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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why should “vote with their feet”

People who do not want to feed his army, will be required to feed the other. People who do not wish to make their own choices, be sure to face the fact that this choice will make others. This is what, from my point of view, must remember the citizens of Russia, taking this Sunday the decision to go or not to go to the polling station. I am convinced that we must go. Necessary — despite the real role of the State Duma in the system of Russian authorities. Necessary — despite the boring election campaign the absolute majority of our political parties. Necessary — despite the feelings of apathy, which appears to have been firmly registered in the Russian society.

“Vote or lose!” today, this famous during the Russian presidential race of 1996, the slogan is associated primarily with naive hopes and betrayed expectations, with clever manipulation, but not particularly burdened with principles of political technologists like Boris Berezovsky and Anatoly Chubais. But for all the bad that happened to the country during the second term of Boris Yeltsin, the collapse of health of the President, the actual coming to power of unelected oligarchs, default and economic crisis of 1998, which nearly held the collapse of the new does not mean that the slogan “vote or lose!” is wrong. Or the country will vote in 2016 — or she’ll have herself a very bad service.

I understand that someone could interpret these words as an empty Declaration. In the fall of 2016, the bulk of the population of Russia was a little concerned about the “high-political matter.” All or almost all concerned with their own survival.

And no matter what we are talking about survival not physical but economic, an attempt to maintain their accustomed standard of living in the face of rapidly shrinking opportunities to earn. Democracy is “fun” for people who have satisfied all of the primary human needs. When such a sense of satisfaction in real-time dissolves in the air, the hike to the polling station may seem like a waste of time.

But who said that “high political matter” and its own economic survival — is the phenomenon of “parallel universes”? Who said that ordinary citizens can not no matter what influence that they have no chance to reach the halls of power that their voice is lost in space before they reach the ears of senior government leaders? Answer your own question, because in Russia the old-fashioned believe many people believe and thereby provide a saving in our country, relics of the old order.

But when the voter in Russia is knocking with his fist, knocking heard very well on top of our governmental pyramid. Remember the previous parliamentary elections of 2011. Remember that a surge of public outrage that took place after the announcement of their official results. Russian authorities shuddered and began in a totally different way to treat the institution of elections. To the inhabitants of the Kremlin suddenly realized: if the election results are perceived in the country without much confidence, then the issue is the moral legitimacy of the entire Russian state, of our entire vertical of power: from head of the district and of the Governor to the Prime Minister and the President.

And this sense of fragility of the Russian state structures has not disappeared from the minds of senior government leaders once the Marsh is gone in 2012, or even after the emergence of the Crimean effect in 2014. Compare the 2011 elections and 2016 elections. Five years ago the head of the chair of the Central election Commission sat Vladimir Churov is an extremely eccentric character, do not hesitate to declare loudly: “Putin is always right. How can Putin be wrong?”. Today this place is occupied by the Ella Pamfilova — a man with an impeccable reputation, which is not in words, but in fact fighting for the purity of elections.

“You know that I owe you. I resigned when we didn’t agree on policy positions. If I fail this election, then of course I’ll resign,” — said Ella Pamfilova, at a press conference on Thursday. And none of the knowledgeable people did not take these words as showing off or boasting. Five years ago, regional leaders demanded first and foremost the “right result.” Now they still want the same thing — but with a very important amendment. This “right result” must be “pure”, as unquestionable. If reasonable doubt still appear, then it is cause for very serious career problems — or at all for something worse.

From all of this, of course, does not mean that the Duma elections in 2016 will be “crystal clear”. “Squeaky clean” elections can not be in nature, especially in Russia, with its Patriarchal political traditions and a blatant imbalance in the level of political development of the regions. It follows what is already said: when Russian voters angry and pounding his fist on the table, his power is very good to hear and begins frantically to take action.

But you know what I now feel? It seems to me that Russian voters have forgotten for what reason he was angry in 2011. Forgotten — and with complete indifference refers to the result of his anger — the electoral system, which looks much more decently than they were five years ago. I think this indifference is not just wrong. I think it is dangerous for the future of the country.

The election is the main political civilized tool with which the population can influence their political elite. If the population — or at least large portion of it voluntarily refrains from using such a tool, then it can only mean one of two things. First. Ordinary citizens give the highest leadership of the country carte Blanche. Like you, chiefs, people are smart! You know better, what and how to do with us! Second. Ordinary citizens do not think the civilized way of development of the country preferred. Like, who needs these elections! All issues can be solved with the good old Russian riot — senseless and merciless!

None of these options seems in any way attractive. We have already tried one or the other and each time was left with nothing. Maybe it’s time to stop churning out these broken trough? To sell them to someone else we just will not work… Each of us will decide what to do on Sunday. But those who care about the future of the country, for sure “will vote with their feet” — go to the polling station and give someone your vote.


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