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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why Obama doesn’t want “someone like Putin”

While Hillary Clinton comes after the “fall” September 11, her campaign caught the acting President of the United States. Barack Obama is not so much praises comrade in the party, how he berated her opponent at a rally in Philadelphia, the President again went through Putinism trump. This topic is finally becoming Central to antithrombosis propaganda – exactly the same as “health” Clinton will be the main argument to discredit the former first lady.

Half of Americans do not believe that the cause of illness, Clinton became pneumonia – that is, the subject of her poor health, but rather concealed from the public the severe diseases will inevitably become the mainstream in the remaining before the election seven weeks.

“The US President earnestly tries to convince Americans that trump wants to be like Putin”

The Democrats need something to say, something to bring down the hype, to shift attention to other topics – but against a trump there is nothing that could terrify voters. Tried to beat the fact that he pulls with the publication of tax returns – but it does not cause a great response. The accusations of racism only work on the color part of the audience – and they are partly mixed by trump’s trip to Mexico. There is only one constantly repeating that trump does not have sufficient qualifications for President that he is not competent, not smart, not restrained.

And to illustrate all these “qualities” trump called Russia and Putin – Russian interfering in our election campaign through the fool trump, which they manipulate, and he can’t even understand” becomes one of the key for the Democrats, or rather for the entire bipartisan establishment, tending, almost at any cost, to stop trump.

The essence of the allegations made a month ago, the former acting CIA Director Michael Morell said that “Mr. Putin was recruited by trump as a source of unintentional transfer of information to the Russian Federation”:

“Putin worked for the KGB. He is very talented, he manipulated people much more intelligent than Donald trump. He perfectly played the part. He realized that Donald Trump wants to be praised. He praised him. This led to the fact that Donald trump then praised Putin defended the actions of the Russian President in a number of regions around the world. And Donald trump do not even understand that Putin is manipulating them. I have no doubt that Putin believes trump’s source of unintentional transfer of information for the Russian Federation. But Putin never will be to talk about it.

Now look at it from the point of view of Mr. trump. He just heard in his address praise from Putin. He responded with praise praise. He never thought that they can manipulate”

That is trump want to put a agent of influence of Russia – and this topic during the election campaign only increases. Clinton the day before his “fall” so responded to another statement trump that Putin is a much stronger leader than Obama:

“I’m disappointed that the presidential candidate of the United States continues inappropriate to praise and identify yourself with the Russian President”

That promises to take trump if he wins the election, Clinton said, will undermine the security of the United States – and some days before that, she said that “Russia’s intervention” in U.S. elections is a threat to national security. After a temporary retirement from the Clinton campaign picked up the baton to Obama. He had several times criticized trump for his approving statements about Putin, but on 13 September, speaking in Philadelphia, the US President spoke, that is, in full:

“He (trump) likes this guy (Putin). Think about what is happening in the Republican party. They used to oppose Russia and the authoritarianism and fought for freedom. Now their candidate praises and calls a strong leader, a guy who invades a small country, imprisoned their opponents, controlling the press, and plunged their economy into a prolonged recession…

Only last week he (trump) has appeared on Russian state television, have belittled our armed forces to curry favor with Putin…

He said: Putin is a strong guy. See the rating of its support is 82 percent. Look at the approval rating of Saddam Hussein was 90 percent. That’s what happens when jailed all dissidents…. I’m here and he needs to deal with Putin, with Russia. It’s part of foreign policy. But I don’t go around saying that this is my role model”

According to Obama, Putin is trump’s role model – that is, the US President earnestly tries to convince Americans that trump wants to be like Putin. Is Barack Obama really believes that? Of course not – he spent many hours in conversations with Putin, probably at least slightly familiar with the trump, but even without this it is clear that any imitation of the billionaire Russian President can not be and speeches. It is difficult to talk seriously about some kind of mutual sympathy – all really really comes down to what for a year says trump.

Billionaire sincerely believes Putin is a strong leader and Obama is weak and constantly comparing them, he just mocks the American President and simultaneously takes the Clinton candidacy which many in the US perceived as the “third Obama term”. The desire to change relations between the two countries (in the framework of the revision of the foreign policy of the United States) trump is also present – and maybe he really will be able to build a normal dialogue with Putin – but not, of course, this causes him to constantly Troll Obama by comparing with the Russian President.

And even surprisingly, for several months, Obama and Clinton peck on trompowsky provocation – believing that their Pro-Putin statements trump gives them the perfect opportunity to discredit him. And they are all great tenacity hit in this point – to trump the likes of Putin. Obama did not stop even in front of blatant distortion, attributing Trump the words he never said – “Putin is my role model”.

The effect on the charges of trump Putinism no candidates to Putin will not have a significant impact on the choice of the voters. Trump’s love for his frankness and straightforwardness, for denouncing politicians and the ruling elite – and in his approach to Putin not seen “bromance” (a term denoting man’s friendship with a homosexual connotation, which actively uses when describing the relationship of Putin and trump the American press), but just the respect of one strong man to another.

But Obama (whose ratings in recent years, however, grown) such attacks on trump via Putin does not add respect – they see and envy to Putin, and the erection of false accusations to a trump. Not to mention the fact that his statements at the time of testing Syrian truce Obama “hardly contributes to the success of the fragile attempts of the formation of mutual trust” between Moscow and Washington as declared in the Kremlin today. But the fact that the US President is now more important than political rhetoric than actual policy confirms the statements of the trump that “Obama’s a weak leader who is not respected in the world.”

In defense of Obama can only say that betting on November 8, so high that the American establishment is now to use all the opportunities to stop trump. And accusations of “love for Putin”, which we have repeatedly in the coming weeks we will hear in the address of a billionaire, that’s not the most powerful weapon that can be used against trump. Though, because it is verbal.


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