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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Pentagon has criticized Kerry for the agreement with Lavrov on Syria

The Pentagon in the person of its chief Ashton Carter opposes Secretary of state John Kerry. In the era of McCarthyism it could even blame the fact that he was an agent of the Kremlin, receiving orders and bribe from the President and Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia. What are you talking about? Does Washington military Department mad?

photo: AP

Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry

The Pentagon had no taste agreement for Syria, which after a 14-hour marathon was signed in Geneva between Kerry and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. What do not like Mr Carter in this agreement? It turns out that the US and Russia in the future can work together to bomb the terrorist group in Syria.

Carter was among those of the administration, which in conversation with the White house spoke out against Kerry, trying in Geneva to defend its agreement with Lavrov. And although President Barack Obama after hours of debate took the side of Kerry and endorsed the agreement to convince him, the Pentagon and failed. The defense Ministry horrified by the very idea that he would have to share information about the Islamic sites in Syria.

“I’m not saying “Yes” or “no,” said General Jeffrey Harrigan, governing the U.S. air force in U.S. Central command. — It would be premature to say that we will throw ourselves to fulfill this agreement.”

Even some White house staff were in the grip of doubt. “I think we have reason to be skeptical of Russia”, — said the press Secretary of the White house Josh Ernest and grimly added that on Russian language translated as “view”.

Kerry came from the fact that the US administration must do everything to end the violence in Syria. He understands that Syria is at stake is his reputation and not only in Syria, but throughout the greater middle East. His attempts to revive the peace negotiations on the middle East, as we know, failed. But he managed to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Now Syria. As he acknowledges Kerry, the Syrian problem is more complex. In the conflict, many other actors, in addition to Washington and Moscow. In the circle of his associates Kerry even expressed doubts about the solution to the Syrian problem. But the attempt – not torture.

The first full day after the signing of the agreement passed without any explosions of violence. However, the atmosphere of deep mistrust hung over the Syrian destroyed houses. It was shared and group monitoring. Skepticism is fueled in many ways and that UN convoy with humanitarian aid for Syria stopped at the border with Turkey, as the UN personnel have not received from Damascus assurances of “safe passage”. According to the UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura, the Syrian government still has not provided official approval for the delivery of goods of the UN in other places, in addition to Aleppo.

In the case of disagreements between Kerry and Carter reflect the inconsistency of the policy of President Obama in Syria. On the one hand, the President pressured due to the fact that he refused to intervene decisively in 5-year-old Syrian slaughter. But on the other hand, the content of major American military units in Syria seems to be pushing Russia for some steps in this region. It is not only on the battlefields but on the negotiating tables. The agreement reached between Kerry and Lavrov in Geneva, coincided with the tense situation that exists between the US and Russia.

“I remain a skeptic in regard to all that concerns Russia,” says General Philip Breedlove, who had just left the post of the Supreme commander of allied NATO troops. The military elite, the United States feared that the exchange of information about the bombing with Russia can reveal to her how to use their intelligence the United States and not only in Syria but in other places, which Moscow wants to use in their favor. It apparently goes about the Baltic countries and Europe.

Both countries are known to have successfully negotiated and agreed on the nuclear armament of Iran. However, on the other hand, cooperation between the US and Russia did not give the desired results, to achieve denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. A series of nuclear and missile tests in North Korea, did not give Russia and the United States the opportunity to exert influence on Pyongyang.

The agreement Kerry-Lavrov — so sensitive blow to the “Washington hawks” that the state Department even published his text, or at least its actual content. At the same time, the opposition to Kerry and the Pentagon continues.


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