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Monday, February 19, 2018

Anthony Macierewicz: Moscow sent a plane to death

Polish Deputy Anthony Macierewicz told about why the death of Kaczynski was to blame managers

14 Jan 2011, 20:33

Text: Vladimir Vodo, Warsaw,
Oleg Moskvin


“The pilots were systematically misled prior to their death,” – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK the head of the Polish parliamentary Commission on investigation of causes of the disaster Anthony Macierewicz. Polish Deputy is sure, the country’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk knows that the murder of the President the Russians are to blame, but hides it.

Published on Wednesday the report of the Interstate aviation Committee of Russia about the circumstances of the crash of Tu-154 plane, which claimed the lives of 96 people (including the Polish President Lech kaczyński), as already reported, the newspaper OPINION, provoked a strong reaction in Poland.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s report was approved, however, called him still “incomplete” and vaguely called for some new investigation. Tusk also said that the Russian side has not considered all comments of the Polish side to the final report (a copy of the comments was on Friday published on the website of RIA “Novosti”). Experts do not exclude that the position of the Prime Minister influenced the approach of parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn, during which Tusk also hoped to enlist the votes of the current fans Kaczynski.

Strongly against the conclusions of the IAC, and at the same time and against the Tusk was made by the supporters of Jaroslaw Kaczynski of the opposition law and justice”. This was stated by one of the leaders of “Law and justice”, the head of the Commission in the Sejm investigating the causes of the disaster Anthony Macierewicz.

Note that the 62-year-old Anthony Macierewicz (Antoni Macierewicz) enjoys a reputation as a highly influential Polish politician.

In the years of the Polish people’s Republic (Poland), Macierewicz was an active dissident, the head of the Committee for the protection of workers (predecessor of the Solidarity trade Union). In the 90-ies became famous for his harsh anti-Communist statements. Being the Minister of internal Affairs in the government of Jan Olszewski has published papers about the relationship of their own leader – Prime Minister with the special services of Poland and obtained the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers. In the zero years, Macierewicz became one of the main supporters of Kaczynski brothers when they came to power. In the government of Jaroslaw Kaczynski he held various key positions: he was Deputy defense Minister and chief of counterintelligence. Macierewicz is also the publisher of the right of Catholic weekly “Glos” (the Voice).

Anthony Macierewicz (Photo: Reuters)

In an interview with the newspaper VIEW Anthony Macierewicz explained why he considers guilty in the death of the Polish delegation on 10 April near Smolensk Russian managers and Russian military command.

OPINION: Mr. Macierewicz you ever agree to any extent with the report of the IAC?

Anthony Macierewicz: I believe the report of the IAC inaccurate in many places, because it is not specified, neither true causes of the disaster, there is a detailed analysis of the course of events. But the fact that the Polish side, and the pan Tusk did not put forward any issues during the work of the Commission the POPPY during the work on the report. No! Comments have already been formulated then, de facto. During operation, even ventured to appeal to the International civil aviation organization (ICAO), as suggested by the 84-th article of the Chicago Convention.

VIEW: Why, in your opinion, Donald Tusk announced the same dual evaluation and approved the report in General, and immediately promised a new investigation?

A. M.: what now tells Tusk about the possibility of recourse to the international court, – nonsense! The arbitration procedure applies to disputes in the course of work of the Commission and not after, as was formulated in the final report. It’s funny! No more “Chicago procedure” because it ended with the drafting of the report.

VIEW: your party Leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski called for a new investigation, with the participation of the United States…

A. M.: Yes, it is now possible to act in a different plane – policy, you can contact various international organizations in order to seek allies there who are interested in investigating the truth. But not in the plane of rotation of the pan Putin or Mrs. Anodina, so they created jointly with the Polish side of the report, because it is impossible.

At the end of April, pan Tusk personally, and I think with him and other members of the government got acquainted with the examination prepared on the material obtained from dispatchers. On the negotiations of the dispatchers sent from Tver, with the leadership in Moscow, from which it follows that the command had on managers, the pressure to fly as it happened. And these materials arrived in Poland, when it is not acting the Chicago Convention.

Since late April the government of the Republic had the complete material, prove that the order of the Moscow command, this aircraft was sent to death, and despite this the government was silent. Were silent not only to society but also to the European Union and the European aviation safety Agency.

OPINION: When will be ready the conclusions of your parliamentary Committee?

A. M.: We will try to provide insights to the anniversary of the tragedy – until April 10. Can’t say how they will be complete because our capability – infrastructure, material, organizational – modest…

Now we must create an international Commission that will investigate all the circumstances of this terrible tragedy. I want to emphasize that the consequences of the tragedy are global. The Commission must investigate the disaster objectively. It is the duty of diplomats and the Polish government, and every decent man, not to mention the press.

VIEW: You accuse dispatchers. But the head of Ministry of transport of Russia Igor Levitin has explained for this reason that managers had no right to ban the landing of a flight with a foreign diplomatic delegation…

A. M.: it is too early to speak about conclusions, but one thing is for sure – the flight was military, not civilian, there is this Russian evidence confirming that the airfield was in the military, and there were taken to army treatment.

If you follow military procedures, the duty and privilege of the Comptroller of the flight is the prohibition or permission to land. This is a simple rule. Another issue is that pilots are systematically misled until their death.


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