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Monday, March 19, 2018

On the building of the state Duma hung the Golden thermometer

Two days before the parliamentary elections the state Duma building on Okhotny Ryad was decorated with a large gold plated thermometer, and now, as they say passers-by, “you can always find the average temperature in the chamber. And on the main podium in the plenary hall plastic emblem of Russia replaced the carved wood and also gold plated.

Beautiful thermometer was hung at one of the entrances of the building of the state Duma on Thursday, September 15. Tourists have already included it (along with the front entrance) to the list of local attractions, and actively take pictures.

In the state Duma told “MK” that about this thermometer at first it was supposed to hang on the building of Gosplan, which is since 1994 one of the chambers of the Russian Parliament, but in the course of construction in the 30 years of the 20th century, the idea of this for some reason was not implemented. According to reliable information, to do so to speak, the historical tale come true helped one of the wealthy deputies of the sixth, retiring in history, holding a single penny of budget funds spent on the project was not.

The device for measuring temperature, have a thermometer and a flask, standing on a marble slab. It made the wizard famous factory in Klin near Moscow, where in 1947 he produced another large thermometer of the capital, the one in front of Moscow city hall on Tverskaya,13.

A thermometer placed in a gold plated case stone oak height 1 m 80 cm Oak is covered with a special solution, which should protect the wood from the effects of rain and snow. Gilding is also treated with a special water-resistant and heat-resistant varnish.

The manufacture of the thermometer worked for several companies: one, as mentioned above, did device others engaged in case and gilding…

A thermometer designed for temperatures from plus 50 to minus 50. “I hope that as many will not be” – speak in the state Duma.

On the first day the device was first shown about 20 degrees, although it was much colder – it was a long time in a warm room, and the wood cools down. This temporary inaccuracy immediately became a laughing matter. “Nothing, elections will be held, and the temperature immediately drops,” said one occupant of the building on Okhotny Ryad…

With regard to the new coat of arms on the podium of the plenary hall, which is set on the same day, and this project can be called “historic.”

For many years on the podium, which was made by the deputies, Ministers, heads of government and even presidents, were attached the arms of gilded plastic. Now, in honor of the 110 anniversary of the very first in the history of Russia, elected in 1906, the State Duma, according to old photographs made carved wooden coat of arms, similar to the one that adorned the podium in the conference room in the Mariinsky Palace in St. Petersburg (there met the pre-revolutionary MPs). The coat of arms is placed on a wooden shield and gold plated, to the same size about one and a half times more than the former. Of course, it is fully consistent with official sample approved the Federal constitutional law in late 2000. In the state Duma believe that the new decoration of the main parliamentary rostrum “more corresponds to the value of the Supreme legislative body of the country.”

Would like to see on “the significance of the Supreme legislative body of the country” remember the deputies who are to speak from this rostrum in the next five years…


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