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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Victor Drobysh: “the Age when love for the money…”

Room “Love is not for sale” in duet performance of Christina Aguilera and Valerie even before its premiere was anticipated by the festival audience. Music bomb exploded on creative evening of the composer and producer Victor Drobysh, 50-year-old whose life was full of lively events, projects and duets, but the two stellar blondes, which he wrote more hits than anyone, never, however, did not take the opportunity to sing together. Although it would seem, on the stage already who just who just that once not quail…

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

“Some things are obvious, you often do not notice or do not notice at once — confessed “ZD” Christina Aguilera</strong>. — And then came on my birthday recently, and as a matter — of Drobysh, and me and Lera — one of understanding that actually the Duo why not sing! And how nice was it?”

True! Eyes could not detach from, of course, not girls, and adult ladies, but looking stunning so much so that many of the current girls ikatsya will be until retirement. And it was not clear that more keeps — eye or hearing? Unexpected whether organic image? Unexpected, because the pop scene is always “sold” antagonisti — “black” and “white” as in ABBA, Baccara, Arabesque, etc. Or unexpected organic votes? So laid-merged their parties in rich vocal palette of the raging sea of passion that the author and the singer was fit to be nicknamed Aivazovskii clavier, especially near the podium of the concert hall was already splashing in her own lust and disaster immortalized by the painter of the Black sea.

Soulful line of the song “Love is the eighth wonder of the world! If the heart believes, then it is given. But love cannot be bought, cannot be sold!” — from the mouth of singers whose difficult (in terms of the love fate for years kept in suspense agitated the public is not worse than any “Santa Barbara”, was perceived almost as a confession of the singing girls, and mothers United not only the comprehension of General meaning, but even the same number of children — three of each.

On the top of sentimental designs stood the hero of the day — Victor Drobysh, to get a gift for your own anniversary Christine and Valerie, not only in the form of a duet with his own song, but as lead of the evening. The face of the birthday boy of course, blurred, like a cat — from the pelvis imusa sour cream.

At the time, the co-author Mr. Drobysh English songwriters Mary applegate, who wrote one of the most popular ballads of the Celine Dion Power Of Love (Power of love), was nearly betrothed of the canadian diva still Messages Of Love (“Message of love”) from their overall Victor of the pen, but then Ms. Dion broke their world tour due to the illness of a spouse, promised to return to the record later, but then he and Mary got lost in the whirlwind of show business. In result Russian version of the song “Light of your love” became another hit in the Luggage of Ms. Aguilera that on the one hand, very good. On the other — could at the recital of Mr. Drobysh to applaud again and Celine Dion… And local so-called “pop king” would be added the serious concerns — willing to break with his entourage of paparazzi to her dressing room, galaktiki with the logo of the festival to nadarivatu, inquired: “Do you remember me?” (“Do you remember me?”)…

In the author’s Luggage Mary and Drobysh meanwhile, there was a song Help You Fly with which Ivan (Alexander Ivanov) under the flag of Belarus is not very successfully stormed the Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm, but the refrain of this smash-hit and controversial “naked” image of a wolf began in America almost the only splash in the news when there were talking about a song contest in distant Europe. Not for nothing, apparently, his mark of quality put not only the author but also his young protégé “Empress of pop” Irina Allegrova, who chose exactly Ivanov in a duet for the premiere of the song “Movie love”.

And the pickiness and clarity Irina Alexandrovna — a byword! She’s the only one on the stage who don’t exactly quit, and thought to start to edit the text of the oligarch, and the poet-songwriter Mikhail Gutseriev. Wanted to say “improve” the essay… And if the Duo — the only Grigory Leps! And the absolute culmination of the creative evening of the jubilee Drobysh became the megahit “I don’t believe you” in the roaring duet of the two shrew star — Allegrova and Leps that was not only logical but also very emotional point in the ceremony.

■ ■ ■

– You made a gift — duet Christine and Valerie “Love is not for sale”… More only happy this seems to be Joseph Prigozhin! You now care about this issue — selling love?

– Someone said that in this age we begin to love just for the money (laughs)… the Song was written in a rush mode. I caught Christine in nice, hired some Studio, which, as it turned out, was written when U2. Plain and simple Studio, decrepit, smelly, but it is clear that the sacred, with a twinkle. There I recorded Christine, another place — Valery… everything was Done in terms of summer vacation and my singers too. Just the idea came to me simultaneously with the idea together to my recital. They’re both really close friends, and besides — it’s elegant! And the one and the other I wrote probably the largest number of songs. And when I thought about where and how to start, then realized that must be not trivial-materialistic theme like “you dumped me, and I in tears,” and some fundamental, eternal message. And came up with this idea — “Love is not for sale,” as Can’t Buy Me Love “the Beatles”, for example. Lara Delhi wrote, I think, a good text. She and Bilan have done a lot — “On the shore of the sky”, etc.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

– You have some competitive year, given the “Eurovision”, and noticed that you had given to contestants having the highest scores in “your” day…

– I can not as a composer to write in all keys for all nationalities”. I have some own style, and it does not always coincide with the data and capabilities of some of the performers. They, too, could not choose anything. So to put tens-nine I counted wrong on my part.

And his sympathy was?

I like Yasenia. Say what you will, but with your gut which I can fail or not, I think she’s more likely to be the first to start collecting halls. It now can happen that will not happen even with the winner. Someone doesn’t like her voice, some of these Gypsy style… You don’t like it, and others like it, and why to force her to sing the way for her uncharacteristically? She’s a Gypsy, Yasenia! Actually Isabelle, but there is another kind of Yesenia, who rested and tried to sell her name for millions. So I decided: let it be Jasenia from the word “ash”…

– Still feeling after the “Eurovision” do not spoil the mood? You were not even in the finals, and had so many hopes…

– I still think that the idea for the room was good. I missed, probably, with the song again. Like Podolski, happened again on this fateful subject. You saw how he took the “Buranovskiye Grandmothers”?! And I’m reminded of how I Party for Everybody written — back! (He turns back to the imaginary piano and the hilarious grimacing, pulls your hands behind the back, banging his fingers on the keyboard. — Approx. “ZD”.) Maybe do all the songs need to write back to the piano! Now, with age comes wisdom (laughs)! And now I’m once again convinced. Looking on the hall he took the grannies, and I think: damn, still just do not need to remember everything immediately bogged down in the language and sung at once. We all know what a hit can these components as the designer, to gather into a whole all understand, but not always put into life, we begin to philosophize, to compose “great” music… But if everyone could, everyone would have written for her Yesterday in my life!.. But in fact it turns out that it is not always easy. And Help You Fly I would be again seduced by the gravity. And then sat, listened and thought to myself: how hard actually to sing this song! Low notes, then you clean up these races!.. I sent Sasha to the Olympic games, having chained legs with weights. I do all the work! My fault. Although brightness enough anyway.

– Once again I congratulate you with the anniversary, which in your case is saturated with bright premieres, which is probably the best gift not only to the public but also the author!


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