moreover, in the elections in 1997 in Moscow I lost. But all these decades of Muscovites trust me. And I tried to work for them, to not be ashamed to go out in the next election.

Each Deputy has their own technology to work. My method is to work with people. It is a weekly personal appointments and meetings with residents. I take on average ten days per month. Of their requests is based my work, and these meetings help to monitor implementation adopted at the city level decisions. Believe me — when you load in the Duma it is not easy. The lion’s share of my parliamentary activities is the work with applications of citizens. Come and the initiative group of residents. They have questions and suggestions on the situation on your street, in your neighborhood, in the district as a whole.

It turns out, helping people, taking care of business with them − get their support and votes. So not only in Moscow, but in the center of the capital of another formula of trust just yet. And you — home!

Now another tricky question. You go to the polls in single-mandate constituency shall be elected from the city center of Moscow. Here, a special voter, which candidate’s party affiliation can be daunting. As the election campaign is helping you, or, conversely, that you are the Secretary of the Moscow branch of “United Russia”?

— Let’s remember. When it became clear that single-member elections will be canceled, I turned to my voters in person and wrote a letter in which he asked the question: “what do you think, should I go on elections from party or not elected at all?” Then to my office collapsed literally a barrage of letters. Most people wrote that the ruling party will help me in solving the problems of the residents and will make my work more efficient.

I always believed that the MP should primarily represent the people living in a certain area. The Deputy should know the County inside out and to help in the first place their constituents. And also to be accountable to these people. Then the work of the Deputy is meaningful and truly effective.

You know, I saw the different choices. Faced with a very dirty technology in the 90-ies had to fight against a lot of money, and against opponents with a strong administrative resource, often my opponents combined unlimited funding and support of the powerful. The main feature of this election — the return of single-member districts, the need to fight personally for your trust and votes of people, to build his campaign. Someone unaccustomed to such work, and to me it is familiar, the opportunity to go to the voters makes me happy, gives energy.

— About you speak as about one of the most influential politicians in the Duma, and often you do not political issues — playgrounds, parks, schools, the quality of repair work. What you spend your influence?

For me there is nothing more important than the trust of the people, my constituents. If my influence helps me to solve their problem, even if small, it is used with 100% efficiency. But if your constituents year after year, election after election, sending you to represent them — and you get power and influence.

If to speak about Moscow centre, then there is no influence and experience can not cope with even the most simple questions. Problems often arise because of disputes with officials and captains of business. This will take experience, knowledge not only of the laws and rules of the state machine, but the psychology of the people that control it. Important and personal contacts. Sometimes the problem is solved immediately, with the move, when those who decides to learn what you got down to business. Most of them once worked together with me.

— In the current election campaign in Moscow the candidates unanimously criticize tile, pink penguins, flooding streets in the centre. Well, and promise, as always, mountains of gold. What do you consider the main problem of the capital? What is offered to them?

— I find it easier in this sense than other participants of the election race. I have the opportunity to report what was done and to talk about their plans.

In recent years we have tried to protect the rights of Muscovites on parks and gardens walking distance to sporting grounds and stadiums. In the center to keep them particularly difficult — the ground is literally gold, investors are willing to build up every inch.

However, in recent years we have achieved much. We have defended the Bauman Garden and the stadium “Red Presnya from commercial development. Now there is a redevelopment of the stadium “locomotive” in the Basmanny district. Made the breakdown of the square at the Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky lane, but just because someone did not claim this territory, the interior Ministry wanted to place the house of veterans, the Ministry of culture — Museum of military uniforms. However, we have protected the rights of Muscovites in the alley will be laid out Park with sports and children’s playgrounds on the project, approved by locals. And the whole bunch more have made in recent years.

Together with them I will continue to defend their interests. Fighting now and will fight on for the preservation of the Garden Travnikova, for a just settlement of the long-suffering 998 quarter in Krasnoselsky district, for the solution of problems Budenovskoye town.

Another huge problem is the lack of shops in the city centre. In the heart of the city, there are neighborhoods where there is not one grocery or hardware store! Retail trade of walking distance should return to Moscow. Going to do this.

— Competition in the elections was tightened — it should bother you. Not scared for the outcome of the election?

— Of course, I’m worried it’s actually competition. I have 12 opponents, and much of their actions surprises me. I had to conduct a lot of campaigns, I often acted as the opponent of the current government. But now the election is bickering among themselves rather than fighting for the voter. I choose residents. And while they support me, let the competition think rivals. And I’m going to work.

Publication paid for from the electoral Fund of the Potter Nikolay Nikolaevich — the candidate of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation in the city of Moscow, the Central one-mandatory constituency No. 208.


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