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Monday, March 19, 2018

Blame for “the revival of Nazism in Germany shifted to the GDR

While in the EU in Bratislava are trying to negotiate on the issue of migrants, East Germans (“Ossi”) is looking for a solution to the problem. So the little Saxon town of Bautzen woke up famous – its people are insolent gave the refugees a physical resistance. In Berlin they call it “Nazism” and blame the former GDR. Some truth in this.

The headings of the press of Germany and other European media have been frightening: “the German Nazis beat up refugees”, “right-wing radicals attacked the City of migrants”. The impression arose that, if in a small German town dug a whole section of the neo-Nazis, who for no reason attacked a defenseless aliens in their hideout. One word – mayhem. Journalists immediately branded Bautzen as a Bastion of racists, especially because in February the city has been in the news agencies because of a fire in a hostel for refugees.

“For the last year statistics recorded in Germany, the increase in crimes motivated by xenophobia and racism” by 40%, a significant proportion falls on the land of the former GDR”

However, if you look, the last two days in Bautzen, vyvedshie city in top world news, looked a bit different. African and Arab migrants in a small 40-seat campus has three dormitories, used to spend free time on the Central Market square. There, according to the locals, they harass women, steal food and drinks from stores, throwing bottles at passers-by and otherwise violate the public peace. On Wednesday, several local residents asked them to calm down. The photos and videos we see these people – it does not skinheads, and ordinary townsfolk.

The admonitions of the local migrants responded habitually throwing them bottles. Started the brawl, to the place of events there arrived police officers 100. According to them, they were going to protect the refugees from “the Nazis”, however, the refugees did not appreciate such concerns and moved on to law enforcement authorities, and in the course went already boards, stones and any other available “shells”. Police had to use batons and pepper gas. The excitement lasted until half two in the morning. Local police had not been touched, but the migrants dispersed to their dormitories, which the police immediately brought under heavy guard.

The next day, the burghers of the City have learned about myself from the Newspapers many interesting things, for example that they are radicals and Nazis. They also remembered that in the GDR on the territory of the City was a prison, where, according to rumors, kept dissidents. In General, the tiny Saxon village, formerly known is that the production of mustard, decried all over the world. Not helped by the fact that the leadership of the police Bautzen openly acknowledged that the instigators of the fight were migrants, and began to search for refugees, throw bottles at officers. In turn, the mayor of the city Alexander Arens condemned the violence “regardless of who started it”.

One explanation for the “Baumanskaja massacre”, according to liberal experts, is that the town is located in Eastern Germany. The Germans. still stubbornly resist political correctness, and therefore does represent a headache for the authorities of the United Germany.

In General, the migration crisis has revealed several fault lines within the EU. An invisible border, still running between East and West Germany, only one of them. Still apparent discrepancy between level of life – the former GDR all catches up and can not catch up with the former Federal Republic of Germany, in the end triggered a demographic vacuum pumping promising youth from East to West. But the main thing is the difference in mentality. The Berlin wall is still there, just now it is in the heads.

Researchers believe that the population of the former GDR kept the immunity to propaganda, common to all the countries of the former socialist bloc. With the same distrust they are now, to the noisy campaign in the German mass media within the tolerance towards refugees. Not too safe (compared to the lands of the former FRG) economy further supports a sober skepticism. East Germans do not expect anything from the state, good and question everything. Especially in the background of their poor by German standards of living especially look odd migrants with no work, no documents, no official status, but is already receiving on average 300 euros per person per month. And that’s not counting the benefits of food, free schooling, free housing, transport, health and other services, depleting the infrastructure of the former GDR.

Could play a role and the fact that Bautzen (or Budissin) is the capital of the Sorbs. Their language is second official in the city. And Slavic peoples of Europe against the migrants from Africa and the Middle East, somewhat more nervously. This is evidenced, for example, the current controversy of the Visegrad group countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary) with other members of the European Union on migration. This trend is like a drop of water is reflected in the tiny Bautzen.

As many refugees moved in, Europeo real sentiment the Aussie is well indicated by the results of March elections in Saxony (where is Bautzen). The CDU of Angela Merkel managed to hold the lead with great difficulty, in the back of the Christian Democrats was breathing anti-immigrant “Alternative for Germany”, the third place was taken by “the Left”, and is traditionally tolerant of the SPD, who used to compete with the CDU, has received only slightly more than 10% of the votes. If “Alternative” unwound just at the fight against illegal migration, the position of the “Left” is more controversial. Sederowsky the heirs of the Communists formally advocate for a shelter for everyone of migrants. However, the most striking of their speaker wagenknecht has repeatedly stated that the migrants should respect the rules of living in Germany. She has also accused the US of provoking the flow of refugees to Europe via intervention in the Middle East and North Africa, demanding compensation for it. Vice-Chairman of the “Alternative for Germany” Alexander Gauland was pleased with the turn: “it’s Nice to see how the left can be capable of real politics. Mrs. Wagenknecht perfectly described the situation: who comes to us voluntarily, must behave as befits a guest. If he won’t or can’t, when he uses violence or shows disrespect to the owners, he must immediately leave Germany. I’m glad the “Left” see it the same as ADH”.

On the eve of the Federal election race, the following statement should sound for the ruling CDU and Angela Merkel intimidating. The Union of “Left” and ADH could provide them with unconditional victory over the CDU, and a greater role was played would be exactly what the East Germans.

Characteristically, the birthplace of the controversial movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) began in Dresden is the capital of the same Saxony. Today, shares of PEGIDA weekly collect tens of thousands of Protestants across Germany, the movement now has branches in Poland, the UK and Ireland.

For the last year statistics recorded in Germany, the increase in crimes motivated by xenophobia and racism” by 40%, a significant proportion falls on the land of the former GDR. Of course, this number does not include attacks by migrants on German crimes with sexual overtones in Cologne and the attacks of the Islamists. For the most part we are talking about the protests that are Pro-government and lavaliering media portrayed as riots and gatherings of neo-Nazis.

And here’s another statistic: the number of German residents of foreign origin reached a record level of 17.1 million people, or 21%, which is 4.4% more than last year. This, however, is about those who have at least one parent is a foreigner, and in the second place by quantity of settled in Germany (after the Turks) are poles. Thus the inhabitants of Germany are of foreign origin, on average, noticeably younger than native Germans, every third in the age group of 18 have foreign roots.

There is some sad irony in the fact that, going to demonstrations against immigrants, the Germans, the Aussie chant “We the people!”. That is the slogan chanted crowds in 1989, demanding the unification of Germany.


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