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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A plan to create EU army alarmed the Balts and the poles

Poland aspires to the role of conductor of the Eastern policy of NATO, and the Baltic countries, fearful for themselves, “Eastern threat,” torpedoed the idea of an independent from NATO joint EU army. However, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and other supporters of the project evroarmii have their own concerns.

The plan of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who announced on the eve of establishing a common EU army with the General staff in Brussels, has caused concern among a number of European countries. This, in particular, reports the London Times.

“If there is no money to pay for security, remains to be practiced policy, in particular, to protect American interests.”

Anxiety showed the Baltic countries and Poland support them. The East Europeans are going to “criticize the plan for a single European army, which, in the opinion of the politicians of those countries, “European defense undermines NATO against Russia”, said the British edition.

“We perceive the idea of creating a European army are very skeptical. Don’t see the value in EU army”, – said the foreign Minister of Latvia Edgars rinkēvičs. According to him, the Juncker plan will rival NATO at a time when countries need the increased military presence of NATO in the Baltic States and Poland.

In the same spirit on Friday spoke and the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. Upon arrival at the informal EU summit in Bratislava, she said the EU cannot create an army to duplicate the functions of NATO. “This is a misunderstanding. We’re talking about the best cooperation in the defense, but not about the army,” the correspondence said the President of Lithuania President of the European Commission.

In the capitals of Old Europe think differently.

“If we want to influence the destiny of the world

In March last year in support of the establishment of euroarea spoke German Chancellor Angela Merkel. September 10, a source in the French defense Ministry reported that the defense Ministers of France and Germany Jean-Yves Le Drian and Ursula von der Leyen develop proposals for defence policy of the EU.

Even the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini believes that the unified army of the Union will in the foreseeable future, urged the EU to create in Brussels a joint staff command civilian and military operations of the European Union.

Finally, the President of France Francois Hollande, speaking Friday at the Bratislava summit of the EU, said the European Union should be able to defend itself if the United States decides to distance themselves. “European defence is an important factor for Europe, if we want to affect the fate of the world, to defend Europe, including from terrorism. (The question is) whether we can strengthen our military capabilities. Need to be able to send forces”, – RIA “news” words of the French President, whose statement was broadcast television in the EU.

Hollande made an important reservation – “if the US decides to distance themselves”. It is reasonable to assume that in Brussels, Paris and Berlin admit the possibility of the election of the President of the United States Donald trump.

“Keeping presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia hands…”

As you know, the billionaire candidate one of the trumps of his election program made statements about what the allies (including the European NATO partners) ought to take care of their security. So, for example, in July, trump said that in his election allies, the US will be sent to the requirement to pay for protection from Washington. And as recently as 13 September, the Republican candidate reiterated: “as we revive our military forces, we will force our allies to pay their fair share”.

Business approach trump was seriously scared, in particular, the Baltic States, who scare themselves with stories like “the script “hybrid war” in North-East Estonia”. About “deadly fear” the Baltic allies, in particular, has told Vice-President Joe Biden, who in early September had paid a visit to Riga. “They (the Baltic States) are members of NATO, and trump said he will check, do they pay for what they need. The first time he has forced countries to think, if we keep his word. Who would have thought that I would have to urgently fly to the holding of the presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in hand, to tell them – he represents neither Republicans or Democrats, don’t worry,” said Biden.

On the Eastern flank

The correlation of the military potentials of Russia and Nathon us-NATO cover-up counts and Poland. Recall that after the July NATO summit, held in Warsaw, Polish defense Minister Anthony Macierewicz said the country “will be placed a few thousand of US soldiers and NATO.”

“We are talking about the troops that will be placed on our borders, on the Eastern flank, and will be able to repel a possible attack of an aggressor”, – he said then, Makarevich, most likely, understanding the aggressor Russia.

However, not all East Europeans rely on the help of the Alliance and transatlantic ally. 22 August the head of the Czech government Bohuslav Sobotka has called for the creation of a unified army of the European Union. Earlier, in April, Czech President Milos Zeman expressed support for the emergence of a European army, a necessity of formation which he explained the serious problems with the protection of the external borders of the organization during a migration crisis.

Costly Alliance

Still, the main lobbyists of the idea of a United armed forces of the EU were and still are the countries of Western Europe.

“The poles now claim to be the guiding force for Eastern policy of NATO”

About their own security without the United States “Brussels, or rather Europe, thinking not for the first time,” he recalled in conversation with the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Professor of political theory at MGIMO Kirill Koktysh. So, the Western European Union – organization for cooperation in the field of defence and security (existed from 1948 to 2011 – approx. OPINION) – it was just an alternative to NATO, said the source. “Europe about their safety used to think it was, and the concept is not new,” – said the expert.

Another thing, “the question of when Europe will be more Autonomous in relation to the USA, long overdue, considering the fact that NATO is very expensive and a number of European countries wanted to look for a cheaper option,” said the analyst.

He recalled that NATO is “not free organization, it costs 2% of GDP, which the country needs back to list”.

“It’s not so small money. In addition, it is clear that from an economic and from a strategic point of view is always cheaper to provide their own security themselves,” – said Koktysh.

He stressed that since we are talking about the richest countries of NATO that make the greatest contribution, the position of the Baltic countries and Poland is obvious, “because a lack of money need something to work.” “If there is no money to pay for security, remains to be practiced policy, in particular, to protect American interests”, – concluded the expert.

“In the army of the EU, Poland will not have the same importance”

To review the position against the creation of a European army, take the example of Poland.

Senior researcher the Institute of Slavic studies, an expert on Poland Vadim’m in conversation with the newspaper VIEW noted that “Poland is now the emphasis is on strengthening cooperation with NATO.” He explained that in the army of the European Union, it will not be so important because this army is created largely for action in South-Eastern direction towards Turkey, North Africa and so on. “Therefore, the creation of any alternative military structure, in which it has no such importance, Poland is not welcome,” – said the expert.

In his view, “the poles now claim to leadership that they are teachers, guiding force for Eastern policy of NATO, and if this signal comes from Brussels, this gives them watchfulness, because the current party “law and justice” does not trust the EU institutions, considers them to be weak, friable and prone to make concessions to Russia. It gives them such a coldness”.

The point here is in the thinking of the leadership of the current ruling party of Poland, the expert said. “Former party “Civil platform” on the contrary, were inclined to go on closer cooperation with the EU. They would (creating a single European army – approx. OPINION) just welcomed,” said Volobuev. But the current leaders, especially defense Minister Anthony of Makarevicha, completely different views, he added.

In conclusion, the expert said that for several months Poland builds a new security structure in the East”, which tries to involve Ukraine, in particular, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski agrees with Poroshenko on the establishment of certain common military structures.

“I think it will look like a rapid response team, – said the expert. Brussels clearly will not do, because it means the conflict with Russia, and in Brussels looking at it pretty skeptically.


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