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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Svetlana Surganov: “War — sister of fate”

The famous “Dark night” is the first single from the album “war Songs”, which the artist produced specially for September 8 — the day of the commencement of the siege of Leningrad. Svetlana not only gushes own songs and ideas, but always happy to engage in experiments, working on the works of others, already entered the history of culture. A new Chapter in her work is the interpretation of the songs of the great Patriotic war. Mrs. Surganova told “MK”, than it drew upon.

Photo: press service of the artist

– Svetlana, what was the challenge to address the theme of war songs?

– I was going to do this my entire adult life from the moment stood spellbound at the radio receiving station listening to the song “Cranes” performed by Mark Bernes. I was four years old. From that moment in my life came the feeling, and later the definition of fatality. Which live to this day. And any war — the sister of the fatality. Life on the edge. Life beyond… Beyond possibilities. Beyond comprehension for me: how to live in conditions that are often incompatible with life, and love to see and feel the beauty and stay thin and sensitive?.. Yes, just to remain Human. Maybe that’s why songs are interesting and important for me.

How are they relevant today? Working on the album “Songs of military years”, you were chasing some super ideas?

– In addition to what song military and paramilitary material, can be amazing, unique and emotional charge, it is also a storehouse of melodic and arrangement ideas. Just wanted to touch this treasure.

Photo: press service of the artist

– “Dark night” is a very Moody song. As you have found its solution, exact for themselves the arrangement?

– When I sang this song, I imagined myself in the place of a fighter who in a moment of calm writes a letter to his beloved. I wanted to find that calm, confidence and tenderness, which are incorporated in the state of the hero, from whose face is narrative in the song.

– Today the theme of patriotism in Russia, has become a sort of “Holy Grail” of state propaganda. You see this as a positive trend or an attempt by the government to manipulate people?

– I am very impressed by people who truly and actually love their Homeland. Invest your intelligence and soul into its development. I want to belong to them.

– You often turn in their creative experiments to the works of the most different legendary people. On what basis do you find close to you authors? It might be a common invisible line that you feel in their works?..

– It is impossible to better answer this question. Thank you!


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