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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Assange is willing to surrender to the United States

The Creator of the site WikiLeaks Julian Assange is ready to surrender to US authorities in exchange for the fact that its informant Chelsea manning pardon. The announcement was published in the official Twitter account of the organization. “If Obama will give manning a pardon, in exchange, Assange will agree to a us prison, despite the obvious illegality of this case”, — stated in the message of WikiLeaks.

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The health of Assange in prison is much worse, say lawyers.

The famous whistleblower lawyer Barry Pollack explained to CNN that the main condition of the deal with justice will be forgiveness of manning, which was found guilty in 2013 to stealing and distributing classified documents about military operations in the middle East. While nothing further as part of the deal was proposed. The informant, who was previously named Bradley decided to become a woman was convicted under the espionage act and found guilty on 20 of 22 charges.

It is obvious that attempts to achieve justice at home lately become a trend among American whistleblowers. So, a few days ago a former employee of the national security Agency of the USA and the former expert of the CIA Edward Snowden, living in Russia, asked us President Barack Obama for clemency. The fugitive, who gave into the hands of journalists documents about U.S. surveillance systems, drew attention to the fact that pardons are exceptional cases — when the morally right thing to do may be contrary to the law. The us Congress, by the way, did not recognize Snowden public figure in his recent report.

“This is the real deal — said “MK” Director of the Center on global interests in Washington, the political analyst Nikolai Zlobin, commenting on the proposal of Assange. — The American system of justice case law. Every judge can interpret the law as he sees fit. Such precedents in America was not there, so here is an open field for the legislative activities of judges who will consider the issue of Assange.

The plea bargain is very popular in the United States. It allows to find a compromise. Even in the public opinion of the United States, it will cause a positive reaction, because many believe that we need people who tell the truth about their own state, that it is trying to hide from the people their crimes. Assange is accused of many things, we have to see what charges he proposes to surrender. Then, it will depend on what state to address the issue.

Also it will depend on the quality of the lawyer. It has in the USA essential. In the precedent system, the defender can work wonders. I always asked why, for example, if there are any issues with Russia, any sanctions, you are not going to American lawyers and are trying to solve the problem? Plus the Governor of a state has the right to pardon.”

According to the analyst, the statements by Snowden and Assange are largely due to the fact that Obama is trying to create a positive image in the end of his second term. “Outgoing presidents can close the problem they could not solve, — said Nikolai Zlobin. Many used it. Obama, who is perceived by Americans and the world as a soft President can go for it. Another thing is that he will not interfere in judicial decisions. If the case of Assange and Snowden will reach him and he tries to correct, it will have a positive impact on its image. He would’ve helped even more than Assange and Snowden”.

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