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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Team VIA “leisya, song” gave a concert in Donetsk Republic

Actors vocal-instrumental ensemble “leisya, song” this summer took part in the festival with a symbolic title “I love you, life”, organized by the people’s artist of the USSR Iosif Davidovich Kobzon. The festival has given new momentum to the residents of Donbas and helped to distract from the state of war in the Republic. Artists VIA “leisya, song: Vladimir Efimenko, Marina Shkolnik, Anatoly Musaev, Vladimir Kalmykov shared with the “MK” impressions from the trip.

Photo: Eugene Krasnozhan

Few artists dare to give concerts in places of fighting, why your team decided to go? Wasn’t scared for life?

— Invitation to visit Donetsk received in 2014. But for various reasons this creative visit was repeatedly postponed. It was important for us to support the people who are in a difficult situation, we understood why we were invited, whom we need. It was, if I may say so, it is our duty. And in may 2016 phone rang. The question, to go or not to go, we didn’t have, everything was resolved.

— You were in the Donbass before the war, tell us how, in your opinion, has changed the city, the residents?

— We, the people of art, which many times in my life before this situation was able to visit the Donbas, had to only see happy, happy faces, so now there is something to remember and to compare. This, hopefully, not our last trip to this city has given us so much. We saw firsthand the effects of the “liberation war from the separatists,” and in fact, from their own people, who refused to live by the laws of the “wolf pack” (independence evidence). We were in shock, driving through the streets of Ilovaisk and seeing the destroyed and overgrown with weeds home, gates and fences, riddled with bullets and shrapnel. And that in the XXI century, with living Nobel laureates, peace activists — Obama and Gorbachev!!! Donetsk — the capital of Donbass, a seemingly ordinary geographical point on the map once mighty loving power. By the will of the wicked rulers of this point has become a hot bleeding wound a single great nation. How did this happen? Why? Assessment taking place give the politicians from abroad, and individuals with “that” and “this” side. What we saw, of course, appalling — shot, stitched with bullets and shrapnel wall of the Russian customs… Matveyev Kurgan… But despite the difficult situation in the city of perfect order and cleanliness.

— How you met in the Donbass? Did you like the festival?

— We were waiting for it, and this is important, knowing where we were and what a difficult situation — shot every day, made us a special treat to the festival. But you know, when you begin to sound familiar songs by your favorite composers and poets in copyright enforcement VIA “leisya, song” everything falls into place, there is peace and harmony. Our team expresses its gratitude to the host: the head of the city administration of Donetsk Igor Martynov, for his appreciation of our humble contribution to the General festivities, and his team in the face of the head of Department of culture Alena Kochieva, Biocides. We would like to say about Alexander Zakharchenko, the MAN who knows WHAT he’s doing and, most importantly, for what he does. Eastern wisdom says: the strength of individuals depends on the strength of the nation. We also thank the Chairman of the culture Committee of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, Stanislav Sergeyevich Govorukhin, the Deputy of the state Duma, Iosif Davidovich Kobzon, Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Karpov for the appreciation and the confidence, the singer Yulia Andreeva for their assistance and friendly team, who organized the trip to the Donbass.

— What did you feel when you performed on stage? Were you able to communicate with the residents before or after the concert?

— When the scene we saw these open faces, eyes filled with tears, each of us heart ached and the lump rolled up to her throat. This feeling had to fight. People sang along with us! Nobody thought that it’s just beautiful words! To believe, all you need to see and experience yourself. The whole square was singing with us!!! With the residents and talked after the concert, and up — very friendly, very persistent people, without any aggression, try to avoid talking about war. You know, as in 41-m to year, when trouble came, the Soviet people rallied, and here the sense of universal unification.

— After a trip to the Donbass do not have any desire to write a new Patriotic song? And what are your further creative plans?

— Yes, the song is in the works, definitely it will be close to the people, its unbroken character, but it is too early to talk about the name and its premiere. Now we are preparing for a big concert that will be held in November. But returning to the theme of the festival — we hope that this is not our last trip to the Donetsk Republic.


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