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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Moscow has responded to the demand of the VAD to stop the Russian hackers”

Russia is ready to help the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) in the investigation of hacker attacks. So Moscow responded to the latest allegations of his involvement in the hacking of the servers of the Agency allegedly in retaliation for the publication of the report of McLaren. However, as in the case of a cyber attack on the headquarters of Hillary Clinton, the accusations against Russia do not contain any evidence. That can stand for statements of WADA?

Claims world anti-doping Agency (WADA) about Russian hacker attacks, which are linked to the recovery of the athletes from Russia, is irrelevant, said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“That WADA over the experts such that once, suddenly determined that the attack made by the Russians?”

Earlier vada linked to a hacker attack on their servers with the position of Moscow in the doping scandal. The Agency urged Russia to stop the activities of hackers that publish sensitive data on the admission of prohibited substances by athletes.

Moscow in the answer has expressed willingness to help the world anti-doping Agency in the investigation of cyber attacks. “If we are talking about the request of help, of course, if such notice is received, – said the press Secretary of President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov. Russia consistently supports the fight against cybercrime, consistently invites all States and international organizations to cooperate in this area. And this position of Russia is also well-known.”

“In retaliation”?

“WADA is taking into consideration that this is criminal assault, which became available to the data 29 athletes will cause pain referred to the athletes, and it also raises concerns among all athletes who performed at the Olympics in 2016,” – said in a statement, WADA Director General of the Agency, Olivier Niggli.

He added: “WADA has no doubt that these attacks are in retaliation for reports of independent commissions of Richard pound and Richard McLaren, to expose state-supported system of doping in Russia. We condemn this criminal activity and ask Russian authorities to do everything to stop it. Continued cyber attacks from Russia seriously undermines the work done to restore anti-doping program in Russia”, – said Niggli.

Earlier on Thursday, WADA had to confirm that published by hackers from Fancy Bear the instruments of acceptance by athletes of prohibited drugs are genuine.

In a press release, WADA stated: “this time the group released 25 athletes from eight countries, including ten from the United States, five from Germany, five from UK, one from the Czech Republic, one from Denmark, one from Poland, one from Romania and one from Russia.”

One of Russia” should pay special attention – given the accusations of the WADA that the hacker allegedly involved in hacking of Moscow. Indeed, it was reported that among athletes, the documents which were published by hackers, the Russian boxer Misha Aloyan, who won the silver medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. However, the functionaries of the WADA not wondered why the “Russian hackers” who allegedly acted almost on the instructions of the authorities “substitute” the boxer, who won silver in Rio.

“For therapeutic purposes”

Hackers from Fancy Bear, as you know, provided a list of violators of anti-doping rules, among which were famous athletes.

It is alleged that WADA allowed American Olympic Champions the Williams sisters, Bils gymnast and the basketball player Elena Delle Donne to take banned substances. Also, according to the documents, Bails and Delle Donne in August passed the positive doping tests but were not disqualified and won the gold medal at the Games in Rio.

In response to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said that the Williams sisters and Bils did not violate anti-doping rules at the Olympic Games in 2016. And the head of the U.S. anti-doping Agency (USADA) Travis Tygart said Williams, Bails and Delle Donne took a prohibited substance for therapeutic purposes with the consent of the IOC and USADA. A renowned expert on anti-doping Professor Nicholas Durmanov said that illegal drugs that WADA, according to the hackers, allows you to take Serena and Venus Williams, and gymnast Simone Bilz, are drugs and are used for terminal patients. He noted that the use of these drugs in sport is highly unusual.

“The news about hackers uncovered the hidden arbitrariness and abuses in the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) cause mixed feelings. On the one hand, sad about the vision of new depths of moral degradation of the Western establishment. And the epithet “brazen-Saxon” does not seem too gross turnover, on the contrary – accurately reflects the style of politics the leaders of the West,” commenting on the incident, said the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin, whose words are in arrived in edition of the newspaper VIEW the press release.

“Do not take away from the essence of the problem”

As for WADA appeals to Moscow to “stop hackers” and to provide security, then Russia is no stranger to answer the charges of the West’s involvement in the activities of computer crackers.

It is worth noting that one of the first this anti-used card presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, when unsubstantiated said about the attacks of Russian hackers on the base of the Democratic party. The absence of any evidence is not troubled by the ex-Secretary of state, and since then, the “evil Russian hackers” is an important part of the election strategy for Clinton, which by all means and supports the current administration of Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, statements about hacking attacks on the servers of the Democratic party in the US, commented on, and personally President Vladimir Putin: “…I Want you to tell me about it definitely absolutely nothing is known, and at the state level, Russia never engaged.” However, he urged “not to divert public attention from the essence of the problem” and noted that it was important, not who got hacked here these are some information from the staff, and what is the content of what was presented to the public”.

With the Russian head of state also accepted the famous American film Director Oliver stone, who directed the recent film “Snowden”, which presents the opinion of a former CIA and NSA Edward Snowden – the man who had the attitude to disclosure of sensitive information. Stone noted that the prosecution of Russian hackers – “colossal invention” needed to hide what’s really going on. Even intelligence experts note that it could make “their”, stone said, who was quoted by CNN.

“Bear” trail

“Russian trace” is only conjecture, but we will remind, it became known and recognized by the American side – what kind of hacking email Clinton was not Russian, and Romanian hacker. The Marcel Lazar, known by the pseudonym Guccifer, after charges were extradited from Romania to the United States. On 1 September the court of Alexandria, Virginia, sentenced cyberlandia to 52 months of imprisonment.

Maybe the problem is the sysadmin?

“Experienced hackers in such an attack, of course, no trace do not leave”, – said the newspaper LOOK the head of the company “Ashmanov and partners”, a specialist in the field of information technology Igor Ashmanov.

He explained that to present evidence is in principle impossible, you can only present the opinion of any expert. But there is a “good question: what kind of experts from WADA that once, suddenly determined that it is Russian?”

Ashmanov noted that Wade has some system administrators and the system administrators were not able to protect the data, then they “clubhand”. “The hackers that hacked into the defense, at least much more advanced than these nerds. This means that no sysadmin WADA, if they even repel the attack can not, not able to determine its origin,” – said Ashmanov.

False dilemma

Therefore, the data from somewhere: either some kind of a specialist team, most likely American, to rush to deal with the servers of VAD or – “pure media lie from beginning to end,” said the expert. “I believe this version more than the fact that, first, the hackers left footprints is foolish. Or what WADA to urgently hired a team of super pros – it is done so quickly,” – said the source.

In his opinion, “when they theatrical appeal to Russia to stop hackers – it’s just another media stuffing”. “Slips is a false dilemma, the substitution thesis: we would assume that the hackers are definitely Russian, and now just demand that Russia stopped them. Purely a media stunt,” he concluded.

“To divert the conversation from what is shown uncovered information”

“It is clear that the way vada is trying to “throw a switch”, – said the newspaper view expert at the Foundation for civil society development, Internet expert Stanislav Apetyan.

He explained that the Agency’s goal is “to divert the conversation from what is shown uncovered information that WADA, in General, generates a obvious favored treatment for consumption American athletes of prohibited substances”, said the source.

Instead, the public focused on the fact that Russia allegedly has some relevance to breaking. “Although no evidence of this was not given and never will be. As well as there was no evidence that Russian hackers broke into the email of the Democratic party of the USA”, – the expert reminded. He noted that the prisoner, later Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar no relation neither to Russia nor its intelligence services, nor anyone else here has.

But the American press from the outset considered this assertion as an indisputable fact and discussed, first of all, it is not showing the opened letters – the blatant rigging in favor of Clinton during the Democratic primary,” said Apetyan. So “nothing new in this story is not” the expert concluded.


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