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Monday, March 12, 2018

State Duma elections: lists of candidates were classified

Sunday elections to the State Duma. For the first time in 13 years, voters will receive two ballots, one for party and another for candidates in single-mandate constituencies. Information about the latest find is not so easy. Many voters still don’t know who is running in their district. To meet with candidates and make a decision they will have directly at the polling station.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Earlier before the election in the hallways or on Bulletin boards next to them appeared posters with the list of candidates, photograph and biography of each. “MK” wrote that this year they will not be in several County commissions said that such posters are printed at the rate of 3 pieces per polling station. No word about the entrances and information boards.

To obtain information about the candidates on your single-member constituency, is not so easy. You can, of course, come to your polling station before election day and study the posters. But it can be done only from 15 to 19 hours, that is during working hours. Remains The Internet. But here difficulties arise. The list of candidates in single-mandate candidates is published on the website of the Central election Commission. It contains the names of the candidates who have nominated them. In the list of 123 pages, and discover who exactly is your constituency, if only to hammer into a search line of the County. For example, the number of the district you looked at the information poster at the entrance. But it will not help you to get detailed information about the candidates: if you click on their names, displayed only the date of birth and place of work. Slightly more convenient navigation in Wikipedia, there are candidates defeated at least according to the regions. But again, there is no further information about them. Enthusiasts who paid attention to this problem, has created a special website http://кандидаты-дума.рф/ where to see the list of candidates, simply enter your address. But this invention is not solved the main problems: in addition to date of birth, membership of a party or its absence (some policies go to the polls as independent candidates), candidates learn about anything.

Just Russia’s 225 single-member districts, it was 2082 candidate. That is on the ballot, which voters receive at the polling station will be an average of 10 names. All that is written above, says that to get acquainted with the biography of the candidate for the polling station and it is unlikely someone will go for him before election day. So, make the decision for whom to vote, voters will be holding a ballot. Is it possible to make an informed decision whom to trust with representation in the Duma, in such conditions?

The cause of this problem was the reduction of the budget for the campaign. The Ministry of Finance laid on the preparation and conduct of elections of 10.4 billion rubles to 4.3 billion less than requested by the CEC. “Under this budget, the district election Commission independently decides how to spend the money,” — said the “MK” the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina, which oversees voter education. That is, if you spend money on advocacy, you will have to cut spending in other areas. “I agree that we need more to inform voters and to draw the appropriate conclusions from this situation, — said Grishin. — Perhaps including through changes in the law to this direction of informing the voters were protected.”


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