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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Putin gave Medvedev a picture and examined the Kerch bridge

Vladimir Putin inspected the construction of transport crossing through the Kerch Strait, and before that — Mitridat staircase, which was built in the NINETEENTH century in the North-Eastern slope of the mountain.

The results of ancient and of modern construction became the backdrop for the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council concerning the development of the transport system of the South of Russia” in Kerch. Near the everywhere the President was the head of the Cabinet Dmitry Medvedev.

photo: youtube.com

Thus, in the last 10 days of GDP and the LADIES went out together to the people three times already.

During the joint tour, the lady guide cheered Putin and Medvedev’s remark that “the kings married to the kings, calling her comments of the President and the Prime Minister.

If Mitridat stairs consisting of steps 423, built 7 years — from 1833 to 1840, some of the Kerch bridge with a length of 19 kilometers want to build in just 3 years (there will be two roads — road and rail, 4 lanes of road traffic and 2 railway tracks; its capacity will reach 40 thousand cars and 47 pairs of trains per day, not counting the 14 million passengers and 13 million tons of cargo per year).

Movement of cars will be opened in December 2018, and the trains in 2019. Bridge erected simultaneously throughout its length: at land and sea areas become clogged piles, formed of a support road and rail parts. Only piles will be more than 7 thousand, ready 116 of 595 supports, proudly reported to the head of state builders.

— The current traffic artery of the South of Russia are working at the limits of their capabilities, ” Putin said. — It is necessary to eliminate bottlenecks. This is a complex task, the solution of which depends the economic development of not only the southern regions, but also across Russia as a whole. It is necessary to actively use the competitive advantages of access to the Black and Azov seas. And the Kerch Strait bridge — the most important of these projects that integrate Crimea with Russia.

However, he admonished the then Minister of transport, and along with the governors of the southern regions, have received in recent years billions of budget rubles for the development of transport infrastructures, “your task is not the money to develop, and expensive to build!”, Yes, terms and conditions of attracting private investors to build infrastructure should not be such that they can only bring a rope to string them up”, without a hint of a smile, joked the President.

– Must not be inconsistent to new requests for money: we sought funds in the current difficult economic conditions, ” said chief Dmitry Medvedev.

The Prime Minister, meanwhile, got a gift from the President — in honor of yesterday’s birthday Medvedev. Putin presented him the painting of “In the shop”.


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